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  • Ngày nay, trên toàn cầu đã có nhiều hệ điều hành mạng như Linux , WinNT và mới đây còn có công nghệ mới như Windows 2000 Server . Với Windows 2000 của Microsoft ra đời hổ trợ một số tiện ích mà không có ở những hệ điều hành Win9x và WinNT về việc điều khiển từ xa , việc cài đặt hàng loạt các ứng dụng đến máy của những người dùng mạng từ một vị trí trung tâm .

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  • Module 8 - Configuring mobile computing and remote access in Windows® 7. This module helps you to identify and configure the appropriate mobile computer for your needs. It describes mobile devices, and how to synchronize them with a computer running the Windows 7 operating system. Additionally, this module describes various power options that you can configure in Windows 7.

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  • This is documented on its ENC inverter, inverter EDS currently uses quite a lot because of its low cost and ease of installation are full of style and function that controls the inverter reputation has, howeverreliability is not very high.

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  • Tài liệu hướng dẫn cài đặt hệ điều hành window của máy trạm thông qua mạng LAN mà không cần tới từng máy cài đặt, hệ thống đồng bộ, tự động hóa dễ dàng quản lý.

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  • This module introduces the student to planning for installing and configuring Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001. After completing this module, students will be able to: Install SharePoint Portal Server by using the SharePoint Portal Server Setup Wizard and create a new workspace by using the New Workspace Wizard. Perform SharePoint Portal Server remote and unattended installations. Uninstall or repair SharePoint Portal Server. Install the client components of SharePoint Portal Server by using the Client Setup Wizard....

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  • Conventional servo systems, to ensure machine performance, smoothness, positional error and low servo noise, require the adjustment of its servo’s gains as an initial crucial step. Even systems that employ auto-tuning require manual tweaking after the system is installed, especially if more that one axis are interdependent. Ezi-SERVO® employs the best characteristics of stepper and closed loop motion controls and algorithms to eliminate the need of tedious gain tuning required for conventional closed loop servo systems.

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  • Chương 5 – Các Dịch Vụ Hệ Thống nằm trong bộ bài giảng Dịch vụ mạng. Bài giảng được biên soạn có nội dung giới thiệu về DHCP Dynamic Host Configuraton Protocol), RIS (Remote Installation Services), Terminal Services.

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  • Preliminary Notes This minihowto explains how to set up an SSH server on Debian Etch with publickey authorization (and optionally with disabled password logins). SSH is a great tool to control Linuxbased computers remotely. It's safe and secure. There's no warranty that it'll work for you. All of these settings are applicable for Debian and like systems! There may be slightly changes on other systems as well.

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  • Chú ý : Nếu bạn chọn Remote Installation Services (RIS), RIS chủ (RIS server)sẽ cài đặt Windows 2000 lên RIS khách ( RIS clients). RIS server có khả năng thiết lập một trong hai kiểu “lựa chọn”: một là CD-Based, nó chỉ bao gồm duy nhất hoạt động hệ điều hành Windows 2000, hoặc là Remote Instalation Preparation (RIPrep) ở đây nó có thể bao gồm cả hệ điều hành Windows 2000 và các ứng dụng. RIS thường được sử dụng để tháo và cài đặt Windows 2000 Professional.

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  • Wireless networks are especially susceptible to unauthorized access. Wireless access points are being widely deployed in corporate LANs because they easily extend connectivity to corporate users without the time and expense of installing wiring. These wireless access points (APs) act as bridges and extend the network up to 300 yards. Many airports, hotels, and even coffee shops make wireless access available for free, and therefore most anyone with a wirelss card on his mobile device is an authorized user.

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  • With over 1,000,000 copies of our MCSE, MCSD, CompTIA, and Cisco study guides in print, we have come to know many of you personally. By listening, we've learned what you like and dislike about typical computer books. The most requested item has been for a web-based service that keeps you current on the topic of the book and related technologies. In response, we have created, a service that includes the following features

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  • HiGain® provides HDSL repeaterless transport of T1 service over two unconditioned copper pairs up to 12,000 ft on 24 AWG (0.5 mm), or 9,000 ft on 26 AWG (0.4 mm). HiGain systems are used by service providers to enable high-speed data, voice and video communications to their customers. ADC’s HiGain systems are designed with plug-and-play compatibility that do not require the removal of bridged taps. Ease of installation enables phone companies to respond to service orders in a matter of hours.

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  • HiGain® doubler units (HDUs) allow HiGain systems to be used for applications outside the Carrier Service Area (CSA), increasing the range by up to five times. Span equipment consists of HDUs that can be deployed in the existing repeater enclosures or in remote enclosures for higher deployment density and lower deployment costs. Enclosures are available for both above- and below-ground installations.

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  • A widely deployed replacement for repeatered E1, HiGain® E1 brings the highest level of performance, ease of deployment and cost efficiency to the HDSL market. The HiGain E1 product family consists of line units, remote units, doublers and enclosures that are optimized to make HDSL less costly to deploy. HiGain E1 maintains full compatibility and interoperability with legacy HiGain products and systems, allowing you to protect your current investment in HDSL, while benefiting from our latest technology developments....

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  • Introduction to Check Point Mobile for Windows Check Point Mobile for Windows is a remote access client for easy, secure connectivity to corporate resources over the internet, through a VPN tunnel.The Installation Process Important - To install a Remote Access Client on any version of Windows, you need Administrator permissions. Consult with your system administrator. To install a Remote Access Client: 1. Log in to Windows with a user name that has Administrator permissions. 2. Get the installation package from your system administrator, and double-click the installation package. 3.

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  • ADC's Universal Remote DSX Panel eliminates the need to support multiple DSX-1/3 panels in the outside plant environment. With its modular design, the universal panel saves space without sacrificing quality. With one panel, a variety of modules can be combined to support almost any variation of DS1/3 handoffs. The commonality of components allows fewer, less expensive modules to be warehoused, avoiding missed installation dates due to lack of inventory.

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  • ADC’s WorldDSLTM family of products includes shelf-mounted management cards and a choice of local and remote management options. Both local and remote management can operate simultaneously, offering both centralized remote management of circuits and local craft access for installation and troubleshooting.

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  • The Installation Process Important - To install a Remote Access client on any version of Windows, you need Administrator permissions. Consult with your system administrator. To install a Remote Access client: 1. Log in to Windows with a user name that has Administrator permissions. 2. Get the installation package from your system administrator, and double-click the installation package. 3. Follow the installation wizard. Note - On Windows Vista and Windows 7, there may be a prompt to allow access, depending on the UAC settings....

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  • If we take a step back and try to analyze the term Group Policy , it’s easy to become confused. When I first heard the term, I thought it was an NT 4 System Policy that applied to groups. But, thankfully, the results are much more exciting. Microsoft’s perspective is that the name “Group Policy” is derived from the fact that you are “grouping together policy settings.” Group Policy is, in essence, rules that are applied and enforced at multiple levels of Active Directory. All policies you design are adhered to.

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  • Starting the Advanced Routing Suite CLI Be sure no other users are connected to Advanced Routing Suite. With Advanced Routing Suite installed properly and running: 1. Enter the SecurePlatform expert mode. 2. Type pro enable at the prompt and press Enter. 3. Reboot. 4. Type router at the prompt and press Enter. This begins your CLI session in User Execution mode. The Advanced Routing Suite CLI can be started with several additional command line options. These options include the following:

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