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  • The purpose of the article is to determine the essence of regional processes of integration and disintegration, their factors at different stages of globalization, to guide the author's matrix model of periodization of disintegration activity in the world in 1914-2018, to identify threats and opportunities of both integration and disintegration processes in international economic relations.

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  • Discretionary access controls includes about Discretionary Access Controls (DAC, Access Matrix Model), DAC in Relational Database (DAC, Privileges, The System R Access Control, Content–Based Access Control, Demo).

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  • The resulting Schwinger functions in position space are symmetric and invariant under the full Euclidean group. Locality is fulfilled. The Schwinger 2-point function is reflection positive in special cases.

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  • Comprehensive analyzing multi-omics biological data in different conditions is important for understanding biological mechanism in system level. Multiple or multi-layer network model gives us a new insight into simultaneously analyzing these data, for instance, to identify conserved functional modules in multiple biological networks.

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  • This book analyses the global economy from the viewpoint of innovative firms. The main contribution relates to the argument that the best way to solve the current and future challenges facing the global economy is through a better understanding of Schumpeterian entrepreneurship in its modern forms. Multinational companies sell global commodities and mass-customized products, often by utilizing general principles of applied microeconomics such as Porter’s matrix of generic strategies.

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  • The dipeptidyl peptidase IV gene family contains the four peptidases dipept-idyl peptidase IV, fibroblast activation protein, dipeptidyl peptidase 8 and dipeptidyl peptidase 9. Dipeptidyl peptidase IV and fibroblast activation protein are involved in cell–extracellular matrix interactions and tissue re-modeling.

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  • Several views on aesthetic preference have been developed during the last century, including Psychoanalysis, Gestalt theory and Empirical Aesthetics. Within the last of these, aesthetic preference has been related with arousal (Berlyne, 1970, 1971), prototypicality (Martindale, 1988; Martindale et al., 1988), and appraisals (Silvia, 2005), among other factors. Potentially, any of these perspectives could serve to ground our interpretation of neuroimaging results.

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  • Basic concepts, theoretical underpinnings and mathematical basis underlying optimization models. Problem formulation for programming, preparation of input-output matrix, objective functions and constraint equations. Assumptions of L.P. Basic and non-basic solutions. Feasible and Infeasible solutions. Simplex method and its application for solving agricultural problems, use of artificial factors, Problems of degeneracy, inconsistency, infeasible and unbounded solutions. The generalised simplex method. The dual method; the dual simplex method. ...

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  • We resolve these issues as follows. We show that a nonincreasing returns to scale (nrs) model is usually appropriate when modeling rational choice among investors. We show when multiple risk and return measures can justifiably be combined and identify some suitable measures. We show we need a nonlinear model to justify the assumption of convexity and to model diversification. We develop a method to approximate a solution to this model as accurately as needed using a sequence of linear models. Coherent measures of risk come up again and again in our discussion.

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  • This research was conducted to test the model of strategic human resource management as a competitive advantage in the construction industry specially to identify factors related to achieving competitive advantage in this industry. The empirical data were drawn from 174 construction companies in Indonesia using questionnaire method. Structural Equation Modeling techniques was used to analyze the conceptualized relationship model.

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  • Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is the fourth most common cause of cancer related death. It is lethal in nearly all patients, due to an almost complete chemoresistance. Most if not all drugs that pass preclinical tests successfully, fail miserably in the patient.

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  • EXTENSIONS AND RELATED METHODS Independent Component Analysis. Aapo Hyv¨ rinen, Juha Karhunen, Erkki Oja a Copyright  2001 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBNs: 0-471-40540-X (Hardback); 0-471-22131-7 (Electronic) 15 Noisy ICA In real life, there is always some kind of noise present in the observations. Noise can correspond to actual physical noise in the measuring devices, or to inaccuracies of the model used. Therefore, it has been proposed that the independent component analysis (ICA) model should include a noise term as well.

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  • In this work, the path-integral effective potential (PIEP) method has been applied to re-study the temperature dependence of extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) cumulants of materials. Using the trial density matrix and effective potential expression, we derived the analytical expressions of the first three EXAFS cumulants in the first shell of materials. The cumulant relation is also calculated to determine the temperature range in which the PIEP method could be applied.

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  • A quantitative structure–activity relationship (QSAR) study was carried out on 112 anticancer compounds to develop a robust model for the prediction of anti-leukemia activity (pGI50) against MOLT-4 and P388 leukemia cell lines. The Genetic algorithm (GA) and multiple linear regression analysis (MLRA) were used to select the descriptors and to generate the correlation models that relate the structural features to the biological activities. The final equations consist of 15 and 10 molecular descriptors calculated using the paDEL molecular descriptor software.

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