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  • The paper presents the compressive strength of mortar samples when replacing naturalsand by bottomash of An Khanh and CaoNgan thermal power plants (TPPs) in Thai Nguyen province. Experimental research is the main method applied in this research. Research results show that replacing natural sand by bottom ash in the two TPPs, the compressive strength of samples reached the required mortar’s strength.

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  • Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) are playing a major role in information technology (IT) by providing the promise of further expanding the use of digital displays through making display fabrication technology lower in cost and higher in performance to replace liquid crystal displays (LCD). Due to various attractive features such as high contrast, high brightness, large color gamut and thin structure, various sized OLED displays from small-sized mobile phone display to large-sized TV display have already begun to be mass-produced....

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  • This paper evaluated the effect of auto framing materials to passenger in collisions by Ansys LS-DYNA simulation software and analysis data by Hyperview software. Process simulation helps authors problem research, survey the feasibility of replacing traditional steel materials in the automotive manufacturing industry in Vietnam by carbon fiber composite materials.

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  • The synthesized nano fibers were in the diameter range of 50 - 100 nm from the TEM with even arrangement. The IR spectrum also showed that the –OH group was replaced by the –OCOCH3 group, thus, reducing the polarization and hygroscopic ability of cellulose, suitable for using as the reinforcing phase in biodegradable composite materials.

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  • Among lead-free ferroelectric materials, the Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 (BNT) materials have been paying more attention because they exhibit good ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties, making BNT materials become promising candidates to replace Pb(Zr,Ti)O3. In this work, the lead-free ferroelectric BNT materials were synthesized by sol-gel method. The effect of fabrication parameters on microstructural and optical properties was studied.

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  • Polymer modified mortars using either recycled waste concrete fine aggregate (WCFA) or artificial marble waste fine aggregate (AMWFA) were prepared and investigated for the purpose of feasibility of recycling. The replacement ratio of recycled materials also changed to investigate the effect of it on mechanical and physical properties. The water–cement ratio was increased as the replacement ratio of either AMWFA or WCFA in mortar in the absence of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) latex. The presence of SBR for both WCFA and AMWFA gave the increase of the air content.

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  • In this study, Wood Ash (WA) prepared from the uncontrolled burning of the saw dust is evaluated for its suitability as partial cement replacement in conventional concrete. The saw dust has been acquired from a wood polishing unit. The physical, chemical and mineralogical characteristics of WA is presented and analyzed. The strength parameters (compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural strength) of concrete with blended WA cement are evaluated and studied. Two different water-to-binder ratio (0.4 and 0.

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  • Preparing of zirconia/silane combined films on steel subtrate for organic coatings to replace phosphate and chromate pretreatment. Proposing the mechanism of film formation process and assessing characteristics of morphology, composition, electrochemical properties and bonding of the zirconia/silane film.

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  • Concerns have been raised that implants used in total hip replacements (THR) could lead to increased cancer risk. Several different materials, metals and fixation techniques are used in joint prostheses and different types of articulation can cause an increased invasion of particles or ions into the human body.

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  • Preparing of zirconia/silane combined films on steel subtrate for organic coatings to replace phosphate and chromate pretreatment; proposing the mechanism of film formation process and assessing characteristics of morphology, composition, electrochemical properties and bonding of the zirconia/silane film.

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  • The research objectives of the thesis: Improve the usability and quality of LED-based lighting products; develop a new generation of high-efficiency LED lights, evenly distributed, eliminating light pollution, and replacing existing LEDs.

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  • The design and manufacture of transformers is not cutting edge technology, and compared with many fi elds of engineering, progress is slow and change is gradual. The question might therefore be asked as to what is the need for a new and revised edition of The J & P Transformer Book. It is also true that in many branches of the industry the book has become well known and widely respected, and many owners will not consider replacing their trusted old edition. Indeed, many transformer engineers swear by copies handed down to them from older colleagues.

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  • This book is intended as course material for the course Structured Programming with C/C++ at university level. It contains eight chapters, one for each lecture of the course. The chapters are: 1. Introduction to programming. Here we go through general principles about what programming means. You will be introduced to the development tool Microsoft Visual C++ and build your first programs. 2. Variables. Here we start from the beginning and explain all details in the first programs. You will learn what variables are and how they are used for storing of values needed in the program....

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  • About a year ago I was asked by a firm of insurance loss adjusters to investigate the possibility of reducing the anticipated overrun caused by an explosion at a power station. Based on previous experience of similar problems, I asked the contractors (a firm of international design and build constructors) to let me examine the critical path network which formed the basis of the computer-generated bar charts previously sent to the loss adjusters.

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  • Current clinical technologies, especially donor transplants and artificial organs, have been excellent life-saving and life-extending therapies to treat patients who need to reconstitute diseased or devastated organs or tissues as a result of an accident, trauma, and cancer, or to correct congenital structural anomalies. For long, most scientists and clinicians believed that damaged or lost tissues could only be replaced by organ transplantation or with totally artificial parts.

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  • The photodiode device structure, which has developed almost simultaneously with Si based p-n junctions, has had a dramatic impact on everyday life, especially in the field of communication and sensing. The last few decades have seen optical techniques come to dominate long-haul communication and photodiode technologies, serving as an energy transducer in the receiver end, which can convert optical data into electrical signals for further processing.

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  • Nonlinear finite element analysis is an essential component of computeraided design. Testing of prototypes is increasingly being replaced by simulation with nonlinear finite element methods because this provides a more rapid and less expensive way to evaluate design concepts and design details.

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  • The availability of efficient and cost-effective technologies to repair or extend the life of aging military airframes is becoming a critical requirement in most countries around the world, as new aircraft becoming prohibitively expensive and defence budgets shrink. To a lesser extent a similar situation is arising with civil aircraft, with falling revenues and the high cost of replacement aircraft.

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  • The aspirator should be aware of the pertinent history and clinical information, significant radiological studies and the clinical question that FNAB may answer. The procedure as well as the minor complications of bruising and bleeding should be explained to the patient. Site-specific complications for deep needle aspiration biopsy should be described to the patient if image guided FNAB is performed. Informed consent should be obtained from the patient, guardian or legal representative.

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  • We pay the reasonable cost of towing your car to the nearest repairer or place of safety if it is damaged and cannot be safely driven. The amount we will pay under this benefit will depend on where the accident takes place and what transport options are available. The Just Car Lifetime Repair Guarantee The quality of the workmanship and the materials we authorise in the repair of your car will be guaranteed for the life of the car. See pages 14 for details. We cover your replacement car If you replace your car with another car, we will insure the replacement car from...

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