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  • The provisions for embedded derivatives in IAS 39 apply to derivatives embedded in insurance contracts or financial instruments with discretionary participation features, within the scope of IFRS 4. However, if the embedded derivative is itself an insurance contract or a financial instrument with a discretionary participation feature within the scope of IFRS 4, it need not be separated and measured in terms of IAS 39.

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  • Chapter 11 - The optimal payment policy. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Describe and differentiate the tenets of cash management, identify the major objective of a payment policy, critique the costs of paying sooner than necessary and of paying too late, compare and contract the bill-paying procedures that can be employed by hospitality operators.

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  • When inventories are purchased with deferred settlement terms, the difference between the purchase price for normal credit terms and the amount paid is recognised as interest expense over the period of financing. IFRS – VAS: Significant differences. IFRS: There are 38 Standards VAS: There are 26 Standards.

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  • When inventories are purchased with deferred settlement terms, the difference between the purchase price for normal credit terms and the amount paid is recognised as interest expense over the period of financing. IFRS – VAS: Significant...

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  • Parents and children need a framework for care which provides continuity from pre-pregnancy, through pregnancy and childbirth, to the early years of life. A comprehensive approach to early life is needed which builds on existing programmes to ensure our children get the best start in life8. Midwives have a key role in ensuring that their contribution integrates with the roles of other professionals and agencies working in collaboration with maternity services.

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  • A non–financial variable not specific to a party to the contract includes, for example, an index of earthquake losses in a particular region and an index of temperatures in a particular city. A non–financial variable specific to a party would be, for example, the occurrence or non-occurrence of a fire that damages or destroys an asset of a party to the contract.

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  • The best raw materials for pulp and paper manufacture is as per the customer requirement and industry norms are derived from soft woods and some of the hard wood species. In India due to dwindling forest resources, the pulp and paper industry depends only on bamboo and mixed hardwood. Industry utilizes alternate raw material to a large extent along with the farm plantations. Fibrous raw material is the single largest component influencing the manufacturing cost of paper. Any perceptible...

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  • Maize has been cultivated in Ghana for several hundred years. After being introduced in the late 16th century, it soon established itself as an important food crop in the southern part of the country. Very early on, maize also attracted the attention of commercial farmers, although it never achieved the economic importance of traditional plantation crops, such as oil palm and cocoa.

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  • This development of egg cells occurs within the ovary once a month. One mature egg cell is released from one of the ovaries. The ovaries con- tain follicles. A follicle is a hollow bundle of cells with an egg inside. The follicle helps the egg mature. As the egg matures, the follicle enlarges and fills with fluid. The greatly enlarged follicle moves to the edge of the ovary and bursts, releasing the egg and the fluid. This event is ovulation, the release of an egg from the ovary. (See Figure 17-4.

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  • This paper discusses the effects of bank competition on bank loan and deposit rate levels as well as on their responses to changes in market rates and, hence, on the monetary policy transmission mechanism. Given the prominent role of the banking sector in the euro area’s financial system, it is of significant importance for the ECB to monitor the degree of competitive behaviour in the euro area banking market. A more competitive banking market is expected to drive down bank loan rates, adding to the welfare of households and enterprises.

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  • Bonds will play a crucial role in financing the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. Investor interest in the asset class is growing, but what is the current investment opportunity already out there? This report, commissioned by the HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence and prepared by the Climate Bonds Initiative, presents a first estimate of the outstanding global bond market size linked to key climate change themes, and examines future drivers and trends in the short term.

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  • On the other hand, if you really followed the advice I gave you above to keep it simple, you may have come up with something that is much clearer than the current treatments. Or, maybe you've found something that is more general. If so, you may have a worthwhile insight. Go back to your advisor and tell him or her what you have found. Maybe you've got a new angle on an old idea that is worth further exploration. If so, congratulations| you would never have found this if you did the literature search right away....

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  • Tham khảo sách 'introduction to the taxation of foreign investment in u.s. real estate', tài chính - ngân hàng, đầu tư bất động sản phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Economic policy makers, macroprudential supervisors or investors need reliable empiri- cal estimates of the equilibrium level of credit in the economy. When the level of credit is low, high dynamics of credit might re°ect an adjustment to the equilibrium, ¯nancial deepening in emerging economies for instance. When the level of credit is high, even a one-digit growth rate of credit may be considered excessive. Deviations of credit from its equilibrium often lead to a widening of macroeconomic imbalances, e.g.

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  • What then becomes critical is that project and programme managers and senior management make efficient and effective use of the services and capabilities of the PMO. And finally it is important to define the metrics by which the performance of the PMO will be assessed and evaluated, both directly (the effectiveness of its services) and indirectly (the improvements it enables in project, programme and portfolio decision making and outcomes). But that is not the end of the story.

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  • In the last decade, RAND Project AIR FORCE has been helping the Air Force reshape its sourcing policies and practices. Readers may also be interested in the following related reports: • Implementing Best Purchasing and Supply Management Practices: Lessons from Innovative Commercial Firms, Nancy Y. Moore, Laura H. Baldwin, Frank Camm, an

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  • When parts for your car are delayed or no longer available Where replacement parts are required for the repair of your car and they are delayed (for example, if they need to be imported from overseas) or if they are no longer available, we may pay you what it would have cost us to repair your car with those parts had they been available in Australia. Sub-contracting repairs We or the repairer we authorise to repair your car may sub-contract some of the repairs. Secure compliance labels If your car is fitted with a secure compliance (or car security) label which...

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  • Furniture Factory has four components that share a data structure: Sketch Interface, Geometry Analyzer, 3-D Representation, and Joint Creator. Figure 3 shows the information flow among these components After a designer sketches the isometric view of furniture in the Sketch Interface, Geometry Analyzer analyzes the sketch and computes faces, edges and 3-D coordinates. These computed faces, edges, and their 3-D coordinates are stored in the data structure. 3-D Representation creates a 3-D model using information extracted from the designer’s isometric sketch and displays it.

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  • Such an approach, however, is fraught with security risks: without proper protection in place, one’s sensitive information can be exposed to unintended par- ties on the same system. This threat is often dealt with by an access controlmechanism that confines each user’s activities to her compartment. As an example, programs running in a user’s account are typically not allowed to touch the data in another account without the permission of the owner of that account.

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