Psychic phenomena

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  • It is important to avoid confusion when dealing with modified psychic phenomena. A phantasy-feeling is a modified feeling: it is not to be identified with an imagining (a modified presentation) of a genuine feeling. A phantasy-judgment is a modified judgment: it is not to be identified with the imagining of a genuine judgment. Certainly there is a sense in which what one might call the purely qualitative factor in phantasy-feelings is the same as that of real feelings. But phantasy-feelings nevertheless differentiate themselves totally from genuine or serious feelings....

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  • T E L E PAT H Y GENUINE AND FRAUDULENT BY W. W. BAGGALLY MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL OF THE SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH WITH A PREFACE BY SIR OLIVER LODGE, F.R.S. METHUEN & CO. LTD. 36 ESSEX STREET W.C. LONDON First Published in 1917 PREFATORY NOTE My friend, Mr. W. W. Baggally, an experienced investigator of supernormal phenomena, has set down some of his experiences in connexion with the subject of Telepathy, and I heartily commend his book to the public as the record of a careful, conscientious, and exceptionally skilled and critical investigator. It would be difficult to find anyone...

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  • ontological mode, wherever there are what might be called `modified objects' to which the modified meanings refer. And indeed, according to Meinong and Witasek, such is the case in the domain of `presentations' and other psychic phenomena. That which I experience when I `see' the sheriff on the screen is not strictly speaking, a presentation at all, for when I present to myself the sheriff in the throes of death, there is no (existing) object which is presented to me (and here it is irrelevant whether a certain person - an actor - was involved at an early stage...

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  • In regard to the relatively trivial examples of aesthetic objects treated so far, our pleasure rested in each case on an intuitive presentation of something external (on the presentation of `physical phenomena' in Brentano's sense). We have now, however, reached a point where we must turn inward and consider the feelings of higher order aesthetic pleasure which are provoked by our presentations of mental, and particular emotional, phenomena themselves.

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  • At the time of Isaac Newton’s invention of the calculus in the 17th century, the mechanical clock was the most sophisticated machine known. The simplicity of the clock allowed its movements to be completely described with mathematics. Newton not only described the clock’s movements with mathematics, but also the movements of the planets and other astronomical bodies. Because of the success of the Newtonian method, a mathematics-based model of reality resulted.

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  • The expanding perimeter of human knowledge has brought pioneering scientists in many frontier areas face to face with events that cannot be easily explained in terms of present scientific concepts of reality. Psychic abilities, UFOs, strange energy effects from human-made devices—these are some of the unusual phenomena that have puzzled and intrigued those explorer-scientists. But upon reporting their observations from the borderland territories, the all-too-frequent reaction by other scientists has been to disregard these unusual...

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