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  • Tham khảo sách 'genetic manipulation of dna and protein – examples from current research edited by david figurski', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This diverse collection of research articles is united by the enormous power of modern molecular genetics. Every author accomplished two objectives: (1) making the field and the research described accessible to a large audience and (2) explaining fully the genetic tools and approaches that were used in the research. One fact stands out - the importance of a genetic approach to addressing a problem. I encourage you to read several chapters.

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  • We have studied the reaction native«denatured for the 33-kDa protein isolated from photosystem II. Sucrose and glycerol have profound effects on pressure-induced unfolding. The additives shift the equilibrium to the left; they also cause a significant decrease in the standard volume change (DV). The change in DVwas related to the sucrose and glycerol concentrations.

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  • Chapter 8 includes contents: The genetic code, transcription: from DNA to RNA, translation: from mRNA to protein, differences in gene expression between prokaryotes and eukaryotes, a comprehensive example: computerized analysis of gene expression in C. elegans, The effect of mutations on gene expression and gene function.

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  • A correct three-dimensional structure is a prerequisite for protein function-ality, and therefore for life. Thus, it is not surprising that our cells are packed with proteins that assist protein folding, the process in which the native three-dimensional structure is formed.

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  • Most of the examples of protein translocation across a membrane (such as the import of classical secretory proteins into the endoplasmic reticulum, import of proteins into mitochondria and peroxisomes, as well as protein import into and export from the nucleus), are understood in great detail.

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  • Adolescents who become pregnant prior to completion of their education typically face expulsion from school, and those who give birth often are not readmitted. In many African societies for example, once a young woman has given birth she is regarded as an adult, a role that is generally perceived as incompatible with continued formal educa- tion. In the event that a young woman is forced to abandon her education due to early pregnancy, she likely faces curtailment of her social, intellectual and economic develop- ment.

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  • Who has budget authority? The ability to add or remove resources to a project can be independent from other kinds of authority. For example, in the contract team situation, the team might have the power to define the requirements and design, but they might need to return to the client each time they want more money or time. How often will requirements and designs be reviewed, and how will adjustments be decided? The answer depends heavily on previous questions.

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  • Widespread lack of health insurance is arguably the most urgent health problem facing Latinas today. Latinas not only have the highest uninsured rate of women from any racial/ethnic group (37%), but the number of uninsured continues to rise and shows no signs of abating. 27 For example, in 1994, 46% of low-income Latinas reported having no health insurance. By 1998, the number of uninsured, low-income Latinas had climbed to 51%.

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  • Humans also have a poor ability to predict the future. For example, the competition makes an announcement that wasn’t expected. Unanticipated technical problems crop up that force a change in direction. Furthermore, people tend to be particularly bad at planning things far into the future – guessing today how you’ll be spending your week eight months from now is something of a fallacy, and it’s been the downfall of many a Gantt chart.

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  • Obtaining comprehensive data and information on public debt is challenging. Data availability is limited along the dimensions of time, country coverage, and debt completeness. For example, data on external public debt for developing countries are generally available from the GDF dataset. However, the GDF does not cover advanced economies, and separates public and private components of external debt only for long-term debt. Similarly, the IFS database starts in 1970, but data are available for just a handful of countries in the early years.

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  • Developed countries in lower latitudes will be more vulnerable - for example, water availability and crop yields in southern Europe are expected to decline by 20% with a 2°C increase in global temperatures. Regions where water is already scarce will face serious difficulties and growing costs. The increased costs of damage from extreme weather (storms, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, droughts, and heat waves) counteract some early benefits of climate change and will increase rapidly at higher temperatures. Based on simple extrapolations, costs of extreme weather alone could reach 0.

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  • A rigorous understanding of any biological system that undergoes some change requires quantification of its thermodynamic and kinetic properties. Combined with structural detail, these data can be assimilated to enable a picture of the mechanism of the change (for example, going from the free to bound state in a biomolecular interaction, or from the folded to the unfolded state of a biomolecule). Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) provide the thermodynamic data required for developing this understanding.

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  • The primary reason for testing the security of an operational system is to identify potential vulnerabilities and subsequently repair them. The number of reported vulnerabilities is growing daily; for example, the number of new information system vulnerabilities reported to the Bugtraq2 database has more that quintupled since the start of 1998, from an average of 20 to over 100 per month. The number of computers per person in many organizations continues to rise, increasing the demands on competent and experienced system administrators.

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  • An important function of the Federal Reserve is ensuring that enough cash—that is, currency and coin—is in circulation to meet the public’s demand. When Congress established the Federal Reserve, it recognized that the public’s demand for cash is variable. This demand increases or decreases seasonally and as the level of economic activity changes. For example, in the weeks leading up to a holiday season, depository institu- tions increase their orders of currency and coin from Reserve Banks to meet their customers’ demand.

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  • Shikimate kinase was chosen as a convenient representative example of the subclass of a/b proteins with which to examine the mechanism of protein folding. In this paper we report on the refolding of the enzyme after denaturation in urea. As shown by the changes in secondary and tertiary structure monitored by far UV circular dichroism (CD) and fluorescence, respectively, the enzyme was fully unfolded in 4 M urea. From an analysis of the unfolding curve in terms of the two-state model, the stability of the folded state could be estimated as 17 kJÆmol)1.

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  • Functional protein serotonylation is a newly recognized post-translational modification with the primary biogenic monoamine (PBMA) serotonin (5-HT). This covalent protein modification is catalyzed by transglutaminas-es (TGs) and, for example, acts in the constitutive activation of small GTP-ases.

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  • The 1,3(4)-b-d-glucanases of glycoside hydrolase family 16 provide useful examples of versatile yet specific protein–carbohydrate interactions. In the present study, we report the X-ray structures of the 1,3(4)-b-d-glucanase Phanerochaete chrysosporiumLaminarinase 16A in complex withb-glucan products from laminarin (1.6 A˚ ) and lichenin (1.1 A ˚ ) hydrolysis. The G6G3G3G glucan, in complex with the enzyme, showed ab-1,6 branch in the acceptor site.

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  • The 21st century is bringing a flood of genomic sequence data from diverse species and although this information is highly accessible, we are far from understanding its content. Recent discoveries, for example on novel RNA types, clearly show that there is still much to learn.

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  • Several new aspects have been highlighted: for example, a novel role for lipids as receptors which drive protein sorting, the diversity of the sorting events that occur at the level of the Golgi apparatus, and the cross talk between exocytosis and autophagy. Moreover, an interesting example of how the knowledge of these pathways is exploited to generate novel secretory routes to direct the synthesis of bio-molecules in “cell factories” is discussed.

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