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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Arrow pushing in organic chemistry" has contents: Elimination reactions, addition reactions (addition of halogens to double bonds, additions to carbonyls, summary), moving forward (functional group manipulations, name reactions, reagents, final comments)

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  • Let’s get technical ... not We won’t get technical in this manual. Exercise science is a fascinating field.We could expand this manual’s page count tenfold if we made the preamble a primer on kinesiology,ATP, the Krebs cycle and other such physiological processes. Instead,we will forego the talk of how the body does what it does beneath your skin and focus instead on what you need to do to let these internal processes work for you, whether you understand the science behind them or not.

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  • Support Foundation. The support foundation consists of steel made into springs, coils, or other types of support systems found inside the upholstered item. The steel used for the support foundation should be tempered to maintain resilience. To find this out, you have to ask the sales person or read the manufacturer’s catalog. You can check how well the support foundation will perform by setting on the furniture and gently bouncing. The support system should push you back up each time you bounce. You should also place your hand under the cushioning and press down on the springs.

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  • It all began in 1988 with a simple question from a group of con- cerned parents, to me, a thirty-something youth pastor who’d been hired to minister to their kids: We feel like we are increasingly out of touch with our kids. You spend a lot of time with them. Would you help us understand them by helping us understand their world?

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  • Pro SQL Server 2012 Practices is an anthology of high-end wisdom from a group of accomplished database administrators who are quietly but relentlessly pushing the performance and feature envelope of Microsoft SQL Server 2012. With an emphasis upon performance—but also branching into release management, auditing, and other issues—the book helps you deliver the most value for your company’s investment in Microsoft’s flagship database system

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  • Using Group Policy to Automate the EFS Disable Process If you would like to add the ability to push the disabled setting through Group Policy on a Windows XP systems joined to a Windows 2000 domain

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  • This golden age of the industrial workers in the United States is partly mythological, but it had roots in reality (Webber and Rigby, 1996). Rising living standards, predictable employment at a family wage, and homeownership were no myth for millions of workers. Its effects even spilled onto members of minority groups, particularly African Americans, who continued to be socially marginalized, but who migrated from rural areas to cities and found work in factories.

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  • Nongovernmental organizations, though, reach more borrowers in total. The third column shows that nongovernmental organizations can claim about one-half of the 18 million customers in this data set, with banks claiming one-quarter. Donors at large aid agencies have pushed hard to encourage the commercialization of microfinance, but the evidence here suggests that nonprofit microfinance agencies still matter in a big way.

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  • The CIMA global survey shows that the role played by financial professionals is evolving into activities that directly guide and support an organisation’s strategic direction. Financial professionals see responsibilities that add increased value to a corporation as personally satisfying and important to career progression, creating a strong push to continue the current momentum.

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  • One question that arises is the following: how significant in practice is the portion of voluntary buyers? If it is insignificant, it may be acceptable to “push voluntary buyers through” to close the deal while focusing on avoiding non-buyers. To answer this question, a real campaign was carried out (see details in Chapter 7). Instead of contacting all selected customers, a random subset of those selected customers was withheld from contact. It turns out that while the contacted group had a response rate of 5.4%, the not- contacted group had a response rate of 4.3%.

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  • For small join tables, REED always chooses to push them into the network if their selectivity is smaller than one. For intermediate tables, the REED query optimizer makes a decision as to whether to push the join into the network based on the estimated selectivity of the predicate (which may be learned from past performance or gathered statistics, or estimated using basic query optimization tech- niques [28]) and the average depth of sensor nodes in the network.

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  • Many services require a mechanism for allowing users to manage their service configuration. For example, a presence server requires presentities (users) to authorize which watchers can see their presence information. A Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) service requires users to create and manage groups. Likewise a conference may require users to configure a dial-out or dial-in list of participants, their privileges (who can speak or who can send or receive which media type), and so on.

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  • Looking at the issues from a developing country perspective, it seems likely that developing countries would be granted special and differential treatment. Here the rather weak Cairns Group S&D offer should not be used as the main indicator as it can be expected that the Like-Minded Group, the African Group, developing country Friends of Multifunctionality as well as Members in transition and newly acceded Members will be able to push the negotiations more towards an outcome that would take better account of the needs and priorities of disadvantaged countries.

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  • As the NCPCR policy document states, “[...] civil unrest exposes children to multiple deprivations. Children are killed, hurt and maimed as a direct result of violence. Access to food, water, sanitation, health care and schooling deteriorates during unrest. Political insecurity pushes children into situations that can circumscribe the remainder of their lives. It disrupts families and social networks that support children’s physical, emotional and social development. The NCPCR has encountered children who are displaced and forced to drop out of school as a result.

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