Protecting shared resources

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  • This choice was made by popular demand for this date, due to the massive influx of new students and a new paper publication. Our normal choice would be not to release two reference texts in the same month other than for this demand, which appears to be in an extreme position at the moment as we are also receiving requests for zip and area code directories.

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  • The internet is ever growing and you and I are truly pebbles in a vast ocean of information. They say what you don’t know can’t hurt you. When it comes to the Internet believe quite the opposite. On the Internet there a millions and millions of computer users logging on and off on a daily basis. Information is transferred from one point to another in a heartbeat. Amongst those millions upon millions of users, there’s you. As humble a user you may be of the Internet, you are pitted against the sharks of the information super highway daily.

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  • To make sure that forming a corporation is the best legal and tax approach for your business, this chapter compares the corporation to other small business legal structures, such as the sole proprietorship, the partnership, and the popular limited liability company. A corporation, like a limited liability company, protects your personal assets from business creditors. But the corporation stands apart from all other business forms due to its built-in organizational structure and unique access to investment sources and capital markets.

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  • The international investment regime has changed dramatically in recent decades. Emerging economies throughout the world are attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) that goes beyond the traditional concentration on natural resources and agricultural products. Infrastructure projects and manufacturing for export and for the domestic market account for an important share of FDI.

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  • Multimedia content sharing and distribution over multimedia social networks is more popular now than ever before: we download music from Napster, share our images on Flickr, view user-created video on YouTube, and watch peer-to-peer tele- vision using Coolstreaming, PPLive and PPStream. Within these multimedia social networks, users share, exchange, and compete for scarce resources such as multime- dia data and bandwidth, and thus in°uence each other's decision and performance.

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  • The eye and face protection selected for employee use must clearly identify the manufacturer. Any new eye and face protective devices must comply with ANSI Z87.1-1989 or be at least as effective as this standard requires. Any equipment purchased before this requirement took effect on July 5, 1994, must comply with the earlier ANSI Standard (ANSI Z87.1-1968) or be shown to be equally effective. An employer may choose to provide one pair of protective eyewear for each position rather than individual eyewear for each employee.

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  • Although the policies and practices of the Board of Registration in Medicine are established by the Board, and its autonomy was mandated by the legislature, historically the agency had come under the umbrella of the state’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation for administrative purposes. In 2003 a statutory change placed the agency’s administrative residence under the umbrella of the Department of Public Health, but with the same level of autonomy as it had always been afforded.

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  • Bungee Software, Inc. develops and markets games for personal computers. Best-selling titles such as Portal Kombat, Barrio Brothers, and Kung Fu Grandma have helped Bungee Software become a leading supplier of computer games. However, the company is currently facing increased competition from Pixialated, Inc. To protect its market share, Bungee Software has formed a task force to explore ways to streamline its sales processes. The company has discovered that collecting and disseminating sales data to executives consumes considerable time and resources.

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  • Disability is an important issue for the transition countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Not only is a significant portion of their population either in poor health or disabled-with implications for labor force participation and productivity-but their aging demographics project an increase in the share of disabled people, raising concerns about the sustainability of social protection programs.

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