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  • Agriculture is the mainstay sector of the country‟s economy. Now a day‟s various technologies, innovative ideas have ensured the development of agriculture. The farmers are not following the newer as well as innovative practices because of the lack of interest, lack of awareness and lack of training on the particular technology. Every agricultural Extension Scientists try to reduce the farmer‟s problem, even though lacks are there, to transfer the technology from the lab to land. Krishi Vigyan Kendra is India‟s innovative institution to transfer the technology at the grass root level.

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  • The present study was conducted in Parbhani, Nanded and Osmanabad districts of Maharashtra state with specific objectives; to study the extent of adoption of recommended practices disseminated through Agricultural Polyclinics among the respondents. Total 150 beneficiary respondents were interviewed for the study.

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  • The present study was conducted on technological gap in adoption of recommended practices of loose flowers in Tamil Nadu. The study was carried out in Krishnagiri, Salem and Tiruvannamalai districts of Tamil Nadu. Six villages (2 villages from each district) were selected based on the criteria of maximum area under rose, Chrysanthemum and Tuberose cultivation. Further, lack of awareness about the recommended varieties, lack of availability of skilled labours and high cost in adopting the practices were expressed as reasons for technological gap in loose flower cultivation.

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  • The recommendations in this document apply to transportation of API 5L steel line pipe by ship or barge. Covers both inland and marine waterways, except in cases where the specific requirement of a paragraph in this document references only marine or only inland waterway transport.

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  • The present work was to determine the extent of adoption of recommended package of practices of major vegetable crops in flood prone areas of Lakhimpur District of Assam. The study area covered the North Lakhimpur and Narayanpur agricultural sub-divisions of the district and 60 vegetable growers from 4 flood prone villages constituted the sample size.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Growing pains: contemporary knowledge and recommended practice Angela M Evans...

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  • Aviation medicine with principles and practice: Part 1 present the content: introduction, the history and development of aviation medicine Viktor Harsch; international standards and requirements, Icao international medical standards and recommended practices Claus Curdt-Christiansen, federal Aviation administration — Aviation medicine, joint aviation authorities (JAA) and European aviation safety agency (EASA) — medical requirements for pilots in Europe; physiology and radiation, fundamentals of aviation physiology, cosmic radiation exposure of flight crews; prevention, physiology and patho...

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  • The non-availability of a standardized scale to measure the farmers‟ knowledge level influenced the researchers to construct a test for measuring the knowledge on recommended tomato production package of practices. Pertinent items were collected covering all aspects from the crop production guide developed by the Department of Horticulture, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. After getting jury opinion on the items, test index of item difficulty, index of item discrimination and point biserial correlation for the items were worked out. All these were taken in to account to arrive at the final scale.

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  • The present study was undertaken in year 2014 and 2015 to study the factors affecting adoption of Maize cultivation practices in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir. There were 160 Gram panchayats, 385 villages and 4 towns viz. Rajouri, Thanamandi, Nowshera and Sunderbani. The district constitutes 8.81 percent of the geographical area of the state. There are 7 revenue tehsils viz; Rajouri, Thanamandi, Nowshera, Sunderbani, Budhal and Darhal with a total of 9 revenue blocks in district Rajouri.

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  • The finding of the study revealed that the assessed technology of T2- Pacciliomyces 10 kg/ha reduced the percentage of nematodes incidence and yield was increased recorded highest average yield (43.37 q/ha) as compared to recommended practice and farmers practice. The results of economic analysis revealed that on farm trials (OFTs) recorded highest average net return of Rs. 43,330 Rs. /ha with highest average benefit cost ratio (3.52) as compared to the recommended practice & farmers practice (Control).

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  • This study was undertaken to assess the knowledge of recommended practices of chilli cultivation and problems faced by the growers and ex-growers of selected districts of Punjab. A list of chilli growers in each selected village having minimum of half acre of land under chilli was prepared and a proportionate sample of two hundred chilli growers was selected by proportionate random sampling method.

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  • (BQ) This new edition of Highly Recommended has been completely revised to take account of innovations and changing practices within the sector. Highly Recommended 1 provide students with simple, functional language for dealing with customers and colleagues in a variety of situations, from taking reservations to dealing with complaints. Invite you to refer.

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  • A soft ground condition exists whenever construction loads a cohesive foundation soil beyond its preconsolidation stress, as often occurs with saturated clays and silts having SPT blow counts that are near zero. The paper recommends testing programs, testing methods and data interpretation techniques for developing design parameters for settlement and stability analyses. It hopes to move the state-of-practice closer to the state-of-the-art and thus is intended for geotechnical practitioners and teachers rather than researchers.

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  • Introduction: Bromisovalum (α-bromoisovalerylurea, bromovalerylurea, Brovarin) ( Figure 5.1) has long been being used as a hypnotics or sedative since many years ago. It is not only prescribed as an ethical drug, but also contained in some analgesic- antipyretics and hypnotics being sold as over-the-counter drugs. Because of the easiness of getting it, bromisovalum is one of the most important drugs in poisoning in Japan. The analysis of bromisovalum is being made by GC [1, 2], GC/MS [3], HPLC [4, 5] and LC/MS [6–8].

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  • I was familiar with some of the practices mentioned since I own other books from the Pragmatic Bookshelf, but this book brings a lot of those ideas together and presents them in a clear, concise, organized format. I would highly recommend this book to a new developer or to a development team that wanted to get “agile.” Scott Splavec Senior Software Engineer With agile practices spreading across the industry, there is a growing need to understand what it really means to be “agile.” This book is a concise and practical guide to becoming just that.

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  • Invite you to consult "Student practice test booklet Grade 5: Mathematics", with this quiz will help you review the knowledge learned, had the opportunity to assess their capabilities. I wish you success in the upcoming exam.

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  • Pro .NET Best Practices is a practical reference to the best practices that you can apply to your .NET projects today. You will learn standards, techniques, and conventions that are sharply focused, realistic and helpful for achieving results, steering clear of unproven, idealistic, and impractical recommendations.

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  • The NFPA Standards Council established the Disaster Management Committee in January 1991. The committee was given the responsibility for developing documents relating to pre- paredness for, response to, and recovery from disasters resulting from natural, human, or technological events. The first document that the committee focused on was NFPA1600, Recommended Practice for Disaster Management. NFPA 1600 was presented to the NFPA membership at the 1995 Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. That effort produced the 1995 edition of NFPA 1600.

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  • Between January 2006 and February 2008, AMS Compliance provided its results from five investigations of certified organic operations to NOP. Although they recommended that NOP officials take enforcement actions against these operations, we found that NOP did not respond to these in a timely or effective manner. In addition, in those cases where enforcement actions were issued, NOP did not monitor the organic operations to ensure compliance with those actions.

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  • Pervious Concrete Practical Application of Pervious Concrete: Mix Designs that are workable products What is Pervious Concrete? Why use Pervious? How is it designed? Recommendations; , Placement, Durability of pervious, Strength of the Mix,...

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