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  • Computational approaches to discourse understanding have a two-part goal: (1) to identify those aspects of terms referm here, meaning "refer in a model", and referentm, for the entity in the model picked out by the linguistic expression. The basic features of a discourse entity are that (a) it is a constant within the current discourse model and that Co) one can attribute to it, inter alia, properties and relationships with other entities. (It is for this reason that Bill Woods once called them "conceptual coat hooks".

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  • Certain spans of utterances in a discourse, referred to here as segments, are widely assumedto form coherent units. Further, the segmental structure of discourse has been claimed to constrain and be constrained by many phenomena. However, there is weak consensus on the nature of segments and the criteria for recognizing or generating them. We present quantitative results of a two part study using a corpus of spontaneous, narrative monologues. The first part evaluates the statistical reliability of human segmentation of our corpus, where speaker intention is the segmentation criterion. ...

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  • We propose a mapping between prosodic phenomena and semantico-pragmatic effects based upon the hypothesis t h a t intonation conveys information about the intentional as well as the attentional s t r u c t u r e of discourse.

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  • This paper deals with the reference choices involved in the generation of argumentative text. Since a natual segmentation of discourse into attentional spaces is needed to carry out this task, this paper first proposes an architecture for natural language generation that combines hierarchical planning and focus-guided navigation, a work in its own right. While hierarchical planning spans out an attentional hierarchy of the discourse produced, local navigation fills details into the primitive discourse spaces.

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  • The paper presents a computational theory for resolving Japanese zero anaphora, based on the notion of discourse segment. We see that the discourse segment reduces the domain of antecedents for zero anaphora and thus leads to their efficient resolution. Also we make crucial use of functional notions such as empathy hierarchy and minimal semantics thesis to resolve reference for zero anaphora [Kuno, 1987]. Our al)proach differs from the Centering analysis [Walker et al.

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