Radical change

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  • THE TEAM THAT OPERATED the Nut Island sewage treatment plant in Quincy, Massachusetts, was every manager’s dream. Members of the group performed difficult, dangerous work without complaint. They needed little supervision. They improvised their way around operational difficulties and budgetary constraints. They were dedicated to the organization’s mission. But their hard work let to catastrophic failure.

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  • Innumerable writers at the end of the nineteenth century have reviewed the changes which in the last fifty years have come over the civilised world. The record indeed is admitted on all hands to be marvellous. Steam, electricity, machinery, and all the practical inventions of applied science have added enormously to the material wealth, comfort, and luxury of mankind. Intellectually, the bounds of pure science have been vastly enlarged; and the blessings of education have been extended to the poorest members of the community.

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  • C++ today is very different from what it was in 1983, when it was first named "C++". Many features have been added to the language since then; older features have been modified, and a few features have been deprecated or removed entirely from the language. Some of the extensions have radically changed programming styles and concepts. For example, downcasting a base to a derived object was considered a bad and unsafe programming practice before the standardization of Runtime Type Information. Today, downcasts are safe, and sometimes even unavoidable.

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  • DOES THE SENSORY ORDER HAVE A USEFUL ECONOMIC FUTURE? Cognition and psychology have become central issues in economics. While this interest represents a radical change in economic theory, it does have a useful history that we believe is only partially recognized by contemporary economists

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  • There is growing evidence on the importance of studies focusing on mechanisms and strategies leading to cancer prevention. The plethora of approaches include regulation of oxidative stress using antioxidant therapies, carefully balanced diets and living habits, epidemiological evidence and molecular approaches on the role of key biological molecules such as antioxidant enzymes, vitamins, proteins and naturally occurring free radical scavengers as well as controversial results and clinical applications. These are some of the topics that this book highlights.

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  • With specific regard to large animal work, equine services now tend to be handled by specialists, and farm animal work is considered to be in decline, with the latter prompting particular concern. Indeed, significant changes to the farming sector (i.e. declining livestock populations, a reduction in the number/size of farm holdings, new legislation and a radical change in the relationship between government and veterinarians) mean that farm animal veterinary practices now face significant competitive and sustainability issues. ...

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  • In view of the dynamic growth in the luxury market and the availability of luxury goods to a wider range of consumers than ever before, the luxury market has transformed from its traditional conspicuous consumption model to a new experiential luxury sensibility marked by a change in the way consumers define luxury. In a global context, it is critically important for luxury researchers and marketers to understand why consumers buy luxury, what they believe luxury is and how their perception of luxury value impacts their buying behavior.

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  • CHAPTER 17 Emerging Management Practices After reading this chapter, you should be able to answer the following questions: Why does business process reengineering cause radical changes in how firms execute processes? What competitive forces are driving decisions to downsize and restructure operations?

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  • Bắt đầu từ cổ bàng quang một đường rạch song phương sắc nét của fascia phủ bề mặt tuyến tiền liệt được thực hiện distally về phía đỉnh medially dây chằng puboprostatic. Mục tiêu chính là để tạo ra những điểm mốc nơi bóc tách sẽ tiếp tục được thực hiện sau đó trong suốt quá trình.

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  • In later eras, new materials have been closely associated with radical change. The development of paper was as important as the printing press in revolutionising communications. The introduction of gunpowder into Europe transformed warfare. In more modern times, gas lighting only became demonstrably superior to oil and candles with the introduction of the gas mantle, composed of novel materials such as thorium and cerium oxides. A hundred years ago electric filament lamps were made possible by other novel and fairly unusual materials, osmium and tungsten.

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  • Technically speaking, digital projection does not radically change classic film projection even though the mechanical projector head has been replaced by a digital head, the film spool by a hard disk drive and the platter system by a server. We have already paid utmost attention to these points in order to ensure that the projection quality practically remains the same. Of course, the picture is not visible on its photosensitive carrier anymore: It is from now on quantified...

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  • Current radical surgery against localized prostate cancer (PCa), such as open (Memmelaar, 1949; Reiner & Walsh, 1979; Walsh & Donker, 1982), laparoscopic (Schuessler et al., 1997; Abbou et al., 2000; Guillonneau et al., 2003) or robot-assisted prostatectomy (Binder & Kramer, 2001; Menon et al., 2002; Menon et al., 2004), has a possible risk to injure supporting structures that surround and support the prostate as well as the external sphincter and the neurovascular bundle.

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  • Few other countries are so interrelated with the World around us in political, economic, and social respects as the Netherlands. This means that the Dutch government needs to be alert in its response to the risks and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing world. Addressing this issue, The Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) is offering some reflections in this report, guided by the question how the Netherlands can develop a foreign policy strategy that matches the changing power relations in the world and the radically changed character of international relations. ...

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  • Some say that ‘the cockroach’ will be the last species on Earth to survive. Then it has been calculated that one gravid aphid, left to reproduce with zero mortality, will, after one year, cover the globe with an aphid layer over 140 km thick. Not forgetting too, that flies and fleas vector disease. So, why should we even consider conserving insects? Quite simply, without insects, the likelihood is that the world as we know it would be radically changed in a matter of days. Besides, it is only a tiny minority of insects that harm our lives.

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  • In this article, you are going to discover some things about insurance marketing on the internet that you won't hear anywhere else. And you'll see exactly why these things will prevent you from ever being successful marketing for insurance online. So buckle up tight and prepare for the ride partner...

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  • The public service is being transformed as reform is occurring at all levels of government both here and abroad. Although some of the changes address narrow, specific issues, increasingly more radical innovations are commonplace. A key example is the effort to modify or eliminate the distinguishing characteristic of the merit system: safeguarding the independence of the public servant corps from political influence.

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  • This paper presents a stock flow model of two economies (together comprising the whole world) which trade goods and financial assets with one another. The accounting framework, though comprehensive in its own terms, is very much simplified (it has interest rates without interest payments and exchange rate changes without changes in relative prices) so as to reach the main conclusions as simply and easily as possible.

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  • Just as this will be a radical change for our exhibitors, it will also be a change for our spectators. all dogs must be on their benches and must be able to be viewed by the public. a bench card displaying the dog's bench/ armband number will be supplied by the superintendent at the bench; handlers in the multi-Breed section must attach the supplied bench card to the dog's crate. all entrants must have their contact information for the duration of the show affixed to their crate or bench space. this card is included in your packet. grooming will take...

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  • The module ‘Silicon Valley – A Change Ecosystem’ focuses on the infrastructure and cultural view on change. Switzerland and Germany may not be the best places to study rapid and radical business transforma- tions. Although considerable attention is paid to organizational and personal agility also in Europe, the most comprehensive ‘ecosystem’ for IT-enabled change is Silicon Valley. This was true in the peak of the bubble economy and is still true in times of sharp economic downturn.

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  • The second edition of this study of Panics in the United States brought us through the year 1891. I originated about one fourth of it. This third edition brings us practically up to date. Of this edition I originated about one half. I hope it will prove helpful in many ways.

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