Repayment methods

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  • The second future path for social funds is as special-purpose vehicles, providing selective seed capital to foster innovations in community de- velopment, to experiment with new technologies, and to act as the government’s agent in remote areas and for very small-scale activities. Even though many of the social funds might already characterize them- selves as special-purpose vehicles, they have gotten much broader.

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  • An important factor to consider when taking out a loan is whether the loan is secured or unsecured. Examples of secured loans are personal loans (secured on wages), car loans (secured on the car) and mortgage loans (secured on the property). Examples of unsecured loans are credit card balances and overdrafts. Having a secured loan is usually cheaper than an unsecured loan.  Repayment Methods Most personal loans in Bahrain are amortised. The amortisation payment (installment) includes repayment of part of the principal and the month’s interest for the loan.

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  • THE credit standing of an applicant for a personal loan is investigated intensively because it indicates, within reason- able limits, the likelihood of repayment. It should not be assumed, however, that a bank officer can foretell with cer- tainty how faithfully a borrower will meet his obligations; few applicants have economic prospects so bad that there is not some small chance of repayment, and few are so well sit- uated that there is not some possibility of delinquency or even default. The selection of borrowers must therefore rest on probabilities.

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  • In section 1 the developments of the mortgage markets have already been extensively discussed. In this section attention is being drawn to the well-known fact of maturity mismatches. The mortgage product requires a risk commitment from one bank, non-bank or another for nearly always 25 years or longer. Banks and building societies in the U.K., as elsewhere, do not have funds available which are committed for 25 years, not even their own equity resources as recent banking losses have shown. Individual households are generally unable to repay their mortgages any faster.

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  • Under the Direct Loan Program, students and families borrow through one lender—the federal government—which also provides repayment services to borrowers. In contrast, students and families can borrow through thousands of FFELP lenders, who may or may not continue to provide repayment services to students and families. FFELP lenders may receive a subsidy, called a special allowance payment, from the federal government to ensure that they receive a guaranteed rate of return on the student loans they make.

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  • To avoid credit rationing, banks use other methods to screen potential borrowers. 24 For example, banks can use extensive and comprehensive covenants on loans to mitigate agency costs. As new information arrives, covenants can be renegotiated. Covenants may also require collateral or personal guarantees from firms about their future activities and business practises in order to maximise the probability of repayment. The banks lending history produces valuable information that evolves over time.

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