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  • The Vest Pocket CFO is the perfect up-to-date reference tool for today's busy CFO, controller, treasurer, and other finance professionals. Written in an easy Q&A format and packed with checklists, samples, and worked-out solutions for a wide variety of accounting and finance problems, readers can take this handy reference wherever they go-on a business trip, visiting a client, conducting a conference call, or attending a meeting..

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  • When taking a verbal or quantitative section of the paper-based General Test, you are free, within any section, to skip questions that you might have difficulty answering and to come back to them later during the time provided to work on that section. You may also change the answer to any question you recorded on the answer sheet by erasing it completely and filling in the oval corresponding to your desired answer for that question. Each of your scores will be determined by the number of questions for which you select the best answer from the choices given.

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  • This study used biomarkers of internal dose, exposure and effect, which allowed setting the pesticides levels in 132 biological samples. OC pesticides which were most frequently found in biological samples were 4,4-DDE and endosulfan. It is important to point out that laborers did not report the use of these pesticides in the tomato crop, so the presence of these is explained by the environmental pollution and toxicokinetics inherent to this group of pesticides.

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  • This is an incredibly open ended task. You are now charged with developing your project plan. Follow the steps above and proceed as best you can. Ask the staff for help if you have questions. At the beginning of this document, you can download a template for a project development sheet and a gant chart. All that is required of the user is to fill in the yellow cells. The gant chart will automatically plot out the task/project time line for you. This is a required part of your project management activities. ...

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  • The chemical properties of organics of health concern – hydrophobic and not water soluble - results in a low bioavailability to plants. Plant growth is dependent on the water solubility of nutrients and minerals and water is the transporting vector. Organics with a low water solubility will therefore not be taken up by plants. The presence of organic environmental pollutants, like dioxins and PCBs in agricultural crops is more the result of atmospheric deposition than direct absorption from contaminated soil.

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  • Some larger non-Planned Parenthood facilities report that they could serve some of the patients who would be lost if Planned Parenthood clinics are excluded. However, they are generally at, or close to, the limits of their capacity and will not be able to expand much, if at all, due to other resource or staffing constraints. There is no evidence that they are prepared to sustain the very large caseload increases that would be required to fill the gaps left after Planned Parenthood affiliates are excluded.

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  • Using all of the above sources and extrapolating from current data coverage to a larger scale, a global DALY for the selected 49 low and middle-income countries was estimated for each of the top polluting industry sources and contaminants presented in this report. These DALY estimations are clearly limited in their accuracy by the data available. However, these ranges are becoming more accurate as better information is obtained from pollution sites all over the world.

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  • The authors developed a new methodological framework for assessing military personnel and military family needs that fills a gap not currently being met. The framework places personnel and spouse perceptions of problems and needs and the prioritization of those problems and needs at the center of the analysis.

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  • In most cases, the independence date for each country (reported in Appendix Table 2) provided the relevant benchmark for our data collection efforts. In some cases, such as Finland, Dominica, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Norway, Slovakia, and Zimbabwe, debt data were available for a few years in advance of independence years and appeared consistent with the trend in later years. These data were retained. Similarly, data were also available and included for Austria-Hungary (reported under Austria) and Czechoslovakia (reported under Czech Republic). ...

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  • We investigated the role of glutamine synthetases (cytosolic GS1 and chlo-roplast GS2) and glutamate synthases (ferredoxin-GOGAT and NADH-GOGAT) in the inorganic nitrogen assimilation and reassimilation into amino acids between bundle sheath cells and mesophyll cells for the remo-bilization of amino acids during the early phase of grain filling inZea mays L.

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  • To the extent that this amounted to a communication method, it was one in which local people were questioned to discover gaps in their knowledge that could be filled by expert outsiders. Knowledge was usually seen as technical, value neutral, and transferable across cultures and continents. If not quite a one-size-fits-all approach, it was based more on a belief in the universal application of methods defined by agricultural science than «less rigorous» approaches that emphasised the centrality of social and cultural practise....

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  • Applicants are required to provide scholarships to participants. These scholarships should correspond to at least 15% of the total number of participants and cover at least the participation fees. It is recommended that they also cover expenses for travel and subsistence. This requirement will be carefully verified at final report submission stage. The final report of the activity will include scholarship forms filled in and signed by the scholarship holders, stating the expenses covered by the applicant.

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  • The diffusion behaviour of water and HCl solution at different temperatures and concentrations into a modified polyethylene filled with carbon black used for lining is presented. It has shown the predominant role of nature of environment and carbon black content. In the both environments, an increase of environmental temperature increased the capacity of environmental absorption and the diffusion rate.

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  • You may request that consumer reporting agencies do not distribute your name on lists used by creditors and insurers to make unsolicited offers of credit and insurance. Requests can be made by telephone or in writing by filling out a form available from each credit reporting agency. For telephone requests, call (888) 5 OPT OUT to be excluded from Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. Telephone requests last for two years; written requests are permanent.

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  • Despite the aberrant expression of cholinesterases in tumours, the question of their possible contribution to tumorigenesis remains unsolved. The identifica-tion in kidney of a cholinergic system has paved the way to functional studies, but details on renal cholinesterases are still lacking. To fill the gap and to determine whether cholinesterases are abnormally expressed in renal tumours, paired pieces of normal kidney and renal cell carcinomas (RCCs) were compared for cholinesterase activity and mRNA levels....

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  • Siliceous sponges can synthesize poly(silicate) for their spicules enzymati-cally using silicatein. We found that silicatein exists in silica-filled cell organelles (silicasomes) that transport the enzyme to the spicules. We show for the first time that recombinant silicatein acts as a silica polymerase and also as a silica esterase.

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  • This paper presents an expectation-based Japaneseto-English translation system called JETR which relies on the forward expectation-refinement process to handle ungrammatical sentences in an elegant and efficient manner without relying on the presence of particles and verbs in the source text. JETR uses a chain of result states to perform context analysis for resolving pronoun and object references and filling ellipses. Unlike other knowledge-based systems, JETR attempts to achieve semantic, pragmatic, structural and lexical invariance. ...

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  • The present study aims to assess the excess induced reactivity in a Miniature Neutron Source Reactor (MNSR) for a Beyond Design Basis Accident (BDBA) scenario. The BDBA scenario as defined in the Safety Analysis Report (SAR) of the reactor involves sticking of the control rod and filling of the inner and outer irradiation sites with water. At the end of the MNSR core life, 10.

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  • The objective of this paper is to determine the effect of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as a new accounting reporting among Nigerian listed firms. This study uses book value, earnings and dividends to fill in the gap using a sample of 126 Nigerian listed firms in the stock market from 2009 to 2013 (pre and Post-IFRS adoption).

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  • Data communications and networking are changing the way we do business and the way we live. Business decisions have to be made ever more quickly, and the decision makers require immediate access to accurate information. Why wait a week for that report from Germany to arrive by mail when it could appear almost instantaneously through computer networks? Businesses today rely on computer networks and internetworks.

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