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Religions around the world

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  • The Religions Book is the perfect introduction to the world's most widely practiced religions, aimed at adults with an interest in the subject and students wanting to gain more of an overview. Here you'll find the ideas behind ancient and modern faiths and spiritual philosophies, and the place of religion in the world. This book explores the beliefs that underpin religious traditions around the globe, and how they developed. If you thought it was difficult to learn about the world's main faiths, The Religions Book presents key information in a clear layout.

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  • This book grew out of the experiences of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The economic downturn and high interest rates scattered financial distress around the world. Many private individuals and corporations faced the grim reality of insolvency. The plague did not distinguish between race, religion or nationality. However, the social response to the malaise did. In many countries the illness was diagnosed as terminal.

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  • A thought-provoking collection of twenty-five stories that reflect the wonder and glory of the origins of the world and humankind. With commentary by the author. “A must for mythology shelves.”--Booklist

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  • Tôn giáo là một bộ sưu tập của hệ thống văn hóa , hệ thống niềm tin , và thế giới quan thiết lập các biểu tượng có liên quan cho nhân loại tâm linh, và đôi khi, giá trị đạo đức . [1 ] Nhiều tôn giáo đã tường thuật , ký hiệu , truyền thống và lịch sử thiêng liêng mà nhằm mục đích mang lại ý nghĩa cuộc sống hoặc để giải thích nguồn gốc của sự sống , vũ trụ . Họ có xu hướng để lấy được đạo đức , đạo đức , luật lệ...

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