Renovating existing buildings

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  • This paper presents some points of view of the authors, including: renovate our thought on selection of plans, calculation, design, and evaluation of safety of existing structures; the old thought and the new thought on the safety of building structures; renovate the selection of building plan, calculation, design and evaluation of the safety of building structures; building structures in Vietnam decided according to the new thought.

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  • Glucose control deteriorates continually with time in most people with Type 2 diabetes – it is not a chronic stable condition.53,54 This is known to be due to progressive failure of insulin secretion.55 Accordingly therapy has to be stepped up with time, one drug added to another until such time as only exogenous insulin replacement will suffice. The evidence of efficacy and side effects differs between drug classes, and to a lesser extent between members of the same class.

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  • The NI test engineering team has developed and implemented a common test software and hardware platform that can be scaled across multiple product lines. The strategy was to create and maintain a standard test development software environment with flexible capabilities that engineers can use to focus on developing tests rather than reinventing their own, unique test frameworks.

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  • This study also aims to offer a more complete view of the many necessary measures to achieve global and coherent actions from donor countries. However, it must be pointed out that just as the choice of measures contained in the MDGs can be arbitrary, so can the selection of variables and economic policies included in this document.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu '"crisis" versus aesthetic in the copernican revolution', văn hoá - nghệ thuật phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • By learning how to “dial for dollars,” you can transform the telephone that’s already sitting on your desk into a virtual money-making machine with unlimited potential. Throughout this book, the terms telemarketing and telesales are used interchangeably. However, some people define telemarketing as the use of the telephone to make contact with prospects, whereas telesales involves actually moving the pros- pect further down the sales cycle or sales pipeline. The skills required of a telemarketer and/or telesales professional, as you’ll soon see, are identical....

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  • Direct marketing is a marketing strategy where companies promote their products to potential customers via a direct channel of communication, such as telephone or mail. Unlike mass marketing, companies employing direct marketing target only a selected group of customers. For instance, a bank may decide to directly promote their first-time home buyer mortgage program to only newlywed customers. In accordance with the general principle of marketing, a direct marketing campaign strikes for the maximum net profit.

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  • Fragility in the Fourth Quadrant can be re-expressed as “concavity to errors,” where losses from uncertain events vastly exceed possible profits from it over short horizons. One class of investment strate- gies that typically have this property are so-called “short volatility” trading strategies or positions (e.g. such as naked put-writing), which are often manifest in “carry trades.

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  • The success of IFRS as a high-quality set of global accounting standards depends upon the IASB functioning as a truly independent standard-setting body that enjoys the confidence of market participants around the world. To assure that confidence, the IASB needs to have a secure, stable funding mechanism, expert staffing and appropriate governance structure to ensure the standard-setting process is free from undue influence from various constituents.

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  • For example, take the claim that many poor households will pay high interest rates without flinching, and the related claim that the existence of moneylenders implies the insensitivity of most borrowers to interest rates. Moneylender loans are often taken for short periods of less than a month, however, and are often used as a short-term patch to meet pressing consumption needs--while microfinance loans are typically held for several months at minimum and are targeted at business investment. The standard Grameen Bank loan, for example, had a one-year term.

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  • As a first step, simple but vital process changes that impact customers by bringing in more simplicity and convenience, with greater efficiency and efficacy for transactions, can be undertaken. These will serve as a precursor to the positive changes to come and help customers view the bank’ s transformation journey in a positive light. With customers using multiple channels to interact with their banks, it is critical that they are minimally disturbed and are impacted by no loss of existed functionality.

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  • The most fundamental issue connected to credit scoring is the level of accuracy of the information that forms the basis for the scores. Regardless of whether lending and pricing decisions are made by a manual or automated review of a consumer’ s credit, the potential for inaccuracies in credit reports to result in loan denials or higher borrowing costs is a cause for concern. Several organizations have conducted studies and surveys to quantify the pervasiveness of credit report errors, with widely ranging findings regarding how many credit reports contain errors (from 0.

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  • When interest rates fall steadily and continuously, corporations may be able to save money by refunding their existing bond issues. According to Boyce and Kalotay [2], the accepted wisdom is to refund a bond issue when interest rates fall 1% below the coupon rate on the existing bond. However, the refunding decision is in reality a complicated one.

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  • Interest rate swap terms typically are set so that the pres ent value of the counterparty payments is at least equal to the present value of the payments to be received. Present value is a way of comparing the value of cash flows now with the value of cash flows in the future. A dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future because cash flows available today can be invested and grown. The basic premise to an interest rate swap is that the coun terparty choosing to pay the fixed rate and the counterpar ty choosing to pay the floating...

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  • The threat is real and immediate. Essentially, every week there are news reports of some company or organization that has had data stolen – from the Department of Defense to, increasingly, small businesses. Most incidents, of course, are never made public. The potential damage, as we will discuss, involves far more than stolen or damaged data. Cyber is connected to our economy and job creation. It is not just national security information that is being stolen from databases in the U.S. All kinds of intellectual property are targeted. Information stolen from...

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  • Each laboratory that uses this method is required to operate a formal quality control program. The minimum requirements of this program consist of an initial demonstration of laboratory capability and an ongoing analysis of spiked samples to evaluate and document data quality. The laboratory must maintain records to document the quality of data that is generated. Ongoing data quality checks are compared with established performance criteria to determine if the results of analyses meet the performance characteristics of the method.

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  • There was complete agreement among two independent raters in classifying 327 reproductive messages out of a total of 362 references taken from a representative sample of the opera and art songs, which represents an inter-rater agreement of over 90%. Figure 4 depicts the results. A t-test failed to demonstrate a significant difference in the number of reproductive categories between the opera and art songs, t(104) = .6098, p = .5433.

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  • Hamilton and Clemens (1999) have provided estimates of genuine saving in a number of countries. Among the resources that make up natural capital, only forests, oil and minerals, and pollution were included (not included were such vital resources as water). So there is an undercount. Moreover, the accounting prices used to value natural capital were crudely estimated. Nevertheless, one has to start somewhere.

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  • It is often ignored that imprisoning women has greater social cost to family and community than does imprisoning most men prisoners. Family breakdown, long-term problems among children taken into care and a loss of community spirit and cohesion can push the social costs of women’s imprisonment considerably higher than for men’s imprisonment. This is a background paper for the Kyiv Declaration on Women’s Health in Prison, which was discussed and adopted during the WHO International Conference on Prison Health in November 2008.

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  • Education. The adult literacy rate in Afghanistan is estimated to be 36%, while for adult women it is estimated at 21%2 (2001). A significant leap in school enrollment has taken place during the last couple of years, and more than four million children are now in school, one-third of them girls, but this still represents only a little more than half of school-age children and 40% of girls. These figures hide dramatic regional disparities, with girls representing less than 15% of the total enrollment in nine provinces in the east and south.

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