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  • PURSUANT to special summons, a meeting of this Institution was held at St John's on the 12th day of January 1828; the Honourable A.W. Desbarres, Vice-Patron, in the chair.

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  • The conquest of Canada was an event of momentous consequence in American history. It changed the political aspect of the continent, prepared a way for the independence of the British colonies, rescued the vast tracts of the interior from the rule of military despotism, and gave them, eventually, to the keeping of an ordered democracy. Yet to the red natives of the soil its results were wholly disastrous. Could the French have maintained their ground, the ruin of the Indian tribes might long have been postponed; but the victory of Quebec was the signal of their swift decline.

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  • Con Voi range in Vietnam was a southeastward continuity of the Red River Ailaoshan tertiary shear zone, a boundary between Indochina and south China blocks during the southeastward extrusion of Indochina block. It composed of high grade metamorphic and strongly deformed rocks with various protoliths. The foliation and schistosity folded to produce a large antiform structure during the late phase of ductile deformation and exhumation.

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  • In the past, doctors took the old saying “You are what you eat” literally. They fi gured you got fat from eating fat and cholesterol buildup in your arteries from eating cholesterol. In the 1960s, scientists discovered a link between high blood cholesterol levels and heart disease and made an assumption that changed the way Americans ate for decades. They assumed, without proof, that high blood cholesterol came from eating too much cholesterol. Soon government agencies began telling people to eat fewer eggs and dairy products and less red meat.

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  • A great English writer[1] in a lecture on America and the Americans said that when an American gets to heaven he will not be satisfied unless he can move farther west. [Footnote 1: Charles Dickens.] He said this because it has been so much the custom of our people to "move West." It is not so common now as it was a few years ago because the great public lands, free to those who would settle on them or plant trees, are mostly occupied. The Lincoln family a couple of hundred years ago first "moved west" from England to Massachusetts; then they moved west again to Pennsylvania;...

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  • A privateer was leaving Genoa on a certain June morning in 1461, and crowds of people had gathered on the quays to see the ship sail. Dark-hued men from the distant shores of Africa, clad in brilliant red and yellow and blue blouses or tunics and hose, with dozens of glittering gilded chains about their necks, and rings in their ears, jostled sun-browned sailors and merchants from the east, and the fairer-skinned men and women of the north.

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  • It was during the lifetime of Robert Boyle that our forefathers began to come into close contact with the races and nationalities of the outer world. When he was born in County Cork in the year 1627, small and isolated bands of Englishmen were elbowing Red Indians from the eastern sea-board of North America; before his death in London in 1691, at the age of sixty-four, he had seen these pioneer bands become united into a British fringe stretching almost without a break from Newfoundland to Florida. Neither he nor any one else in England could then have guessed...

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  • Containing the Name, Residence, and Occupation of Every Citizen of the County, with a Condensed Sketch of Kaskaskia and Prairie Du Rocher, Commencing with Their Indian History : a Sketch of Chester, Sparta, Red Bud, Liberty, Steelesville, Eden, Evansville, Coulterville, LaFayette, Preston, Florence, Shiloh, Hill, Randolph and Camptown : Also, a Condensed Sketch of Randolph County from the Time of Its Organization with Brief Notes of the Pioneer Settlers

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  • Their hardened hooves and lighter bones enable them to endure long migrations. These adaptive attributes have facilitated their importation and spread by Indian and Arabian merchants across the Red Sea to the drier agro-ecological regions of the Horn of Africa (Loftus and Cunningham 2000). The Large East African Zebu cattle breeds, like the present-day Boran of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, and the Butana and Kenana of the Sudan have very similar morphological characteristics to that of the zebu breeds of Asia. They are maintained by mainly pastoral communities in the Horn of Africa....

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  • During the centuries which had elapsed since the entry of the Spaniards and Portuguese into these regions an extraordinary fusion of races had taken place. White, red, and black had mingled to such an extent that the bulk of the settled population became half-caste. Only in the more temperate regions of the far north and south, where the aborigines were comparatively few or had disappeared altogether, did the whites remain racially distinct. Socially the Indian and the negro counted for little.

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