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  • This book is intended as course material for the course Structured Programming with C/C++ at university level. It contains eight chapters, one for each lecture of the course. The chapters are: 1. Introduction to programming. Here we go through general principles about what programming means. You will be introduced to the development tool Microsoft Visual C++ and build your first programs. 2. Variables. Here we start from the beginning and explain all details in the first programs. You will learn what variables are and how they are used for storing of values needed in the program....

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  • The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems: Using Assembly and C Mazidi, Mazidi and McKinlay LCD is finding widespread use replacing LEDs The declining prices of LCD The ability to display numbers, characters, and graphics

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  • In this paper we propose a theory of asset pricing that assumes fully heterogeneous agents whose expectations continually adapt to the market these expectations aggregatively create. We argue that under heterogeneity, expectations have a recursive character: agents have to form their expectations from their anticipations of other agents’ expectations, and this self-reference precludes expectations being formed by deductive means. So, in the absence of being able to deduce expectations, agents—no matter how rational—are forced to hypothesize them.

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  • 938 Part VII: Alphabetical Reference Oracle uses National Language Support SORT. This gives the collating sequence value of the given string based on the collating sequence sort, or if omitted, the National Language Support option chosen for the site. REPLACE(string, if [,then]) REPLACE returns string with every occurrence of if replaced with then (zero or more characters). If no then string is specified, then all occurrences of if are removed. See TRANSLATE. RPAD(string,length [ ,'set']) RPAD stands for Right PAD.

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  • To see the world as a web of information is a recent view. Humanity has contemplated the source and character of our knowledge since the dawn of time, but the present technologically oriented civilization demands a more concrete concept. Knowledge has been replaced by information. The information has to be carried by physical objects, and these are described by the theories of physics. Thus, we have to develop a theory for information coded in physical objects. Long ago, scientists developed formal descriptions of classical information transfer and its manipulation.

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  • In the range of high strain rates, the mechanical behaviour of materials is characterized by an increased strain rate sensitivity, by increasing effects of mass inertia forces and by the adiabatic character of the deformation process. For the relation between stress, strain and strain rate, empirical formulae are now mostly replaced by material laws based on structural mechanical models, whose parameters are to be determined by adequate systematic methods. Also special effects such as the influence of strain rate on...

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