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  • Wildlife recreation ¿- hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching- ¿ appears to be an increasingly important pastime for many Americans as people continue to increase their spending on wildlife recreation. Land lease and ownership expenditures by wildlife recreation participants are rising and appear to be capitalized into farmland values. This report analyzes the impact of hunting lease rates on farmland values in Texas. The results indicate that counties with higher wildlife recreation income streams have higher land values. ...

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  • We should all be prospectors of happiness. There are those who discover it in the solitudes of the mountains where freedom is breathed in the air that touches the lofty .peaks. Others find it in the depths of the forest in the songs of the birds, of the brook, of the trees. Most of us must find it in the daily walks of life where the seeking is ofttimes difficult. Nevertheless, there it is in the manufactured glory of the city, in the voices of children, and in the hearts and faces of men. Happiness becomes a habit with some;...

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  • Although there are myriad possible moral and clinical objections to such a show. Intervention seems to be the next step in a growing wave of media products using addiction and recovery as plot devices. Several recent American television shows, such as The Sopranos, Dawson's Creek, and Law and Order, include central characters seeking recovery from substance abuse through clinical treatment and support groups.

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  • The agency or organization that administers the sculpture needing conservation usually has specific contracting procedures. In state, county, and municipal governments these procedures may pose particular challenges, especially if they require a sealed bid process in which cost is the only selection criterion. In some communities, the care of public sculpture and monuments may be assigned to agencies that maintain parks and recreational facilities, highways, or government office buildings.

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