Proteomic biomarkers

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  • Biomedical research has entered a new era of characterizing a disease or a protein on a global scale. In the post-genomic era, Proteomics now plays an increasingly important role in dissecting molecular functions of proteins and discovering biomarkers in human diseases. Mass spectrometry, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, and high-density antibody and protein arrays are some of the most commonly used methods in the Proteomics field.

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  • biomarker là tập thể của một số gene hay protein tiêu biểu cho một trạng thái thay đổi sinh học. Như đã nêu trên, nền tảng của nghiên cứu Biomarker dựa trên các protein, vì thế vai trò của nghiên cứu proteomics là thiết yếu. Tuy nhiên số lượng lớn lao (dự đoán khoảng từ 300.000 đến 500.000 protein), và đặc biệt là bản chất phức tạp của protein là một trở ngại lớn cho các nghiên cứu biomarker. ...

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  • Nutrigenomics, proteomics and metabolomics are three new disciplines that will contribute to the rapid development of functional foods. Bioinformatics is a new tool that uses computer database technology to integrate data from multiple, and sometimes disparate, disciplines. Already these disciplines and tools have improved our understanding of food science and human nutrition. Discoveries in genetics make it possible to understand the effects of nutrients in processes at the molecular level in the body and also the variable effects of dietary components on each individual.

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  • Proteomics là khoa học mũi nhọn của y sinh học thế kỷ 21, trong đó trọng tâm chính là nghiên cứu ung thư. Nghiên cứu những vấn đề này sẽ góp phần lớn lao trong việc tìm hiểu bệnh sinh của bệnh tất ở mức độ phân tử, trong việc tìm ra các dấu ấn sinh học (biomarker) để chẩn đoán bệnh, chế tạo thuốc có tác dụng tốt nhất theo cơ chế phân tử.

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  • More recently, Cox and Fisher (2009) analyzed the titles of contemporary romance novels to determine if their popularity might be related to evolutionary themes that would be expected to have widespread appeal when it comes to some of the unique and recurrent reproductive issues that women confront. The five most common words featured in romance novel titles were love, bride, baby, man, and marriage, in that order. Common themes extracted from these titles included commitment, reproduction, masculine/high ranking suitors, and resources.

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  • The book Renal Failure – The Facts consists of some facts about diagnosis, etiopathogenis and treatment of acute and chronic renal failure. Acute, as well as chronic renal failure is great medical problems and their treatment is a burden for the budget of each government. Acute kidney injury (AKI), previously termed acute renal failure, is a frequent clinical condition in critically ill patients especially, in intensive care units (ICU). Its incidence varies from 1-7 % of all hospitalized patients to 30-50 % of patients in ICU....

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  • Eight different isomeric forms of vitamin E (4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols) have been found in nature. Tocotrienols (α, β, γ and δ) are identical in structure to tocopherols except for the degree of saturation in their side chain. However, α-tocopherol is considered to be the most active form of vitamin E in humans. It has been found that the concentrations of vitamin E isomers in human feces are higher than in plasma – possibly due to its limited absorption from the diet, suggesting that it could play a protective role against RONS produced in the GI tract (Halliwell...

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  • Although we are primarily interested in the housing consumption of the elderly, we did not limit our analysis to the householders aged 62 and older. For comparison purposes, we looked at all householders. We did this by segregating the householder population into seven age cohorts. The number of age cohorts is large enough to let us capture changes in housing consumption over individuals’ lifecycle, without being overly burdensome on the analysis. The cohort widths have been defined such that they can mirror reasonable life bands.

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  • Today, cancer research is focused on determining how genome and proteome level information may be useful as tools in prevention, diagnosis, and prognosis. The development of “omics” technologies, such as proteomics and transcriptomics has opened new research areas for scientists working on cancer research.

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  • The discussions indicated that while insurance service liberalization and globalization can be beneficial, they have different impacts on developed and developing countries.

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  • In 2003, a man from one of the charity organizations referred Martha to Likii HIV’s Home based care group because the support she was getting was not sustainable. Lucy Njoki, a caregiver from Likii and also a woman living with HIV welcomed her and shared her story with other caregivers in the group. Caregivers contributed some money to rent a house for her and ensure that she received food daily. Caregivers also referred her to the comprehensive care unit at the district hospital where she resumed ART treatment. In 2004/2005, her health...

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  • Many risks that we face on a daily basis may be unavoidable, so there is an expectation by individuals that the level of risk is being managed and reduced to safe levels through evidence-based risk assessments and public health interventions. There has been a growing recognition that risks need to be viewed in their public health context to ensure that the most important risks are prioritized and addressed. Under a broader public health imperative, risk assessments are used as an important process to quantify the probability of harmful effects to individuals, sub-populations (eg.

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  • The objective of this current chapter is to review the techniques whose potential to noninvasively determine Breslow index has been studied. Basic and technical principles of each technique will be mentioned as well as their accuracy in the determination of a factor whose importance in the clinical management of melanoma is so important as previously demonstrated. Currently Breslow index is measured by the anatomo-pathologist after incisional or excisional biopsy of the suspected lesion. So why non invasive determination of Breslow index would be of utmost clinical value?...

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  • Lean thinking is not a manufacturing tactic or a cost-reduction program, but a management strategy that is applicable to all organizations because it has to do with improving processes. All organizations — including health care organizations — are composed of a series of processes, or sets of actions intended to create value for those who use or depend on them (customers/patients).

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  • The importance of fisheries in a country cannot only be measured by the contribution to the GDP, but one must also take into consideration that fisheries resources and products are fundamental components of human feeding and employment. Another aspect that makes fisheries resources important is the self renewable character. Unlike mineral resources, if the fishery resources or any other biological resources are well managed, their duration is pratically unlimited.

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  • Persons who are ill will be asked to defer travel so as not to spread influenza to other areas that are pandemic free. Supply lines may also be affected by self-imposed travel restrictions, with truckers/transporters unwilling to travel through or to infected areas. Difficulties at border crossings may substantially affect supply lines. Consideration should be given to purchase of products made in Canada/locally to avoid potential supply problems due to border crossing restrictions implemented at the time of the pandemic.

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  • However, there are patients with two negative biopsies who continue with a high suspicion of cancer, with a persistently elevated PSA or pre-malignant histology report such as prostate intraepithelial neoplasia grade 3 or atypical microacinar proliferation. The evidence suggests that cancers diagnosed with the third or fourth biopsy are those of low grade and volume (Djavan, 2001). The key question is how often is it justified to re-biopsy the patient that perhaps does not have a cancer that is life threatening.

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  • The UK is an open economy and an active and successful international trader and investor. But the UK’s reliance on debt-financed consumer and government spending, and on the financial sector, has driven growing imbalances in the UK economy. According to the OECD, by 2007 the UK had the largest structural budget deficit in the G7 group of countries. The current account deficit was around 2¾% of GDP in 2007, a figure that was offset by a 2¼% surplus on trade in financial services.

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  • Coinciding with the option explosion, a large academic literature has emerged (See Murphy, 1999, for a summary) that examines the way in which executive compensation, and stock options in particular, has affected the agency relationship. The evidence suggests that the low pay-to- performance relationship estimated by Jensen and Murphy (1991) has been dramatically strengthened by the stock option explosion since executives now generally have very large holdings of company stock and stock options in their portfolios (Hall and Liebman, 1998).

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  • An unusually large number of people sickened by a disease in a certain place and time is known as a ‘disease cluster’. Clusters of cancer, birth defects, and other chronic illnesses have sometimes been linked to chemicals or other toxic pollutants in local communities, although these links can be controversial. There is a need for better documentation and investigation of disease clusters to identify and address possible causes.

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