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  • (bq) part 1 book "marketing real people real choices" hass contents: welcome to the world of marketing - create and deliver value; strategic market planning - take the big picture; thrive in the marketing environment - the world is flat; marketing research - gather, analyze, and use information,...and other contents.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "marketing real people real choices" hass contents: marketing math, deliver value through supply chain management, channels of distribution, and logistics; one to one - trade promotion, direct marketing, and personal selling;...and other contents.

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  • (bq) part 2 book “marketing - real people, real choices” has contents: innovation and new product development; product strategy , branding, and product management; marketing math; determine the distribution strateg, advertising and sales promotion,… and other contents.

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  • (bq) part 1 book “marketing - real people, real choices” has contents: welcome to the world of marke ting - create and deliver value; global, ethical, and sustainable marketing; strategic market planning; market research,… and other contents.

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  • The second edition of the fun and fascinating guide to the main ideas of the Austrian School of economics, written in sparkling prose especially for the non-economist. Gene Callahan shows that good economics isn't about government planning or statistical models. It's about human beings and the choices they make in the real world.

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  • In this paper, we consider some Multi-choice linear programming (MCLP) problems where the alternative values of the multi-choice parameters are fuzzy numbers. There are some real-life situations where we need to choose a value for a parameter from a set of different choices to optimize our objective, and those values of the parameters can be imprecise or fuzzy. We formulate these situations as a mathematical model by using some fuzzy numbers for the alternatives.

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  • The Listening and Reading Test is scored by calculating the correct number of answer choices. The raw number of correct answers is converted to a scaled score, which compares an individual’s raw score with the raw score of other test takers. This makes allowances for the difficulty level of any particular test administration.

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  • For the company to achieve future financial goals, through the annual financial statements is expected to predict future growth and capital needs of the situation 。 Can be roughly divided into the most optimistic, most pessimistic and normal, etc. Financial planning should be to make a prediction for the future, and based on certain assumptions. Once these assumptions are defeated by facts (such as assuming stable economic growth, but then gradually decline), the administrator shall immediately make appropriate amendments to reflect the real situation 。...

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  • CHAPTER 1 Real Option— The Evolution of an Idea.An option represents freedom of choice, after the revelation of information. An option is the act of choosing, the power of choice, or the freedom of alternatives. The word comes from the medieval French and is derived from the Latin optio, optare, meaning to choose, to wish, to desire.

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  • Despite the mixed signals, the authorities are taking steps to improve the business climate. Zimbabwe has eased business start-up by reducing registration fees and initiated a process to speed up the name search process and company and tax registration. In addition, the corporate income tax rate was reduced from 30% to 25%, the capital gains tax was lowered from 20% to 5%, and the payment of corporate income tax was simplified by allowing quarterly payment through commercial banks.

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  • The GCC region is a small but important part of the global economy. Its 2007 real GDP was around US$810 billion, accounting for just 2.1% of the global total 12 . Despite the relatively small size of their economies and populations13 , the rate of GDP growth in GCC countries reached 6.4% in 2007, which is similar to the Asia Pacific average (5% to 6%). Its growth rate exceeded the averages for Latin America, Europe, the OECD and the Middle East. In terms of GDP per capita, Qatar, the UAE, and Kuwait rank among the highest...

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  • (bq) it is the text that uses examples and illustrations that students will recognize when they show up for class the first day because they already have at least 17 years of personal experience with economic choices, institutions, and events. easy to understand and filled with lively real-world examples, economics - a contemporary introduction is your ideal introduction to the principles of economics.

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  • In recent decades a significant part of the land use changes caused by the population expansion in Turkish cities has not followed an urban development plan but was rather driven by unlicensed build- ing activities. 5 As an example, the built-up area in the province of Istanbul increased by more than 40% between 1990 and 2005. New settlements were typically erected on public land near water bodies and in areas that had been made more accessible by new trans- portation routes like the Transit European Motorway, the E-5 and the second Bosphorus Bridge.

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  • In view of risks described and the generally rather complex trends of the relevant markets, a well-informed investor is a prerequisite for an investment in real assets. For example, the selection and management of a real asset portfolio necessitates extensive knowledge of the markets concerned and, in some circumstances, operative capabilities. From the investor’s point of view, lack of expertise is often a barrier to the choice of appropriate investments.

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  • Real estate markets globally have been severely affected by ongoing unprecedented economic turmoil, particularly in Europe and the United States. This is expected to continue. The Australian real estate market has, in this time, emerged as a destination of choice for global real estateReal estate markets globally have been severely affected by ongoing unprecedented economic turmoil, particularly in Europe and the United States. This is expected to continue.

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  • McAfee Network Security Central Manager provides you with a single sign-on mechanism to manage the authentication of global users across all Managers configuration. Threat analysis tasks are performed at the Manager level and aggregated at the Network Security Central Manager (Central Manager). Local Managers attached to the Central Manager push new alerts and modifications into the Central Manager. These alerts are aggregated in the Central Manager Threat Analyzer. Alerts from the Managers managed by the Central Manager can be monitored and managed from the Central Manager.

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  • In our mobile work culture, we see corporate staff, from executive to individual contributor, working beyond the boundaries of the traditional office environment. The concept of working “any time and anywhere” has become popular. To support this concept, many organizations are adopting mobile solutions. As employees use these solutions, their expectations are increasing—employees want not only access to information, but full participation in business from any location whenever it is required.

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  • Real estate markets globally have been severely affected by ongoing unprecedented economic turmoil, particularly in Europe and the United States. This is expected to continue. The Australian real estate market has, in this time, emerged as a destination of choice for global real estate investors seeking a safe haven in a well-regulated and highly transparent growth-oriented market for doing business.

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  • The Seventh Directive complements these harmonization efforts with requirements on when and how firms must prepare consolidated financial accounts. Both directives effectively prescribe a common set of accounting rules for both consolidated and unconsolidated (or parent-only) financial statements. The directives had to be transformed into national laws by the member states during the late 1980s and early 1990s. As a result, accounting standards across EU member states are fairly similar, though not necessarily equal in every respect.

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  • With regard to English passage comprehension, the children initially instructed in Spanish and transitioned into English at the end of second grade made the most gains between the end of second grade and the end of fourth grade. At the end of fourth grade, the monolingual English-speaking students had the highest scores, followed by the Spanish-speaking English-instructed students, Spanish-speaking students transitioned at the end of second grade, and Spanish-speaking students transitioned at the end of third grade.

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