Regulatory considerations

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  • We present an approach using syntactosemantic rules for the extraction of relational information from biomedical abstracts. The results show that by overcoming the hurdle of technical terminology, high precision results can be achieved. From abstracts related to baker’s yeast, we manage to extract a regulatory network comprised of 441 pairwise relations from 58,664 abstracts with an accuracy of 83–90%. To achieve this, we made use of a resource of gene/protein names considerably larger than those used in most other biology related information extraction approaches. ...

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  • This Handbook of Manufacturing Techniques focuses on a new aspect of the drug development challenge: producing and administering the physical drug products that we hope are going to provide valuable new pharmacotherapeutic tools in medicine. These 34 chapters cover the full range of approaches to developing and producing new formulations and new approaches to drug delivery. Also addressed are approaches to the issues of producing and packaging these drug products (that is, formulations).

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  • Even a well-resourced, well-designed evaluation study is unlikely to be able to address all of the above thematic areas. Deciding what to monitor should be demand-driven, informed by the target audience and evaluation objectives as well as the thematic priorities of an organization. Similarly, the characteristics of a project or programme (such as type of intervention, scale, stage) and feasibility issues (such as institutional capacity, financial and human resources and time) are important considerations.

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  • Effective implementation of regulatory decisions relies on a strong regulatory framework, including clear, focused, and effective rules, regulations, and policies. Development and communication of these documents are crucial in educating pesticide registrants and users and changing behavior in a manner that promotes the safe use of pesticides. Many of the actions outlined in the risk assessment and risk management section were implemented by developing rules and regulations.

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  • Feedback is an integral part of our lives. Try touching your fingertips with your eyes closed; you may not succeed the first time because you have broken a feedback loop that ordinarily “regulates” your motions. The regulatory role of feedback manifests itself in biological, mechanical, and electronic systems, allowing precise realization of “functions.” For example, an amplifier targeting a precise gain of 2.00 is designed much more easily with feedback than without.

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  • What can and should be done on crisis prevention and management for the future? In recent weeks, the official sector has begun to provide its answer: from the 220-page US Treasury blueprint for an overhaul of the US regulatory structure released this past Monday (I read it all but it was difficult), to the initial reports of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, to the initial report of the Financial Stability Forum, to the report of the senior supervisors from the G-5 countries.

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  • Pursuant to Section 189a. (2) of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended (the Act), the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is publishing this regular biweekly notice.

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  • This book examines the intersection of WTO trade liberalisation rules and domestic health protection, a subject that is of considerable interest to those concerned that the WTO impinges on national regulatory auto- nomy. In analysing the tension between health protection and trade liber- alisation, the book focuses on the way in which this tension is (or is not) resolved through the dispute resolution process.

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  • We are giving increasing prominence to environmental ‘performance indicators’ as complements to traditional emission limits. Emission data can be normalised for the scale of process operation and/or environmental burden to generate performance data that are valuable in targeting regulatory effort at the most important environmental issues. Performance indicators can address not only emissions (to air, water and waste) but also raw material use (including water and energy).

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  • Of course the Deepwater Horizon oil spill served as a reminder that we must develop our domestic energy resources both safely and responsibly. Eleven men died and Americans watched as nearly five million barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. Subsequent reviews exposed significant weaknesses in the regulatory process and an industry unduly complacent about the safety of offshore oil and gas development.

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  • The Company’s ability to perform as contemplated in this presentation, including without limitation, its ability to enter into or remain in any new or existing jurisdictions or to sell new or existing products, is subject to numerous risks, such as, without limitation, customer concentration, competition from other suppliers, regulatory approvals, licensing requirements, intellectual property considerations, and other known and unknown circumstances.

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  • What drives development? How much of the process is determined by people’s assets, skills, and opportunities; by the regulatory environment; or by the location, arrangement, and dynamics of interconnected economic activities? Whereas the first two of these criteria have attracted considerable attention, much less research has been directed at the influence of the intensity and degree of concentration of economic activity. A study of how industrial clusters are organised and function should contribute to a better understanding of this issue.

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  • Overwhelming demand from developers slowed the Government’s approval process which in turn slowed development considerably. However, the banking industry has adjusted to the new federal regulatory requirements, improved their lending position by removing troubled loans and increasing capital and placed themselves in a position to loan once again. Banks have become more aggressive and competition for new loans is tremendous. Because of the strong apartment market, conventional financing for new communities is becoming more readily available.

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