Rational reconstruction

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  • A revised and more structured version of Davey's discourse generation program has been implemented, which constructs the underlying forms for sentences and clauses by using rules which annotate and segment the initial sequence of events in various ways.

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  • ‘Health Promotion’ is rapidly establishing itself as an important force within the ‘New Public Health’, itself an important feature of contemporary approaches to health and health care provision. Whilst debates have raged around definitions of health promotion and the differences between health promotion and health education, there has been little concern for the nature of the knowledge base being drawn upon by health promoters and researchers discussing such topics.

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  • Agency securities. Agency securities are the obligations of federal gov- ernment agencies or government-sponsored enterprises. Generally, agency debt offers a slight yield premium over T-bills. Turn back to Chapter 6 for more on agency securities. Commercial paper. Commercial paper, or CP, is issued by corporations (including banks) to finance short-term cash needs. While smaller corpo- rations usually depend on bank loans for this type of funding, larger cor- porations with good credit ratings can access the CP market and often do so.

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  • C H A P T E R T H I R T Y - T H R E E Mathematical Modeling as an Exegetical Tool: Rational Reconstruction 33.1.1 Rational reconstruction According to Lakatos, RR is equivalent to what he calls internal history: a putatively diachronic account of what counts as “growth of knowledge” or “progress in science” – as “progress” is adjudicated by the particular normative methodology favored by the historian.

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  • Methodological philosophy of science concerns itself, among other things, with issues about the nature of scientific theories, of scientific explanation, and of intertheoretic reduction. Philosophers of science frequently have attempted to identify and "rationally reconstruct" distinct types of reasoning employed by scientists as they go about their business.

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  • In his later years my father often expressed to me his desire for the reduction of the eleven volumes of his "Papers on Health" to a compact one-volume edition; but as long as fresh papers were being written, he saw no use in beginning this work. In the end the project was interrupted by his last illness and death. Since then, circumstances have prevented the work being undertaken until the present time.

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