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  • The SEC established these requirements to protect the average investor from some of the worst and most risky investments in the world. The problem is, these investor requirements also shield the average investor from some of the best investments in the world, which is one reason why rich dad’s advice to the average investor was, “Don’t be average.”

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  • Even if an entity otherwise holds a “substantial position” in swaps, it would not qualify as a major swap participant if those positions are held for “hedging or mitigating commercial risk,” among other exceptions. 20 However, the proposed defi nition of “hedging or mitigat- ing commercial risk” would exclude swap positions held for speculative purposes. 21 As most private funds would presumably be deemed to be holding their swap positions for speculative purposes, that exclusion is unlikely to apply to them.

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  • The purpose of this study is to examine a current land development decision within a one-shot decision framework. The main contributions of this study are as follows. A private real estate investment decision model is proposed within a one-shot decision framework, which is an innovative study on analyzing real estate investment problems from an economic viewpoint by using tools from the possibility theory. The analysis in this paper demonstrates the relation between the amount of uncertainty and the investment scale for different types of personal investors.

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  • The past ten years are witness to many changes in line with this objective. Trading and settlement procedures have been improved. New instruments have been introduced. Disclosure levels have been enhanced. Measures to protect investors’ interest and educate them have been initiated at least on paper. A code of corporate governance has been put in place. Steps were initiated to change the organisational structure of the stock exchanges.

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  • In every period, each population of investors receives its speci…c endowment and risk sharing is implemented through trade of contracts which specify future transfers of endowments between the two populations of investors.2 These contracts represent …nancial securities which pay the speci…c endowments as dividends. In the standard case where all investors can commit not to default on any prescribed endowment transfer, the optimal contracts achieve an e¢ cient risk-sharing allocation.

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  • Our study is part of a recent literature that investigates the asset pricing impact of behavioral biases documented in psychology research. This literature, which has expanded significantly over the last decade, is comprehensively reviewed by Hirshleifer (2001) and Shiller (2000). The strand of the literature closest to this paper investigates the effect of investor mood on asset prices. The two principal approaches in this work link returns either to a single event or to a continuous variable that impacts mood. ...

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  • Catastrophe (cat) bonds have attracted investor interest as one of the few asset classes not correlated to the global financial markets. Cat bonds were first issued in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and the Northridge Earthquake in the mid-1990s and the market has grown robustly since. They are the best-known example of a broader class of insurance-linked securities (ILS). Cat bonds are the most suitable ILS instrument for novice investors because they are 1) rated and 2) freely tradable by qualified investors.

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  • In addition to historical facts or statements of current conditions, this presentation contains forward-looking statements that are intended to qualify for the “safe harbor” from liability established by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The words or phrases “believe”, “will”, “expect”, “continue”, "are confident that", "intend", "plan", "seek", "estimate", “project", "may", or the negative or other variations thereof, or comparable terminology, signify such forward-looking statements.

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  • Fueled by growing inflation concerns and attractive prices, particularly relative to nominal bonds, investors poured money into inflation-linked bonds in 2009. In the US, investors believe unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus will lead to more US dollar depreciation and higher inflation. In the UK, investors fear the Bank of England’s reluctance to raise rates will fuel inflation. While inflation has been muted in recent years, it remains a concern for pension funds, endowments and other institutional investors who must meet real, rather than nominal, liabilities.

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  • In addition, the modified IA report contains a clearer description of the key features that distinguish a social investment funds from the wider category of alternative investment funds. In line with the IABs request, the report clarifies that the essential features of a social investment fund are linked to the social undertakings it targets, the composition of its portfolio (at least 70% of investor capital invested in qualifying target undertakings) and the investment tools it employs (equity, quasi-equity, debt instruments but no leverage).

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  • “A business angel is an individual investor (qualified as defined by some national regulations) that invests directly (or through their personal holding) their own money predominantly in seed or start- up companies with no family relationships. Business angels make their own (final) investment decisions and are financially independent, i.e. a possible total loss of their business angel investments will not significantly change the economic situation of their assets.

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  • The transaction phase is crucial for the potential private sector partner. In the prequalification stage, the procurement team will select potential investors that could be shortlisted for the competitive bidding, as described in the figure above. An expression of interest will be submitted here. Shortlisted candidates will be evaluated and ranked, and the qualified candidates will be invited to submit full proposals. The first ranked bidder will be welcomed to negotiate with the PJPK. At this point the decision to award the bidder will be in the hands of the PJPK.

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  • There is also a sub-set of private investors: people who become shareholders in quoted companies by virtue of being shareholder employees of a company that goes through flotation; by holding performance-related share options; or by purchasing shares via company-sponsored schemes. In all cases, these shares may, ultimately, become ordinary (tradable) shares, although companies may impose restrictions on when shares can be bought or sold. Unusually, the UK offers companies and private investors a range of tax-efficient investment opportunities.

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  • Because private fund advertisements will reach all investors, there is a tremendous potential for investor confusion. The fact that sales are limited to accredited investors offers no protection in this regard, because it can only occur after the fact.

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  • Each year the Supervisory Board prepares the annual report on the activity of the Supervisory Board which constitutes a part of the Annual Report of the Company. The report is prepared in accordance with the requirements of Dutch law and regulations and describes in particular the composition as well as the work of the Supervisory Board and its committees.

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  • The General Meeting adopts only resolutions placed in the agenda. Valid resolutions in respect of matters which were not mentioned on the agenda in the convocation letter or which have not been published in the same manner and with due observance of the period set for convocation, can only be taken by unanimous votes in a meeting where the entire issued capital is represented. Resolutions are passed by an absolute majority of the votes cast, unless the Dutch law or the Articles of Association prescribe a greater majority. The agenda contains such business as may be placed...

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