Realized volatility

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  • In this paper we evaluate alternative volatility forecasting methods under Value at Risk (VaR) modelling. We calculate one-step-ahead forecasts of daily VaR for the WIG20 index quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange within the period from 2007 to 2011.

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  • Volatility forecasting is crucial for option pricing, risk management and portfolio management. Nowadays, volatility has become the subject of trading. There are now exchange-traded contracts written on volatility. Financial market volatility also has a wider impact on financial regulation, monetary policy and macroeconomy.

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  • Pollution prevention. IPPC presumes the use of preventative techniques before any consideration of end-of-pipe control techniques. Many pollution prevention techniques can be applied to LVOC processes and Section 5.2 describes them in terms of source reduction (preventing waste arisings by modifications to products, input materials, equipment and procedures), recycling and waste minimisation initiatives. Air pollutant control.

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  • Fragility in the Fourth Quadrant can be re-expressed as “concavity to errors,” where losses from uncertain events vastly exceed possible profits from it over short horizons. One class of investment strate- gies that typically have this property are so-called “short volatility” trading strategies or positions (e.g. such as naked put-writing), which are often manifest in “carry trades.

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