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  • Protected areas remain the fundamental building blocks of virtually all national and international conservation strategies, supported by governments and international institutions such as the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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  • An outstanding feature of the lower Mekong region is the dynamic energy of its natural systems and how intimately tied most of the population is to that seasonal force. Productivity in agriculture and fisheries, for example, depends on annual floodplain inundation and nutrient dispersal. The immense scale and impact of this natural cycle is well illustrated in the annual flooding of Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia and the Mekong River Delta which it shares with Vietnam.

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  • This book is about the conservation of genetic diversity of wild plants in situ in their natural surroundings, primarily in existing protected areas but also outside conventional protected areas. A lot of effort has been dedicated to conserving plant biodiversity, but most of this has focused on rare plant communities or individual species threatened with extinction.

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  • The concept of marine reserves has been repeatedly addressed in the past 25 years, but implementation and subsequent evaluation of these protected areas has been relatively infrequent until the past decade. In recent years, there has been strong advocacy for reserves among the conservation community and those concerned about losses of habitat and biodiversity in the sea.

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  • Protected areas are considered essential for biodiversity conservation and the main hope we have of halting the extinction of many threatened or endangered species. Since protected areas can also be a significant source of financial benefits their management is complicated and dependent on many external factors. It has been demonstrated that careful economic and social development are preconditions for successful protected area management.

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  • Guidelines for Applying Protected Area Management Categories Edited by Nigel Dudley .Guidelines for Applying Protected Area Management Categories .IUCN Founded in 1948, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) brings together States, government agencies and a diverse range of non-governmental organizations in a unique world partnership: over 1000 members in all, spread across some 160 countries.

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  • Research objectives: Can analyze the current situation and characteristics of natural rehabilitation of flora carpet on lands after shifting cultivation as a basis for building the classification of rehabilitation capacity in the study area; can assess the protection capacity of flora carpet on lands after shifting cultivation, can classify rehabilitation potential of forest on lands after shifting cultivation through forest time natural rehabilitation, and propose some silviculture solutions for forest rehabilitation on lands after shifting cultivation in the watershed protection area.

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  • The main objective of this study was to determine the soil erosion risk in Gölbafli Environmental Protection Area and its vicinity using the CORINE model. The model consists of 6 steps, each of which using different overlaying combinations of soil texture, depth, stoniness, climatic data, land use and land cover information.

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  • Four of the reported taxa were recorded in Vashlovani Protected Areas, East Georgia. The paper also presents a brief summary of lichen studies in Georgia since the beginning of the 19th century with all important literature sources cited.

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  • Since 2000, the shrimp industry expands at a fast rate in the coastal areas of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Shrimp farming is known for its negative impact on the coastal environment. However, other human interventions like agriculture and urbanization also deteriorate the coastal environment. The land cover changes between 1968 and 2003 were determined and analyzed for the Cai Nuoc district, Ca Mau Province, Vietnam, using photos from 1968, 1992 (aerial photographs), 1997/98 (Spot) and 2003 (Landsat).

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  • This report has five chapters: Chapter 1 outlines its contents; Chapter 2 describes the institutional framework for environmental protection in Vietnam; Chapter 3 focuses on the social environment; Chapter 4 discusses the natural environment in the study area; and Chapter 5 assesses the environmental aspects for the feasibility studies. For the social environment context, the resettlement issue is analyzed in Chapter 4. The environmental impact assessment (EIA) was prepared in a different format.

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  • Vietnam is embarking on a path towards a knowledge-based economy in which the emergence of knowledge clusters in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta are playing a decisive role. As our paper suggests, clustering appears to have a positive effect not only on the increase of knowledge output, but also on the economic growth of these regions. Using a GIS-based mapping method, we can identify two major knowledge clusters – Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho City.

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  • Coast (littoral or coastal) is defined as where land and sea borders. [1] The exact boundary is called the coastline, but this factor is difficult to determine due to the influenceof the tide. The term "coastal zone" is also used to replace the coast because it refers to an area of ​​occurrence of the interaction between sea and land. [2] Both terms can be used to refer to the geographic location or region; example, the west coast of New Zealand, or the East Coast and West coast of the United States....

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  • Corrosion is expensive and can be hazardous. It is costly to replace and repair equipment, structures, and other industrial items that have been damaged as a result of corrosion. In order to understand the mechanisms of corrosion, solve the corrosion problems, and improve the corrosion resistance of materials, the use of modern evaluation and protection techniques is essential. Therefore no significant progress can be achieved in this area without the use of modern evaluation methods combined with electrochemical techniques.

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  • Forests play an important role in reducing erosion. In Vietnam, destroying natural forests in mountainous areas has caused serious environmental problems for sustainable development. Required forest areas for protection of soils from erosion in Vietnam are defined in this study. An algorithm of defining required forest area for soil erosion prevention is based on a comparison of soil loss prediction and its threshold of 10 ton ha-1yr-1 (soil loss tolerance) within the GIS environment. Soil loss is predicted from rainfall erosivity index, slope, porosity and...

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  • First I must thank Margi Prideaux, Mark Simmonds, Michelle Grady, Sarah Dolman, Kate O’Connell, Chris Butler-Stroud, Nicolas Entrup, Cathy Williamson, Jess Feghali-Brown and everyone at WDCS, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, for their patience during the lengthy gestation period required to research and write this work. In particular, Alison Wood and Vanessa Williams at WDCS saw the project through from the beginning and never stopped giving support and encouragement.

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  • Lecture Security + Guide to Network Security Fundamentals - Chapter 7 include objectives: Harden File Transfer Protocol (FTP), secure remote access, protect directory services, secure digital cellular telephony, harden wireless local area networks (WLAN).

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  • In order to permanently preserve the quality of habitat for bird species resident to the Weidmoos, it was essential to alter the post-extraction state of the site, so that an open landscape with numerous bodies of water and moist areas would remain. The most important measure to ensure the long-term conservation of the Weidmoos as an open landscape – and therefore as a valuable bird habitat – is the so-called “re-waterlogging” of the site.

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  • This report presents the result of a survey to evaluate the use of crop protection chemicals (pesticides – HCBVTV) in rice-growing areas with dyke, semi-dyke and no embankment based on interview result with 112 interviewers such as farmers, agricultural specialists, and pesticide dealers in Thap Muoi District, Dong Thap Province and pesticide usage data recorded by three selected framers in 3 different dyke systems.

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