Redundancy analysis

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  • In this paper, we put forward an information theoretic definition of the redundancy that is observed across the sound inventories of the world’s languages. Through rigorous statistical analysis, we find that this redundancy is an invariant property of the consonant inventories. The statistical analysis further unfolds that the vowel inventories do not exhibit any such property, which in turn points to the fact that the organizing principles of the vowel and the consonant inventories are quite different in nature. ...

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  • Long-span features, such as syntax, can improve language models for tasks such as speech recognition and machine translation. However, these language models can be difficult to use in practice because of the time required to generate features for rescoring a large hypothesis set. In this work, we propose substructure sharing, which saves duplicate work in processing hypothesis sets with redundant hypothesis structures.

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  • This chapter advocates six principles that characterize various approaches and techniques for analysis and testing: sensitivity, redundancy, restriction, partition, visibility, and feedback. Some of these principles, such as partition, visibility, and feedback, are quite general in engineering.

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  • This paper deals with the problem of inverse kinematics and dynamics of a measuring manipulator with kinematic redundancy which was designed and manufactured at Hanoi University of Technology for measuring the geometric tolerance of surfaces of machining components. A comparison between the calculation result and the experimental measurement is also presented.

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  • Peganum harmala L. (Zygophyllaceae), native to arid and semiarid rangeland, has been widely studied biochemically, pharmaceutically, and medicinally, but is largely unknown ecologically. In the lower Chelif, Algeria, this plant is largely present and shows a clear clumped pattern, which indicates the strong effects of environmental conditions

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  • In this paper, we propose an approach to discover a category of relevant association rules based on multi-criteria analysis. In other side, the general process of association rules extraction becomes more and more complex, to solve such problem, we also proposed a multi-agent system for modeling the different process of our proposed approach.

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  • Principal component analysis (PCA) and the closely related Karhunen-Lo` ve transe form, or the Hotelling transform, are classic techniques in statistical data analysis, feature extraction, and data compression, stemming from the early work of Pearson [364]. Given a set of multivariate measurements, the purpose is to find a smaller set of variables with less redundancy, that would give as good a representation as possible.

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  • Principal Component Analysis and Whitening Principal component analysis (PCA) and the closely related Karhunen-Lo` ve transe form, or the Hotelling transform, are classic techniques in statistical data analysis, feature extraction, and data compression, stemming from the early work of Pearson [364]. Given a set of multivariate measurements, the purpose is to find a smaller set of variables with less redundancy, that would give as good a representation as possible. This goal is related to the goal of independent component analysis (ICA).

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  • A plant nutrient is a chemical element that is essential for plant growth and reproduction. Essential element is a term often used to identify a plant nutrient. The term nutrient implies essentiality, so it is redundant to call these elements essential nutrients. Commonly, for an element to be a nutrient, it must fit certain criteria. The principal criterion is that the element must be required for a plant to complete its life cycle. The second criterion is that no other element substitutes fully for the element being considered as a nutrient.

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  • Two-way multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOV A) As shown in Table 8, for English listening comprehension, learners in the double mode group outperformed learners in the single mode group. For cognitive load, learners receiving single mode encountered a higher level than learners receiving double mode. As shown in Table 9, Wilk’s lambda showed a significant result, indicating that learners in both groups had significant differences in at least one dependent variable (English listening comprehension or cognitive load).

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Secure, Redundant, and Fully Distributed Key Management Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: An Analysis

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  • In modern engineering, as a basis of construction, arches have a diverse range of applications. Today the theory of arches has reached a level that is suitable for most engineering applications. Many methods pertaining to arch analysis can be found in scientific literature. However, most of this material is published in highly specialized journals, obscure manuals, and inaccessible books. This is not surprising, as the intensive development of arch theory, particularly stability and vibration have mostly occurred in the 1940s to the 1960s.

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  • This article is devoted to the study of redundancy and yield of salvage pathways in human erythrocytes. These cells are not able to synthesize ATPde novo. However, the salvage (recycling) of certain nucleosides or bases to give nucleotide triphosphates is operative. As the salvage pathways use enzymes consuming ATP as well as enzymes producing ATP, it is not easy to see whether a net synthesis of ATP is possible. As for pathways using adenosine, a straightforward assumption is that these pathways start with adenosine kinase....

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  • IIn the last 50 years, rangelands in the Central Anatolian Region of Turkey have been converted to cropping lands, which has negatively accelerated vegetation change, resulting in overgrazing and poor condition and productivity.

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  • Advanced planning in supply chain management is crucial in today’s competitive environment. The SCOR-model is an excellent tool to analyze, visualize, and discuss the structure of the supply chain, and to reveal redundancies and weaknesses. It enables the formulation of structural changes and strategies to improve the performance of the supply chain as a whole.

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  • Objectives of the thesis: The thesis will focus on studying the dynamic behavior of a planar mechanism which has one or more elastic bars, such as calculating the elastic deformation of the links, and assessing the effect of the deformation back on the movement of the structure during the work. The ultimate goal is to help minimize the negative impact of the elastic vibrations as well as limiting the elastic vibrations.

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  • This textbook introduces sparse and redundant representations with a focus on applications in signal and image processing. The theoretical and numerical foundations are tackled before the applications are discussed. Mathematical modeling for signal sources is discussed along with how to use the proper model for tasks such as denoising, restoration, separation, interpolation and extrapolation, compression, sampling, analysis and synthesis, detection, recognition, and more. The presentation is elegant and engaging.

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  • Organizing use cases and usage scenarios represents a necessary process of eliminating redundancies in large amounts of information. Analysis is an iterative process in which you gradually create structure in the information provided by different sources of information. In this activity, you will group the use cases you created in Module 5 by actors and actions. Then you will eliminate redundancies in both sets of use cases. Finally, you will review the usage scenarios to determine if there are task sequences that should be consolidated as usage scenarios under a new use case. ...

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  • We develop a novel approach to the semantic analysis of short text segments and demonstrate its utility on a large corpus of Web search queries. Extracting meaning from short text segments is difficult as there is little semantic redundancy between terms; hence methods based on shallow semantic analysis may fail to accurately estimate meaning. Furthermore search queries lack explicit syntax often used to determine intent in question answering.

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  • This paper presents an unsupervised relation extraction method for discovering and enhancing relations in which a specified concept in Wikipedia participates. Using respective characteristics of Wikipedia articles and Web corpus, we develop a clustering approach based on combinations of patterns: dependency patterns from dependency analysis of texts in Wikipedia, and surface patterns generated from highly redundant information related to the Web. Evaluations of the proposed approach on two different domains demonstrate the superiority of the pattern combination over existing approaches. ...

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