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  • The Writing section has been expanded. The new test requires test takers to write a response to material they have heard and read, and to compose an essay in support of an opinion. Human scorers also rate the responses to the Writing tasks via ETS’s Online Scoring Network

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  • the incomplete statement type with a choice of four or five option Seven types of multiple – choice items in the textbook; however, item types 2 & 3 are preferable because the options do not interrupt the flow of meaning in the sentence: these items present the entire sentence so that it can be read at a glance

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  • Public and Private Messages Sent {inbox_sentFriendlyTime} Message {inbox_message} Mark as read Once a user has read a message, we should update the database to indicate that the message has been read, so that the user can see at a glance which of their messages are new and unread, and which ones have already been read. However, for privacy reasons, we shouldn't show this information to the sender of the message. To do this, we simply set the read property on the model to 1, and save the record, as illustrated by the changes to viewMessage...

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  • According to most social scientists, a generation is about 25 years in length. By that measure, this second edition of the Handbook of Adolescent Psychology represents a generational shift, for it was fully 25 years ago that the first edition of this volume was published. A cursory glance at this edition’s table of contents will show just how broadly the field has grown in that period of time, and a careful reading of the volume’s chapters will reveal that the generational shift has been as deep as it has been broad...

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