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  • "When I decided to look, I found more love and compassion than I ever imagined existed. Most significantly, I found forgiveness. I might even call it redemption." On July 4, 1990, eighteen-year-old Stacey Lannert shot and...

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  • Break-even point: Điểm hòa vốn Business entity concept: Nguyên tắc doanh nghiệp là một thực thể Business purchase: Mua lại doanh nghiệp Calls in arrear: Vốn gọi trả sau Capital: Vốn Authorized capital: Vốn điều lệ Called-up capital: Vốn đã gọi Capital expenditure: Chi phí đầu tư Invested capital: Vốn đầu tư Issued capital: Vốn phát hành Uncalled capital: Vốn chưa gọi Working capital: Vốn lưu động (hoạt động) Capital redemption reserve: Quỹ dự trữ bồi hoàn vốn cổ phần Carriage: Chi phí vận chuyển a...

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  • Trả về lãi suất (hằng năm) của một chứng khoán có kỳ tính lãi (ngắn hạn hoặc dài hạn) cuối cùng là lẻ. Cú pháp: = ODDLYIELD(settlement, maturity, last_interest, rate, pr, redemption, frequency, basis) Settlement : Ngày kết toán chứng khoán, là một ngày sau ngày phát hành chứng khoán, khi chứng khoán được giao dịch với người mua.

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  • Với thủ tục này, bạn có thể gửi một tin nhắn được xác định trước như là một trả lời thư điện tử được lựa chọn. Lưu ý: Thủ tục này cung cấp mã sử dụng các đối tượng Redemption, yêu cầu cài đặt của các đối tượng COM Redemption.

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  • Thus, mutual funds, while going by a variety of names, are fairly comparable around the globe. 8 In this paper, we contrast mutual funds with other ways in which households might save and invest in financial assets, which we characterize broadly as “do-it-yourself (DIY)” and “opaque financial intermediaries.” Whereas a mutual fund is defined as a pooled diversified investment vehicle, “do-it- yourself” investments are direct investments by households in primary securities (bonds, stocks or cash).

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  • In the absence of further guidance on the relative importance of the two argu- ments, our prior about the relative smartness of institutional versus individual money f lows remains neutral.With regard to the direction ofmoney f lows, there are at least two reasons to believe that investors’ fund sells have a weaker as- sociation with future performance than their fund buys. First, the disposition effect discussed in Odean (1998) suggests that sell decisions are generally not optimallymade.

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  • The capital of the Fund is represented by issued and redeemable shares with no par value. The shares are entitled to distributions, if any, and to payment of a proportionate share based on the Fund’s NAV per share upon redemption. The Fund has no restrictions or specific capital requirements on the subscriptions and redemptions of shares except as disclosed in Note 8(a), if any. The relevant movements in capital are shown on the Statement of Changes in Net Assets.

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  • The run on prime MMMFs caused further disruption to already stressed short term corporate credit markets. Though many of the redemptions from prime MMMFs flowed into Treasury and Government MMMFs, and thus MMMF assets in aggregate fell less sharply than those of prime MMMFs, the Treasury and Government funds were not eligible to purchase many of the corporate issues that prime MMMFs were selling or ceasing to roll over.

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  • The mutual fund industry, beset by net redemptions by investors and adverse global and local market conditions, shrank by 1.6% in terms of assets under management during the year FY2011-2012. However, volatile market conditions in the last two years have led to net withdrawals by investors to the tune of 49,406 crore INR in FY 2010-11 and 22,023 crore INR in FY 2011-12, leading to a further drop in AuM, in addition to the drop caused by adverse market movements. The mutual fund industry is primarily debt-oriented with debt funds (including liquid funds) forming 64% of the AuM.

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  • Some of those shareholders kept a close watch on the Fund’s holdings and noticed a large position in broker Lehman Brothers. These investors—sensing that the brokerage firm might be in trouble— decided to take their money out of the fund. To meet their redemption requests, the fund sold other securities—with the unfortunate result that the problematic Lehman securities became an ever-larger portion of the remaining assets.

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  • This helpsheet will help you fill in boxes 4 to 11 in the ‘Life insurance gains’ section on page Ai 1 of the Additional Information pages of the tax return. It will help you decide which boxes you need to use and what you need to enter in those boxes. These notes are generally applicable to individuals, trustees and personal representatives of a deceased person unless the notes say otherwise. This helpsheet deals with chargeable event gains on UK life insurance policies, life annuities and capital redemption policies.

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  • The Company seeks to provide a comprehensive range of sub-funds with the purpose of spreading investment risk and satisfying the requirements of investors seeking income, capital conservation and growth. In carrying out the investment objectives of the Company, the Board of Directors at all times seeks to maintain an appropriate level of liquidity in the assets of the sub-funds so that redemptions of Shares under normal circumstances may be made without undue delay upon request by shareholders.

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  • The Management Company may decide to issue within a sub-fund Share Classes having a different reference currency (currency denomination) which denotes the currency in which the Net Asset Value per Share will be calculated. In principle, Share Classes may be issued in the following reference currencies: Euro, Hong Kong Dollar and Pound Sterling ("Share Class Reference Currencies"). Share Classes in other Share Class Reference Currencies may be available on application to the Company.

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  • The data is limited in some respects. We do not have information on total net assets, nor do we know the exact location of the portfolio manager, so we use the fund's legal domicile as a proxy for the manager's location. 9 We also have limited data on front-end and redemption loads, as well as total fund expense ratios. Moreover, we do not have data on many of the individual funds' expenses and fees, particularly during the early part of the sample (we searched for these data, and none of the major services{e.g., Morningstar{appear to have historical data covering our entire sample period).

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  • Shares of the Fund are offered for sale on a continuous basis and may be purchased or redeemed on any Valuation Date at the NAV per share of a particular series. The NAV per share of a series for the purposes of subscription or redemption is computed by dividing the NAV of the Fund attributable to the series (that is, the total fair value of the assets attributable to the series less the liabilities attributable to the series) by the total number of shares of the series of the Fund outstanding at such time.

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  • The Corporation is a mutual fund corporation as defined in the Income Tax Act (“Canada”) with a September 30th tax year-end. All of the outstanding share classes are aggregated in determining the tax position of the corporation as a whole. Interest and foreign income are taxed at corporate rates subject to permitted deductions for expenses. The taxable portion of net capital gains is subject to tax at corporate rates applicable to mutual fund corporations, but taxes paid thereon are refundable.

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  • The Fund’s exposure to liquidity risk is concentrated in the daily cash redemptions of shares. The Fund primarily invests in securities that are traded in active markets and can be readily disposed. In addition, the Fund retains sufficient cash and cash equivalent positions to maintain liquidity. The Fund may, from time to time, enter into over-the-counter derivative contracts or invest in unlisted securities, which are not traded in an organized market and may be illiquid.

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  • These simple measures of support do not take into account two very important factors. First, if support had not been provided to the funds, it is likely that increased investor redemptions would have resulted and reduced each fund’s AUM, thus magnifying the impact of the losses for remaining investors. 19 Second, the use of a 0.5% threshold is conservative because it assumes that there are no unsupported losses in each supported fund. For example, if a fund had a total combined realized and unrealized loss of 0.7%, support of only 0.

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  • The authorities have also led some policy initiatives to encourage investors to adopt new references moving away from short-term indexation. For example, the main securities exchange (BM&F Bovespa) introduced reference rates for 3 and 6 months aiming at extending the reference rate for investors. In February 2012, the National Treasury undertook securities exchange operations with Extramercado Funds5 in order to adjust their portfolio. The investment policy of these funds has been adjusted such that they must be referenced to one of the Anbima Market Indices (IMA).

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  • A central securities depository provides securities accounts, central safekeeping services, and asset services, which may include the administration of corporate actions and redemptions, and plays an important role in helping to ensure the integrity of securities issues (that is, ensure that securities are not accidentally or fraudulently created or destroyed or their details changed). A CSD can hold securities either in physical form (but immobilised) or in dematerialised form (that is, they exist only as electronic records).

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