Proposing suitable solutions

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  • This work aimed to establish indicators used to assess vulnerability (V) due to inundation on the basis of considering the exposure (E), sensitivity (S) and adaptive capacity (AC) of a system. By literature review, data analysis, and expert methods, 33 indicators for assessing vulnerability due to inundation were established, including 4 E, 11 S (divided into 4 groups: society, economic, environment, and land use), and 18 AC indicators (divided into 4 groups: human, financial, infrastructure, and society).

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  • Farmers Association of Hai Duong Province is a socio-political organization, protecting legitimate rights and interests of over 300,000 farmers in the province. Activities of the associations have brought farmers access to new technology, linking farmers' activities with programs and projects on socio-economic development, loans and creating jobs. In order to help many farmers transform their agricultural economy, farmers actively participate in the movement of building new rural areas, enhancing cultural and artistic activities, sports and physical training.

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  • Financial data are conventionally represented in numeric format for data mining purpose. However, recent works have demonstrated promising results of representing financial data symbolically. For an instance, Kovalerchuk et al. (2002) argues that symbolic relational data mining is more suitable in incorporating background knowledge. Their proposed methodology outperforms numeric financial data in generating IF-Then rules. In (Ting et al.

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  • The IABC adopts the reward-based roulette wheel selection mechanism initially to divide all solutions suitably into feasible and infeasible solutions; thereafter, it divides them based on feasible and infeasible solutions for the implementation of incentives and punishments. Finally, the proposed method is applied to nonlinear system control problems.

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  • This study aims to examine the characteristics and to assess the hazardous level as well as the reusability of sewage sludge and river sediment from To Lich River (TLR) basin, which is the largest wastewater catchment in Hanoi. Sludge samples were collected from six manholes along Tran Binh Trong (TBT) and Thai Ha (TH) sewers in rainy and dry seasons.

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  • As an effective solution to the tradeoff between array size and the number of antenna elements, dual polarization antenna is widely utilized in massive MIMO systems. However, existing channel state information (CSI) feedback schemes are not suitable for dual-polarized massive MIMO as they ignore the polarization leakage between the polarization directions, causing significant performance degradation. To facilitate accurate channel acquisition, this paper proposes a practical channel model for dual-polarized massive MIMO by taking polarization leakage into consideration.

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  • Researching and proposing a number of solutions with scientific arguments and being suitable with Vietnamese reality, in order to enhance anti-transfer pricing in the management of corporate income tax in Vietnam in the coming time.

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  • This paper thus investigates the problem of maximizing the network lifetime to ensure strong barrier coverage for heterogeneous case (MLBC-HWCSN), that has not been taken into account in WCSNs research. We formulate the problem, and then propose a Modified Maximum Flow Algorithm (MMFA) consisting of three stages: constructing the flow-network, finding the maximum flow and refining the solution to solve this problem. Experimental results on extensive instances show that the proposed methodology is suitable for the studied problem and more efficient than existing algorithms.

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