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  • Cisco Unity Connection presents all the concepts and techniques you need to successfully plan, design, implement, and maintain Cisco Unity Connection voice messaging systems. For every stage of the system lifecycle, enterprise voice expert David Schulz offers clear explanations, practical examples, realistic case studies, and best-practice solutions.

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  • Systems-Level Architecture Analysis The objective of this chapter is to give the reader practice in addressing software-radio architecture issues at the systems level. The study of systemslevel software-radio architecture is first motivated with a realistic case study. The case study includes the critical parameters of most radio architectures. The analysis focuses on those aspects that are significant for software-radio architecture. The balance of the chapter develops the issues raised in the case study. I.

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  • The system of three-dimensional hydrodynamic-environmental models could simulate full advection and dispersion processes of the dissolved and particulate matter as suspended sediment and all oil phases in the realistic marine conditions. The hydrodynamic model provides temperature, salinity and current structure and water level. These variables will be used in the environmental model simulating the advection and diffusion processes for suspended matter concentration, bottom sediment thickness and all oil spill phases in the water and bottom sediment.

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  • The project was characterised by high uncertainty, since neither cost nor time could be accurately estimated. Times of completion were based on probabilities: optimistic, pessimistic, and most likely. This led to what has come to be known as the programme evaluation review technique (PERT). Later a new methodology known as project planning and scheduling (PPS) was introduced in the private sector. PPS required realistic estimates of cost and time, and was considered more definitive than PERT.

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  • Healthcare professionals should offer radical prostatectomy or radical radiotherapy (conformal) to men with intermediate-risk localised prostate cancer. Healthcare professionals should offer radical prostatectomy or radical radiotherapy (conformal) to men with high-risk localised prostate cancer where there is a realistic prospect of long-term disease control (see recommendations in Chapter 6). Brachytherapy is not recommended for men with high-risk localised prostate cancer.

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  • Much of enzyme kinetics builds on simplifications enabled by the quasi-steady-state approximation and is highly useful when the concentration of the enzyme is much lower than that of its substrate. However, in vivo, this condition is often violated. In the present study, we show that, under con-ditions of realistic yet high enzyme concentrations, the quasi-steady-state approximation may readily be off by more than a factor of four when pre-dicting concentrations.

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  • The easiest way to increase your savings is to increase your income. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your revenue by improving your number one revenue generator, yourself. 1. Increase your income by asking for raise: In the majority of cases your employer will not give you a raise (or the raise you really want) unless you ask for it. But before doing so you need to take an objective look at yourself and the marketplace for employees with similar skill in similar roles. Before approaching your boss yourself the following: a. Do you realistically deserve a...

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  • Real and Ideal--these are the handy terms, admiring or disapproving, which criticism claps with random facility on to every imaginable school. This artist or group of artists goes in for the real--the upright, noble, trumpery, filthy real; that other artist or group of artists seeks after the ideal--the ideal which may mean sublimity or platitude. We summon every living artist to state whether he is a realist or an idealist; we classify all dead artists as realists or idealists; we treat the matter as if it were one of almost moral importance.

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  • Reducing language model (LM) size is a critical issue when applying a LM to realistic applications which have memory constraints. In this paper, three measures are studied for the purpose of LM pruning. They are probability, rank, and entropy. We evaluated the performance of the three pruning criteria in a real application of Chinese text input in terms of character error rate (CER). We first present an empirical comparison, showing that rank performs the best in most cases. We also show that the high-performance of rank lies in its strong correlation with error rate. ...

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