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  • In this research, the optimal battery size for stand-alone PV system is determined using ANN model. Thus, calculation of optimum battery storage for a stand-alone PV system can be automated without needing extensive mathematical calculations or graphical analysis techniques.

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  • This paper proposes a simple moving voltage average (SMVA) technique in conjunction with fixed step direct control incremental conductance (INC) maximum power point tracking (MPPT) method in order to reduce the photovoltaic (PV) generated voltage (VPV) fluctuation and power losses under mismatching solar irradiance conditions in distributed PV system.

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  • This paper discusses the recent solar rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system policies in Indonesia, particularly for the implementation of the residential sector. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the rooftop PV system for a household based on the current related policies. The study is conducted by literature reviews and computer simulation for a typical rooftop PV system for residential in Surabaya, Indonesia.

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  • This article presents the development an auto adaptative voltage control integrated into the PV inverters. Facing the voltage sags, this control system allows the voltage at the connection point greater than an admissible voltage threshold of decoupling protection, the connection of PV system is so maintained. The models and simulations are developed in Matlab-Simulink. The obtained results are satisfied.

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  • Through rigorous rural electrification projects, over 99.97% of Bhutan’s households now have access to electricity, which is predominantly generated from run-of-the-river hydropower plants. Despite this achievement, around 5% of the rural households still do not have access to electricity to meet their cooking load demands and, therefore, they extensively rely on firewood, LPG, and kerosene for cooking purposes. Apart from hydropower, penetration of other renewable sources such as solar and wind power in the country is negligible.

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  • The goal of the first edition of this textbook was to present a comprehensive engineering basis for photovoltaic (PV) system design, so the engineer would understand the what, the why and the how associated with electrical, mechanical, economic and aesthetic aspects of PV system design. The first edition was intended to educate the engineer in the design of PV systems so that when engineering judgment was needed, the engineer would be able to make intelligent decisions based upon a clear understanding of the parameters involved.

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  • In this paper, a variable step size P&O algorithm is used in order to improve the performance of a photovoltaic system in both dynamic and static plans. The e ciency of the proposed algorithm has been investigated successfully using the BP SX150S solar module connected to the DC-DC derived by a P&O MPPT algorithm.

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  • A Solar Photovoltaic-Thermoelectric generator hybrid system is analyzed in the present study. The experimental setup was examined under Udaipur climatic conditions (24°35′7″ N; 73°42′45″ E). The I-V, P-V characteristics and efficiency of sub systems and hybrid system were estimated. The ambient temperature, the solar irradiation, the PV module surface and rear temperature, hot and cold side temperature of TEG, wind velocity affects the performance of the system. The overall efficiency of hybrid system was observed to be higher than the PV system alone.

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  • This paper proposes a control system connecting for the grid-connected PV (Photovoltaic) system. The control structure includes two alternating flyback converters, a control unit for connecting PV system to the grid, filter circuits at input and output of the converters. The output voltages of two flyback converters having half sinusoidal wave are is converted to completely sinusoidal wave by unfolding converter with the grid synchronization. This control system monitors the load demand and generated power capacity of PV in order to regulate power getting from the grid.

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  • Reconfiguration strategy of solar energy has been a challenging task in the energy optimization field, in which the intention is to minimize losses and increase efficiency of the photovoltaic (PV) system under non-homogeneous solar irradiation based on irradiance equalization.

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  • This paper proposes the Finite control set Model Predictive Control (FCS-MPC) with delay compensation for three-phase threelevel T-Type NPC inverter (T-Type NPC) of grid-connected photovoltaic systems (PV). The proposed FCS-MPC controls the objectives: current tracking control, DC-link capacitor voltage balance, the reduction of switching frequency to ensure issues of the power quality and improve the efficiency of grid-connected of PV system.

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  • Since the penetration level of Photovoltaic (PV) system continuously increases, the negative impact caused by the fluctuation of PV power output needs to to be carefully managed. This paper proposes a coordinated control algorithm based on a discrete wavelet transform to eliminate both short-term and long-term fluctuations by using hybrid energy storage system (HESS). While the short-term fluctuation is mitigated by using an electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC), the longterm one is reduced by the support of a Li-ion battery.

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  • This paper presents an isolated PV system that can exploit maximum energy from PV, protect system automatically whenever having an requirement in breaking down circuit or having any faults to ensure electric power for load. It also proposes an automatic energy management system to control power operating point of PV, capacity charging and discharging for battery. This system is built and tested in an experiment model: PV-battery-load system that can adapt to an existed PV source to supply electric power for LED lighting.

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  • This paper presents a control strategy based on fuzzy logic to inject efficiently the active power from a three-phase grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system into the local grid with supporting regulation for the frequency of grid voltage. In which the control strategy consists of three main modules as follows.

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  • One of the most recent optimization techniques applied to the optimal design of photovoltaic system to supply an isolated load demand is the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (ABC). The proposed methodology is applied to optimize the cost of the PV system including photovoltaic, a battery bank, a battery charger controller, and inverter. Two objective functions are proposed: the first one is the PV module output power which is to be maximized and the second one is the life cycle cost (LCC) which is to be minimized.

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  • The world over the decades has made considerable advancement in automation; it is employed in homes, industries, commercial and educational sectors. In present work, a solar power-operated microcontroller-based automatic college bell is designed and developed. For the harmonic tuning, converted normal college bell into automatic college bell and powered by solar PV system with battery backup. It uses electrical coil for generating the EMF for striking the clapper on the edge of a bell for making sound. It uses the Real Time Clock (DS1307) which tracks the real time.

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  • Using renewable energy sources for providing electricity in remote area is an economical-technical solution and reduces environmental pollution. Tho Chu island, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province, is currently supplied by diesel generators, causing environmental pollution and high-power generation costs. This article presents hybrid renewable energy system (HRES) design including diesel generator, photovoltaic system and energy storage system for Tho Chu Island.

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  • The integration of Renewable Energy Resources (RES) or PV systems into grid, with the intermittent characteristics can have several impacts on the network operation such as stability, protection and challenges for managing… Theses impacts are more complicated for an islanded grid or weak grid.

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  • The study examines how bypass diode could improve maximum power extraction characteristics of a PV module under shaded conditions. The study clarifies the fundamental mechanism of reduction in output power under shading condition for different configurations. It was observed that the reduction of power depends upon type of shade on module, shaded area and configuration of PV module. It was found that under partial shading conditions, a solar PV system may exhibit multiple peaks in its P–V characteristics.

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  • n recent years, renewable energy sources have greatly affected the structure and operation of power systems. Previously, grid-connected PV generators using inverters were only allowed to generate active power to ensure the utilities to adjust the voltage in the distribution grid. It is no longer optimal for system power transmission and system stability, especially when solar power sources with a capacity of hundreds of MWs having a role in regulating grid voltage. Accordingly, this paper proposes a smart inverter model of a gridconnected PV system that can regulate the reactive power.

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