Random functions

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học ngành toán học tạp chí toán học quốc tế đề tài: Compositions of Random Functions on a Finite Set...

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  • In this paper we solve this open problem and show that the Feistel construction with 6 rounds is enough to obtain an ideal cipher; we also show that 5 rounds are insufficient by providing a simple attack. This contrasts with the classical Luby-Rackoff result that 4 rounds are necessary and sufficient to obtain a (strong)pseudo-random permutation from a pseudo-random function.

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  • This chapter is of an introductory nature, its purpose being to indicate some concepts and results from the theory of probability which are used in later chapters . Most of these are contained in Chapters 1-9 of Gnedenko [47], and will therefore be cited without proof. The first section is somewhat isolated, and contains a series of results from the foundations of the theory of probability. A detailed account may be found in [76], or in Chapter I of [31] . Some of these will not be needed in the first part of the book, in which attention is confined to independent random variables ....

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  • We take a critical look at the relationship between the security of cryptographic schemes in the Random Oracle Model, and the security of the schemes that result from implementing the random oracle by so called \cryptographic hash functions". The main result of this paper is a negative one: There exist signature and encryption schemes that are secure in the Random Oracle Model, but for which any implementation of the random oracle results in insecure schemes.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'probability examples c-3 random variables ii', khoa học tự nhiên, toán học phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Tham khảo sách 'probability examples c-4 random variables iii', khoa học tự nhiên, toán học phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • In this paper, we explore the power of randomized algorithm to address the challenge of working with very large amounts of data. We apply these algorithms to generate noun similarity lists from 70 million pages. We reduce the running time from quadratic to practically linear in the number of elements to be computed.

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  • Functions are "the central objects of investigation" in most fields of modern mathematics. There are many ways to describe or represent a function. Some functions may be defined by a formula or algorithm that tells how to compute the output for a given input. Others are given by a picture, called the graph of the function.

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  • Chương 3 gồm có những nội dung chính sau: Program components in C++, math library functions, functions, function definitions, function prototypes, header files, random number generation, example: a game of chance and introducing enum, storage classes, scope rules, recursion, example using recursion: the fibonacci series, recursion vs. iteration, functions with empty parameter lists.

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  • Let us consider the composed random variable η = k=1 ξk , where ξ1 , ξ2 , ... are independent identically distributed random variables and ν is a positive value random, independent of all ξk . In [1] and [2], we gave some the stabilities of the distribution function of η in the following sense: the small changes in the distribution function of ξ k only lead to the small changes in the distribution function of η. In the paper, we investigate the distribution function of η when we have the small changes of the distribution of ν. ...

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  • We propose a succinct randomized language model which employs a perfect hash function to encode fingerprints of n-grams and their associated probabilities, backoff weights, or other parameters. The scheme can represent any standard n-gram model and is easily combined with existing model reduction techniques such as entropy-pruning. We demonstrate the space-savings of the scheme via machine translation experiments within a distributed language modeling framework. h

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  • This paper proposes a framework for training Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) to optimize multivariate evaluation measures, including non-linear measures such as F-score. Our proposed framework is derived from an error minimization approach that provides a simple solution for directly optimizing any evaluation measure. Specifically focusing on sequential segmentation tasks, i.e. text chunking and named entity recognition, we introduce a loss function that closely reflects the target evaluation measure for these tasks, namely, segmentation F-score. ...

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  • Lecture Programming in C++ - Chapter 7: Functions. On completion of this chapter students will know how to: Define and call functions, determine the scope of a variable, pass values by reference, overload functions, create random numbers.

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  • This is the standard textbook for courses on probability and statistics, not substantially updated. While helping students to develop their problem-solving skills, the author motivates students with practical applications from various areas of ECE that demonstrate the relevance of probability theory to engineering practice. Included are chapter overviews, summaries, checklists of important terms, annotated references, and a wide selection of fully worked-out real-world examples.

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  • This is the third in a series of short books on probability theory and random processes for biomedical engineers. This book focuses on standard probability distributions commonly encountered in biomedical engineering. The exponential, Poisson and Gaussian distributions are introduced, as well as important approximations to the Bernoulli PMF and Gaussian CDF. Many important properties of jointly Gaussian random variables are presented. The primary subjects of the final chapter are methods for determining the probability distribution of a function of a random variable.

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  • Strengthening functioning systems to improve health outcomes will, in some cases, require new ways of thinking about health investments and greater dialogue with partner countries about constraints and opportunities.

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  • Chapter 2 STABLE DISTRIBUTIONS ; ANALYTICAL PROPERTIES AND DOMAINS OF ATTRACTION § 1. Stable distributions Definition . A distribution function F is called stable if, for any a 1 , a2 0 and any b1 , b2 , there exist constants a 0 and b such that F(a l x+b l ) * F(a 2 x+b2) = F(ax+b) . (2.1 .1)

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  • Chapter 5 LIMIT THEOREMS IN Lp SPACES § 1 . Statement of the problem Consider the sequence X1 , X2 , . . . of independent random variables with the same distribution F. If F belongs to the domain of attraction of a stable law G« with exponent a, then the distribution functions Fn of the normalised sums Zn = (X1 + X2+ . . . + Xn - An)/Bn satisfy lim Fn (x) = G a (x)

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  • Chapter 11 NARROW ZONES OF NORMAL ATTRACTION 1 . Classification of narrow zones by the function h We retain the notation of the last two chapters, and record here some new terminology. The narrow zones [0, A (n)] and [ -A (n), 0], where A (n) is continuous and increasing and A (n) = o (n b),

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  • Chapter 14 INTEGRAL THEOREMS HOLDING ON THE WHOLE LINE 1 . Formulation In the preceding chapters we have studied theorems of a collective type concerning large deviations in zones of the form [0, 0 (n)] and [ - (n), 0], where 0 (n) = o (n 2) . The role of the linear functionals a j, bj was played by moments of the random variables XX .

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