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  • QUẦN ÁO BẢO HỘ LAO ĐỘNG Phân loại Protective clothing classification TCVN 2607-78 Có hiệu lực từ 1-7-1979 1.Tiêu chuẩn này áp dụng đối với quần áo bảo hộ lao động và quy định cách phân loại quần áo theo tính chất bảo vệ. Tiêu chuẩn này không áp dụng cho quần áo vệ sinh (quần áo ytế và các ngành phục vụ...). 2.

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  • QUẦN ÁO BẢO VỆ - QUẦN ÁO CHỐNG HÓA CHẤT LỎNG Xác định độ chống thấm của vật liệu đối với chất lỏng dưới áp suất Clothing for protection against liquid chemicals - Determination of the resistance of protective clothing materials to penetration by liquids under pressure Mở đầu Người lao đông trong lúc trình sản xuất, sử dụng và vận chuyển hoá chất lỏng có thể bị tổn hại do có thể tiếp xúc với nhiều hợp chất hoá học.

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  • Decontamination is the removal of a harmful substance from the body. It involves taking off clothing, showering and putting on clean clothes. Khử nhiễm là tẩy các chất có hại ra khỏi cơ thể. Điều này bao gồm cởi quần áo ra, tắm vòi sen và mặc quần áo sạch vào. You will be directed to the decontamination area. The staff will be wearing protective clothing and head gear. If you have children, help them follow these steps with you. Quý vị sẽ được đưa đến khu vực khử nhiễm. Nhân viên mặc quần áo bảo vệ và đội...

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  • The person is wearing protective clothing and the surroundings seem like a scientific laboratory- We can assume that the person might be a scientist. He is raising his hand, but he is not signaling anything—especially not a taxicabin this context-Common Trap; Do not be confused by statements that are partially true.

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  • Like a scientist performing experiments, technicians often must wear protective clothing. The instrument panel in front of the technician is covered with control switches- The technician is raising his hand to adjust the controls.

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  • For thousands of years, since long before there were doctors or hospitals, midwives have been helping women stay healthy, helping babies into the world, and helping families grow. Ask a woman why she prefers the care of a midwife and she will tell you that midwives are knowledgeable, patient, and respectful of her traditions.

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  • Algebra is a wonderful tool for testing and predicting our understanding of the world. The Xs, Ys and Zs in the algebra mean something real. Algebra lets us take a word description of the world and change it into a mathematical description which is really useful. Clothing designers use algebra to work out how best to cut cloth, engineers use algebra to design cars, boats and aeroplanes and the next generation of medicines customised to our genetic individuality will use algebra. Plumbers and carpet fitters use algebra to work out how to cut pipes or carpets to fit a space...

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  • Deciding to add security to a web application is like deciding whether to wear clothes in the morning. Both decisions provide comfort and protection throughout the day, and in both cases the decisions are better made beforehand rather than later. Just look around and ask yourself, “How open do I really want to be with my neighbors?” Or, “How open do I really want them to be with me?”

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  • Height and weight of the subjects were measured using standard procedures. The weight was measured using SECA balance with minimum of cloths to the nearest of 100 gms and height was measured using an anthropometric rod to the minimum of 0.5 cm. Body mass index (BMI : weight in kg/height in meters2 ) was calculated from heights and weights. A value ≤ 18.5 is considered as a cut-off point for chronic energy deficiency (CED) or undernutrition (thinness), while BMI ≥ 25 is considered as overweight or obese. Prevalence of diseases in both groups separately was calculated.

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  • The description of historical events of rubber trees is mostly based on Polhamus 1962. Historically, rubber is a non-wood forest product that has been utilized since ancient times. Its geographic distribution has been present in all continents within the tropical forest areas. Many tree species were utilized until the starting of large scale rubber plantations in the early 1900s. It has been found that rubber was an important commodity in the ancient cultures of Latin America where people used it to have protective clothes, balls for playing games and syringes.

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  • Some conditions, for example those that affect the muscles and nerves around the mouth, can make chewing and swallowing food more difficult, and you may need to consider using protective clothing to keep the diner's clothes clean during meal times. There are many bibs and aprons to choose from and you should keep in mind personal dignity when selecting the best garment to use. Traditionally, bibs are associated with feeding infants and therefore using a bib that is 'childish' in appearance is not appropriate for an adult. ...

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  • This Manual explains the principal types of PPE, including protective clothing and respiratory protective equipment (RPE). Examples of working procedures are also described to indicate how PPE should be used within a safe system of work. The Manual will be of most benefit if it forms part of a more comprehensive training programme or is supplemented by the advice of a qualified expert in radiation protection. Some of the RPE described in this Manual should be used under the guidance of a qualified expert....

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  • Natural photoprotection is provided by structural proteins in the epidermis, particularly keratins and melanin. The amount of melanin and its distribution in cells is genetically regulated, and individuals of darker complexion (skin types IV–VI) are at decreased risk for the development of acute sunburn and cutaneous malignancy. Other forms of photoprotection include clothing and sunscreens. Clothing constructed of tightly woven sun-protective fabrics, irrespective of color, affords substantial protection. Wide-brimmed hats, long sleeves, and trousers all reduce direct exposure.

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  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes clothing or other special equip- ment that is issued to individual workers to provide protection against actual or potential exposure to ionizing radiations. It is used to protect each worker against the prevailing risk of external or internal exposure in circumstances in which it is not reasonably practicable to provide complete protection by means of engineering controls or administrative methods. Adequate personal protection depends on PPE being correctly selected, fitted and maintained.

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  • Explain to parents that washing or rinsing soiled diapers and clothing increases the chances that you and the children may be exposed to germs that cause diseases. Although receiving soiled clothes is not pleasant, remind parents that this policy protects the health of all children and providers. Each item of sleep equipment, including cribs, cots, mattresses, blankets, sheets, etc., should be cleaned and sanitized before being assigned to a specific child. The bedding items should be labeled with that child's name, and should only be used by that child.

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  • Laboratory coats (labcoats) made of cotton or synthetic fibres are commonly used in research laboratories and hospital departments where there is a risk of minor radioactive contamination. The conditions of the work, such as whether flammability needs to be considered, are a factor in the selection of the fabric. Short jackets and smocks do not protect the lower body. Full length coats need to be fully fastened to ensure that spills or splashes of radioactive substances do not contaminate personal clothing underneath.

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  • t was just a hunch. Johnson knew that, but his hunches had often paid off in the past, and now he waited with a big man's patience. For five hours he sat in the wooden stands, under the rumpled canvas the concessionaires had put up to protect the tourists from Marlock's yellow sun. The sun was hot and soon Johnson's clothing was marked with large soiled patches of sweat. Now and then a light breeze blew across the stands from the native section and at each breath his nostrils crinkled in protest at the acrid smell....

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  • All PPE clothing and equipment should be of safe design and construction, and should be maintained in a clean and reliable fashion. Employers should take the fit and comfort of PPE into con- sideration when selecting appropriate items for their workplace. PPE that fits well and is comfortable to wear will encourage employee use of PPE. Most protective devices are available in multiple sizes and care should be taken to select the proper size for each employee. If several different types of PPE are worn together, make sure they are compatible.

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