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  • As the Navy builds the last of its Nimitz-class carriers, it asked RAND to study the trade-offs involved in accelerating the production of its new CVN 21 carrier while hastening the retirement of some of the Nimitz fleet. What are the trade-offs involved in terms of cost, capability, and fleet size? RAND researchers looked at the Navy

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  • The world as man knows it today is getting smaller and smaller because of technology such as the Internet and high speed modems. In fact, on March 3, 2005, a man flew entirely around the globe without refueling or stopping in a one-person jet. The world is changing the world, and as the 21st century continues, the global economy will play a larger and larger role. As Thomas Friedman so eloquently put it in Lexus and the Olive Tree, globalization is "the inexorable integration of markets, nation-states, and technologies to a degree never witnessed before."...

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  • 28 Present State and Future Trends in Mechanical Systems Design for Robot Application 28.1 28.2 Martin Hägele Fraunhofer Institute Introduction Industrial Robots Definition and Applications of Industrial Robots • Robot Kinematic Design • Industrial Robot Application 28.3 Service Robots From Industrial Robots to Service Robots • Examples of Service Robot Systems • Case Study: A Robot System for Automatic Refueling Rolf Dieter Schraft Fraunhofer Institute 28.

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  • FIGURE 28.30 End-effector for automatic refueling. (From Leondes, C.T., Mechatronic Systems Techniques and Applications, Vol. 2, Gordon & Breach, Amsterdam, 2000. With permission.)

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  • Of course the Deepwater Horizon oil spill served as a reminder that we must develop our domestic energy resources both safely and responsibly. Eleven men died and Americans watched as nearly five million barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. Subsequent reviews exposed significant weaknesses in the regulatory process and an industry unduly complacent about the safety of offshore oil and gas development.

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