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  • The starting point for this document was a review of literature on the creative sector and community change guided by Mark Stern and Susan Seifert from SIAP. Next, staff from TRF interviewed people involved in community development and cultural activity in Philadelphia and Baltimore, two cities that exemplify the plight of post-industrial urban centers. We then examined the arts and culture-related investments within TRF’s portfolio and reflected on how those investments relate to TRF’s model of investor-driven change. ...

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  • Destinations are amalgams of tourism products, offering an integrated experience to consumers. Traditionally, destinations are regarded as well-defined geographical areas, such as a country, an island or a town. However, it is increasingly recognised that a destination can also a perceptual concept, which can be interpreted subjectively by consumers, depending on their travel itinerary, cultural background, purpose of visit, educational level and past experience.

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  • The production of industrial chemicals and plastics has increased considerably in recent years (Fig. 3). The plastics industry alone directly employs 1.2 million people, and supports 20,000 facilities that produce plastic goods for sale. With- out the billions of dollars on research and development in plastics we would be without many of the now commonly accepted objects that we tend to take for granted.

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  • You will need to decide upon your accounting date – that is, the date to which your accounts are drawn up. Enter the first day covered by the accounts in box 3.4 (or 8) and your accounting date in box 3.5 (or 9). You can choose any convenient date, for example, the anniversary of the date you began your business or , in a seasonal business, a date when trade is slack and stocks are low. You are entitled to change to a different date if you want to. However , whatever date you choose, you will find your tax is easier to work out if...

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  • Here's something else about Scot and Monalisa: they both used body-doubles for other roles around then (Scot didn't want to get his knob out in a 3D production of Equus, while Monalisa was paranoid about the spots on her back and demanded a double for her role in Bikini Trouble in Little Blackpool). Those body-doubles -- Dan Cohen and Alana Dinova -- were in another film, even stupider than Bikini Trouble, called Summer Heat. And in Summer Heat, they got their hairy bits into serious play.

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  • Now the argument is that we cannot appropriately appreciate what we do not understand. Science understands how landscapes came to be and how they now function as communities of life. But people, too, form their communities of life; humans cannot appropriately appreciate what they do not stand-under, that is, undergo; and the scientist qua scientist does not objectively undergo any such experience. That requires persons sensitively encountering land- scapes, evaluating them, making a living on them, rebuilding them, responding to them.

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  • The accuracy of the cytologic examination from any body site depends greatly on the quality of collection, preparation, staining and interpretation of the material. Inadequacy in any of these steps will adversely affect the quality of diagnostic cytology. Diagnostic accuracy and reliability are major issues in cytology practice.

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  • given high levels of illiteracy and isolation, the level of knowledge about health risks related to pregnancy and childbirth are low and hardly informed by modern medical practices. there is poor demand for, and mistrust of, preventive services such as vaccination and birth spacing. Poverty, illiteracy and the low value placed on women’s health, lack of female decision-making power over their own health, and social and cultural norms associated with reproduction adversely affect decisions to seek health care and positive outcomes for mother and child.

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  • Data on organic production was obtained from two sources. As a first step data was gathered from organic certifying organisations. The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, Biological Farmers of Australia/Australian Certified Organic, Tasmanian Organic- Dynamic Producers and Safe Food Production Queensland provided data. The data gathered from certifiers has a number of limitations. Firstly, only the certifying organisations that charge a levy based on sales were able to supply data on farm production. The data that was provided is not consistent and often incomplete.

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  • Retention of logs for purposes of audit is mandated by the LCG Audit Requirements document . Sufficient information should be retained to enable a complete trace from resource usage back to initial user authentication. This information can be useful for troubleshooting purposes and may also be needed in the investigation of security incidents as described in the Agreement on Incident Response document . Care should be taken to ensure that the logs gathered are securely archived and the integrity of these archives is guaranteed and access appropriately restricted. ...

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  • Third, federal funds borrowed have historically been distinguished from other liabilities of depository institutions because they have been exempt from both reserve requirements and interest rate ceilings. 2 The supply of and demand for federal funds arise in large part as a means of efficiently distributing reserves throughout the banking system. On any given day, individual depository institutions may be either above or below their desired reserve positions.

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  • We actually create nothing of our ourselves—we merely use the creative force that activates us. And when we draw we are not using the left brain to record facts, we have shifted gears and are now using the right brain to create a little one picture story. With, of course, the facts that the left brain collected and named and itemized in former study periods. This is not a study period; this is a show and tell period (time we are not studying). Do you feel that you are too limited in knowledge? Robert Henri, that great teacher of art said...

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  • Key informants were used to gather information rather than attempting to use any uniform or predefi ned source of data. This was done in an effort to obtain information from the individual(s) thought to be most informed about the available resources in their countries. Using key informants does create the potential of lack of uniformity and reliability; however, several strategies were used to minimize these.

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  • Each of the case-studies reported on how increased donor support for health has made it difficult for MOHs to successfully argue for additional domestic sources of revenue for the sector – each site experienced this dilemma to varying degrees. The findings of the case-study in Malawi show increases in development assistance to the health sector occurring at the same time as government- wide budget allocations to health were reduced or shifted to other line ministries.

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  • The loans discussed in this paper are only some of the many forms of credit available to consumers in the Philippines, including consumer loans provided by informal institutions, social security agencies, cooperatives, employee associations and non-banks. However, we are unable to discuss these other forms of consumer credit in this paper due to a serious dearth of data. In this regard, the BSP continues to lobby for the establishment of a central credit information system so as to improve discipline in the credit markets.

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  • Since the 1997 Asian financial crisis, bond market development has become a high priority for Asian policymakers. The development of local currency bond markets has often been seen as a way to avoid crisis, with these markets helping reduce potential currency and maturity mismatches in the economy. Indeed, several Asian economies have succeeded in developing fairly active primary and secondary markets in domestic government bonds. In recent years, policymakers in many Asian economies have started to turn their attention to local currency non-government (“corporate”) bond markets.

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  • The conventional political scientist’s understanding of power sharing does not make so firm a distinction between tiny and great power sharing, but rather addresses the formal method. It is best summarised in the remarkable forty years’ work by Arndt Lijphart 11 He argues that proportional representation, together with consensual, consociational, negotiated inclusions of as many points of view as possible, are essential in what he calls “divided societies”. In short, political settlement in “divided societies” should come as close to a government of national unity as is practicable.

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  • The initial euphoria created by liberalisation and scam-induced spurt in share prices helped mobilisation of large amount of resources from the market. Far from raising resources directly from the investors, companies, for the past few years have been, however, resorting to private placements and borrowings (Table-I). Households on their part have been denouncing corporate securities (Table-II). The primary market is practically dry (Table-III). There was, however, a brief upswing in 2000 when the so-called new economy stocks flooded the market with many issues of dubious quality.

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  • This paper employs a novel mood variable, international soccer results, to investigate the effect of investor sentiment on asset prices. Using a cross-section of 39 countries, we find that losses in soccer matches have an economically and statistically significant negative effect on the losing country’s stock market. For example, elimination from a major international soccer tournament is associated with a next-day return on the national stock market index that is 38 basis points lower than average. We also document a loss effect after international cricket, rugby, and basket- ball games.

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  • A third empirical issue which has been raised is the correlation between stock return volatility and stock expected returns. Merton (1980) postulated that expected stock market return should be positively related with the variance of market return (and proportional to it). However, the empirical evidence is not conclusive. French, Schwert and Stambaugh (1987) and Campbell and Hentschel (1992) …nd this correlation to be positive, while Turner, Starz and Nelson (1989), Glosten, Jangannathan and Runkle (1993) and Nelson (1991) …nd this correlation to be negative.

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