Protecting groundwater resources

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  • The report briefly presents Tra Vinh province's location, water resources (underground water and exploitation status, surface water, rainwater), drought in 2016 and damage. By direct measurement methods, the study of monitoring data, isotope hydrological techniques, GIS... the authors have assessed the evolution of saltwater intrusion into the ground aquifers qh, qp3, qp2 -3 in 2014 and 2017.

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  • Nowadays, the need for energy is increasing more and more. It is more difficult to acquire new resources in various fields than to preserve existing energy resources. Although Turkey is a very rich state in terms of various energy resources, misuse of these resources can even lead to conflicts that may occur between the states in forthcoming years. In today’s economic conditions, we can only protect our energy resources with the correct way of management.

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  • The study focuses on solutions for cleaner production and waste generation prevention at sources by implementing good internal management, replacing raw materials; optimizing the production process; and on-site recovery and reuse. In addition, local authorities should select locations to build wastewater treatment systems, and implement communication solutions to raise awareness of local people on environmental and water protection.

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  • Pyrite, an abundant natural mineral, has received a lot of attention due to its cause to acidification of soil and groundwater in the presence of oxidants of which oxygen is the most important. However, in the presence of oxygen, this research found an interesting ability of pyrite toward degradation of chlorinated pollutants which have known resist in natural environment.

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  • Groundwater-surface water interactions include the exchange of fluids and solutes between groundwater and surface water, which can affect water quality and water supply. Investigating the interaction of groundwater and surface water is essential to water managers and hydrologists for the improvement of effective waterresource policy, water resource protection and management. The effects of groundwater-surface-water exchange can occur on a variety of spatial and temporal scales.

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  • The thesis aims to establish scientific and practical arguments in proposing measures to rationally use and protect underground water resources on the basis of analyzing, evaluating and estimating the impacts of geographic factors. natural, socio-economic, environmental, climate change and sea level rise in Gio Linh and Quang Tri regions.

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  • The Superfund program protects the American public and its resources by cleaning up sites which pose an imminent or long term risk of exposure and harm to human health and the environment. In FY 2013, the Agency will maintain the funding level necessary to respond to emergency releases of hazardous substances as well as maintain the goal of sites achieving human exposure and groundwater migration under control.

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  • Reliable and cost-effective monitoring will be an important part of making GS a safe, effective, and acceptable method for CO2 control. Monitoring will be required as part of the permitting process for underground injection and will be used for a number of purposes, such as tracking the location of the plume of injected CO2, ensuring that injection and abandoned wells are not leaking, and verifying the quantity of CO2 that has been injected underground.

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  • Understanding of the transport and attenuation of chemicals in the subsurface is fundamental to effective management of risks posed by chemicals and their possible impact on groundwater resources. A risk assessment approach to groundwater protection incorporates the three-stage combination of source, pathway and receptor. All three must be considered and understood to arrive at a balanced view of the risks to health of groundwater users. Informed consideration of the pathway, which in the context of this monograph means transport through the groundwater system, is vital.

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  • The charge to this committee—to envision the future of geotechnology— is at once a grand challenge and a problem. In many ways, geotechnology is a mature field having come to its majority in the last 50 years. Many serious problems have been solved. We know how to build strong foundations, safe dams, and stable roads and tunnels. We have a good understanding about the behavior and protection of groundwater, how to extract the petroleum resources, and develop a geothermal field.

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  • Hydrology is the science that deals with the processes governing the depletion and replenishment of water resources of the earth's land areas. The purpose of this book is to put together recent developments on hydrology and water resources engineering. First section covers surface water modeling and second section deals with groundwater modeling. The aim of this book is to focus attention on the management of surface water and groundwater resources.

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  • In the early 1970s, the United States government identified and became wary of hazardous materials in soil, surface water, groundwater, and building structures. Most of these contaminants resulted from the evolution of technology without the benefit of chemical regulatory controls. The cost for cleanup of such sites was projected to exceed a trillion dollars, the burden of which was to be borne by the taxpayer and responsible parties. The term “responsible party” is a broad term but, in the final analysis, a responsible party is usually a property owner....

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