Radio technology

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  • Giới thiệu này có một cái nhìn có tầm nhìn xa trông rộng ở radio lý tưởng nhận thức (CRS) được tích hợp radio tiên tiến phần mềm (SDR) với các kỹ thuật CR đến radio rằng học để giúp người sử dụng của họ bằng cách sử dụng tầm nhìn máy tính, hiệu suất cao bài phát biểu sự hiểu biết, hệ thống định vị toàn cầu (GPS) chuyển hướng, tinh vi mạng thích nghi, thích ứng lớp vật lý dạng sóng phát thanh, và một loạt của quá trình học tập máy....

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  • Ultra-Wideband Radio (UWB) earmarks a new radio access philosophy and exploits several GHz of bandwidth. It promises high data rate communication over short distances as well as innovative radar sensing and localization applications with unprecedented resolution. Fields of application may be found, among others, in industry, civil engineering, surveillance and exploration, for security and safety measures, and even for medicine.

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  • The use of radio-frequency communication—commonly referred to as wireless communication—is becoming more pervasive as well as more economically and socially important. Technological progress over many decades has enabled the deployment of several successive generations of cellular telephone technology, which is now used by many billions of people worldwide; the near-universal addition of wireless local area networking to personal computers; and a proliferation of actual and proposed uses of wireless communications.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí hóa hoc quốc tế đề tài : Advances in opportunistic radio technologies for TVWS

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  • This book is addressed to business management and project managers as well as researchers who are evaluating the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) for tracking uniquely identified objects. In an effort to make RFID project management less of an art form and more of a science RFID Technology and Applications brings together pioneering RFID academic research principals to analyze engineering issues that have hampered the deployment of RFID and to share ‘‘best practices’’ learnings from their work.

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  • The FCC uses the term cognitive to mean " adaptive" without requiring machine learning, This text coins the phrase " ideal cognitive radio ( iCR) " for a CR with autonomous machine learning, vision ( not just a camera ), and spoken or written language perception. There will be an exciting progression across aware, adaptive, and cognitive radio ( AACR ). Enjoy!

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  • Data converters are one of the key enabling technologies for the software defined radio (SDR). Regardless of the interpretation of the definitions – software radio, software defined radio, software based radios – the challenge of moving the analog-digital boundary closer to the antenna is the critical step in establishing the foundation for increasing the content and capability of digital signal processing (DSP) in the radio. SDR technologies have provided the incentives for the breakthrough in converter technologies pushing the state-of-the-art [1]....

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  • All wireless communication systems have traditionally employed a radio frequency front end (RF FE) (see Figure 3.1), located between the antenna and the baseband subsystem, the latter commonly implemented with digital signal processing technology. While ‘pure’ software radios anticipate analog-to-digital conversion at the antenna, dispensing with the need for this element of the radio, today’s ‘pragmatic’ software defined radios (SDRs), still (and as will be seen later in this chapter, for the foreseeable future) require an RF FE and place stringent demands thereon....

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  • Front End Technology Front End design – including RF Architecture, Data Conversion and Digital Front Ends – has emerged as a key issue as SDR techniques are finding themselves increasingly embodied by stealth into today’s new products. The radical solution – ‘Pure’ Software Radio, with A/D conversion at the antenna – is not yet feasible at GHz carrier frequencies. However, recent technology advances suggest it may be nearer than had been thought.

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  • It’s time we cleared the air about ham radio. If you think of it as staticky transmissions sent by people in the middle of nowhere, think again. Today’s ham radio goes beyond wireless to extreme wireless, Operators transmit data and pictures, use the Internet, laser, and microwave transmitters, and travel to places high and low to make contact. In an emergency or natural disaster, ham radio can replace downed traditional communication and save lives.

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  • Baseband Technology ‘Software runs on Silicon’ – and in the case of SDRs today, the competition between approaches and technologies for exponentially increasing baseband processing requirements is proving a fertile ground for innovation, in both conceptual approaches and implementation architectures.

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  • Software Technology Software – at air interface, applications, protocol and network levels – is at the heart of the promise of software radio. At all levels the potential is vast and the implications are profound – the need for effective design tools to give functional reliability will be key to successful commercialization.

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  • The benefits of software defined radios (SDR) are identified in many chapters of this book. SDR will potentially permit new protocols, applications, and air interface waveforms to be flexibly and even dynamically deployed across a variety of implementation platforms and products, sourced from multiple vendors. It will bring the benefits of open standards that have been enjoyed in the PC world to the arena of wireless communications.

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  • Parametrization – a Technique for SDR Implementation Friedrich Jondral University of Karlsruhe Mobile communications is mainly a service driven business. But there are important marginal conditions from physics and technology that may not be ignored when developing a mobile communications system; the frequency spectrum is a scarce resource. Therefore terminals, mobile as well as base station transceivers, have to work efficiently with respect to spectrum. Mobile radio channels are complicated due to multipath propagation, reflections, scattering, time, or frequency dispersion, etc. ...

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  • The subject of software radio emerged as a ‘hot topic’ in mobile communications in the early 1990s, when many people saw the technology as a solution to the problems of complex RF and IF processing required in modern multimode/multiband mobile terminals. Today, software radio is seen more as a technology to enable the reconfiguration of terminals by download. 1 Such reconfiguration can be achieved at all stages from design, through production, to post purchase use by the consumer.

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  • Radio was born from the convergence of many inventions and technologies more than a hundred years ago. To make sense of the current media changes it pays to study the lessons of history. The same trends reoccur with the convergence of old and new media and technology in the digital domain as they did in the past. Those who understand them will make good decisions about the future.

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  • The field of wireless radio communications is a young one, dating back only 100 years or so. In many ways, wireless communications is still in its stages of early development, its “primitive stage”. Thus, at this time, it can be expected that new discoveries and advances in technology will change and, perhaps, radically transform communication theory.

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  • It is widely accepted that technology is one of the forces driving economic growth. Although more and more new technologies have emerged, various evidence shows that their performances were not as high as expected. In both academia and practice there are still many questions about what technologies to adopt and how to manage these technologies.

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  • Practical implementation of software defined radio (SDR) for mobile wireless devices will place significantly increased demands on design approaches and integrated circuit (IC) technology. Next generation wireless terminals, third generation (3G) and beyond, are required to provide much higher levels of features, functions, and services than their second generation (2G) counterparts. Examples include such capabilities as higher throughput, multiband, multimode, multimedia, and location-based services.

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  • Architecture Evolution This chapter will convey a deeper understanding of the roots of the software radio. This includes the technical evolution that has resulted in today’s emphasis on SDR. And it includes the management motivations toward realizing appropriately tailored implementations. The chapter begins with an introduction to technology-demographics, a method for studying architecture.

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