Recognizing reality

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  • This book is my attempt to come to terms with the country I love. I fi rst came here in September of 1958. I had worked my way over as a dish washer on the passenger ship Arosa Sky. We steamed into New York harbor. I saw the Statue of Liberty. Someone met me at the dock and took me to the Trailways depot to put me on a bus to Austin, Texas. Did I want a return ticket, valid for a year? I said yes. The man at the window began to write the ticket. I thought about it and said to my guide: No, one...

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  • Who doesn’t want to be rich . . . or at least more financially secure than they are now? As Gertrude Stein once famously said, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. It’s better to be rich.” And so have I. From dead broke to worse. And then from okay to affluent to more-than-enough.

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  • Both arts and sciences and public health should share in fostering and developing an educated citizenry. Such citizens should be able to recognize the spectrum of global health challenges and exercise intellectual and practical skills in response. As LEAP recommends, well-educated citizens ought to be prepared to accept personal and social responsibility and demonstrate capacity to synthesize, integrate, and apply their learning.

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  • The decision-making process is at the core of ethics and medicine. Family physicians in residency training spend three years learning to make decisions with, for and about patients and their health care. Most of these daily decisions have potential ethical implications. Competent family physicians must be able to recognize the ethical considerations in the care of patients in both in- and out-patient settings.

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  • Success in writing and winning grants comes through practice-based effort, sustained enthusiasm, tenacity, and a commitment to turn temporary set- backs (i.e., proposal rejections) into renewed efforts and grant awards. Few educators or librarians begin their professional careers prepared to par- ticipate in the grant seeking process. As their careers evolve, they recognize and understand economic realities. Without supplemental funding, schools and their media centers are often forced to choose between essential and desirable programs.

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  • Recognizes opportunities; envisions how to change the game, and enrolls others to make it happen Creates environment for others to contribute fully Faces reality; owns complexity; makes tough choices; anticipates and addresses barriers

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  • Thank you for taking the time to look over eBay Timesaving Techniques For Dummies, my latest For Dummies book about eBay. This book is loaded with advanced tricks, effective methods, and clever tidbits of information aimed at helping you take better advantage of your time and potential on eBay. When you started out on eBay, you may have had the inkling that perhaps you could actually earn a living on the site. Then reality set in, and you recognized how all the facets of buying and selling on eBay take a bit more work than you previously expected. Of course they do!...

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  • Since the issue of urban poverty cuts at the heart of social policy in the United States, it is not surprising that ideology plays a substantial role in many of the debates about it. The hypotheses often reflect ideological, as well as empirical, social science debates. This is unavoidable. Nonetheless, the focal point of this article is not on ideology but rather on what may reasonably be claimed to be known about inner-city poverty. Ideology may well be critical to the decision about what to believe and what policies are to be preferred.

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  • This book describes the object-oriented (OO) paradigm, a development strategy based on the concept that systems should be built from a collection of reusable components called objects. Instead of separating data and functionality, as is done in the structured paradigm, objects encompass both. While the object-oriented paradigm sounds similar to the structured paradigm, as you will see in this book, it is actually quite different.

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  • We want to acknowledge first the forebears of these books, the men and women who across many thousands of years have descended into dark caves, led community rituals, and explored consciousness-altering plants in order to encounter anew the world and their selves. We recognize our pioneers in Plato in the West, Pantanjali in the East, and other exemplars of first-rate intellects who laid the groundwork for integrating the insights of alterations of consciousness into our views of reality.

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  • Reproductive rights are internationally recognized as critical both for advancing women’s human rights and for promoting development. In recent years, governments from all over the world have acknowledged and pledged to advance reproductive rights to an unprecedented degree.

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  • We recognize many managers may not be able to pick and choose their team, but if at all possible, the first practical step in building a collaborative team is selecting team members with the right attitude and complemen- tary skills. Particularly, if the organization has not worked with XP before, the team members should be people who are adaptable and willing to try new ways of working, although having a few non-believers can have its advantages. In theory, XP teams have no experts – all developers work on all aspects. In reality, sometimes experts are needed when the team...

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  • The global economy is coming under growing pressure to pay for the restoration of damaged environments. But this economic engine is being asked to help solve other pressing problems at the same time. The challenge is to solve all of these problems in a sustainable manner, so as to generate continuing development. Despite ambiguities about definitions, there is now widespread support for sustainable development principles within the business community.

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  • A silent killer maneuvers just below the surface of almost all the health issues that will lead to death and disease in the 21st century. The U.S. population faces well-recognized health risks, including chronic diseases, environmental degradation, and natural and manmade disasters, but the silent killer is less diagnosed and remains essentially untreated. The silent killer is low health literacy: the reality that almost half of adults in the United States, over 90 million people, struggle to find, understand, and correctly use health information....

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  • This approach offers a vision of school education within which health education seems to fit very well. The vision goes far beyond preparing young people to be economically productive or simply seeing education as some form of specialized training to meet government priorities. In many countries people recognize that the wider ethos and social climate of the school is important as a context for learn- ing in the classroom. This is compatible with a broad view of health and provides opportunities to explore its social and mental health dimensions.

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