Pwm techniques

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  • AC drives using PWM techniques content presentation: Power conversion unit, PWM generator, types of control, voltz/hertz, sensorless vector, field oriented control, sensorless field oriented control

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  • This paper presents new carrier-based PWM modulations to control this dual topology for optimum operation. In terms of power sources, this cascaded inverter is operated either from isolated dc sources (series power cells) or from a single dc source. Computational simulation and experimental validation are given to verify the proposed techniques.

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  • This is the first book in a three-volume series deploying MATLAB-based applications in almost every branch of science. This volume, presents interesting topics from different areas of engineering, signal and image processing based on the MATLAB environment. The book consists of 20 excellent, insightful articles and the readers will find the results very useful to their work. This collection of high quality articles, refers to a large range of professional fields and may be used for scientific, engineering and educational purposes....

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  • Power Electronics and Motor Drives including content: introduction and Perspective, power Semiconductor Devices, phase-Controlled Converters and Cycloconverters, voltage-Fed Converters and PWM Techniques, current-Fed Converters, electrical Machines for Variable-Speed Drives, induction Motor Drives, synchronous Motor Drives, computer Simulation and Digital Control.

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  • Motivated by the need of energy-efficiency improvements, process optimization, soft-start capability and numerous other environmental benefits, it may be desirable to operate induction motors for many applications at continuously adjustable speeds. The induction motor drives can provide high productivity with energy efficiency in different industrial applications and are the basis for modern automation. This book provides an account of this developing subject through such topics as modelling, noise, control techniques used for high-performance applications and diagnostics....

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  • As both vector controlled induction machines and vector controlled SPMSM require current controlled PWM inverter, then it is possible to discuss current control methods independently of the type of the drive. In other words, all the current control techniques described further on are applicable in both induction motor and SPMSM vector controlled drives.

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