QoS routing algorithms

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  • In this paper, we propose a new and effective localized QoS routing algorithm, compare its performance with those of other localized algorithms and a traditional QoS routing algorithm under the same type of network topology, QoS requirements and traffic patterns. The simulations results show that our proposed algorithm can perform better than other routing algorithms.

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  • In providing new telecommunication (telecom) services, the requisition for quality of network is more and more popular and sophisticated with high bandwidth, small value of delay time or packet loss etc. To assure the quality of network, the scheme of Quality of Service (QoS) routing algorithm based on local state information have recently been researched as a promising alternative to the currently deployed global QoS routing schemes.

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  • In this paper, we propose a novel localized QoS routing algorithm, which uses hop-by-hop routing (or distributed routing) type to route flows. We perform it with experiments, compare and realize the more considerable performance of this algorithm than other algorithms, which use the same conditions of simulation.

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  • This is a survey paper on Quality-of-Service(QoS) based routing. In this paper, we first introduce the concept of Quality-of-Service and its background. Second, we discuss the concepts of QoS-based routing, its objectives and main issues. After that, several types of QoS based routing algorithms are compared, and the advantages and disadvantages of each type discussed. Then, the relations between QoS based routing and some relevant techniques are studied, including traffic engineering, high level admission control, resource reservation protocols(e.g.

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  • In the context of modern high-speed communication networks, decision reactivity is often complicated by the notion of guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), which can either be related to time, packet loss or bandwidth requirements: constraints related to various types of QoS make some algorithms not acceptable. Due to emerging real-time and multimedia applications, efficient routing of information packets in dynamically changing communication network requires that as the load levels,

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