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  • The Portfolio Improvement Program (PIP) was launched by the World Bank about a year ago to improve the performance of its project portfo- lio. Within that review, the performance of social funds was evaluated for such things as efficiency, targeting, and sustainability. As the largest multilateral development finance agency, the World Bank lends about US$20 billion annually for development all over the world. Its portfolio of 1,500 projects under implementation accounts for close to US$120 billion of commitment on the part of the World Bank.

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  • The retirement crisis will have significant repercussions. As older Americans transition out of the workforce, either voluntarily or involuntarily, many will find that they cannot afford basic living expenses. They will be forced to make the difficult choice between putting food on the table and buying their medication. The retirement crisis will put an enormous strain on our families, our communities, and our social safety net.

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  • It's a really hot summer day many years ago. I have learned how to get two items at the grocery store. In those days, I was a regular access to supermarkets because it seems never enough money to buy food for a week all at once. You see, my young wife, after a disastrous battle with cancer, has died only a few months earlier. No insurance - just many expenses and a mountain of bills.

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  • 48 Understanding the Numbers from those that have been or are being discontinued. Only the discontinuance of operations that constitute a separate and complete segment of the business have normally been reported in this special section. The current segmentreporting standard, SFAS 131, Disclosures about Segments of an Enterprise and Related Information, identifies the following as characteristics of a segment: 1.

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  • One of the toughest jobs facing Information Technology (IT) professionals is creating, managing, and maintaining the many Images that are required in our enterprise Networks. Each hardware platform requires a separate image due to the confines of the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) which governs each hardware type. The cost of imaging has been described by Network Managers as the “single most expensive task that is performed on a regular basis by Administrators” (Center for Internet Computing) to keep their networks up and running.

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  • If you aren’t a regular reader of these publications, bor- row or purchase a few issues to determine the one that best suits your needs. Comparing costs may help. But sometimes the more expensive ad will produce better results, so examine your choices carefully. Talking with other collectors who have placed ads will often give you insight into the best choice.

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  • In addition, providing coverage for children today means potentially spending less for adult health care down the road. Children who receive regular check-ups and are taught to embrace preventive care have an improved chance of becoming healthy adults with medical needs less expensive than what they would be otherwise. For example, an obese child may receive family-centered nutritional counseling to assist in learning better eating habits and other lifestyle changes to reduce his or her weight, potentially preventing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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  • Active follow-up usually means that the registry attempts to contact physi- cians or patients on a regular basis to see if the patient is still alive. Because this is expensive, many registries rely on passive follow-up, matching with death certificates and assuming patients are alive otherwise. Mixed systems use death certificates plus updating the ‘date last known alive’ from hospital admissions, consultations, and other sources of data. Active follow-up of the patients is usually very difficult in developing coun- tries.

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