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  • The U.S. legal system is admired around the world for the freedoms it allows the individual and the fairness with which it attempts to treat all persons. On the surface, it may seem simple, yet those who have delved into it know that this system of federal and state constitutions, statutes, regulations, and common-law decisions is elaborate and complex. It derives from the English common law, but includes principles older than England, along with some principles from other lands. The U.S.

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  • Congress has enacted laws requiring individuals and facilities to take measures to protect environmental quality and public health by limiting potentially harmful emissions and discharges, and remediating damage. Enforcement of federal pollution control laws in the United States occurs within a highly diverse, complex, and dynamic statutory framework and organizational setting. Multiple statutes address a number of environmental pollution issues, such as those associated with air emissions, water discharges, hazardous wastes, and toxic substances in commerce.

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  • These efforts of over a century have led to our current understanding that child maltreatment includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as neglect and endangerment. The risk to a child’s physical, mental, or emotional well-being is endangerment. It is this recognition of child endangerment that implicates minors and motor vehicles most often. Today, child abuse statutes encompass child endangerment in several states. In many other states, such crimes are charged under the “reckless” provisions of traditional criminal charges.

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  • After the death of Edward I in 1307 the progress of English agriculture came to a standstill, and little advance was made till after the battle of Bosworth in 1485. The weak government of Edward II, the long French War commenced by Edward III and lasting over a hundred years, and the Wars of the Roses, all combined to impoverish the country. England, too, was repeatedly afflicted during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries by pestilences, sometimes caused by famines, sometimes coming with no apparent cause; all probably aggravated, if not caused, by the insanitary habits of the people.

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  • Having been longtime observers of the mental health profession, we have come to know the value and benefits that its professionals offer to consumers of their services. Unfortunately, many of the consumers whom professionals take into therapy try to do them harm in return. With a proliferation of licensing boards and other regulatory authorities, consumers have easier and more numerous options to seek redress for perceived malevolent and negligent acts.

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  • Concerning the first threshold, we do not see any reason to refer to the volume of the Available for Sale portfolio (AfS). The AfS portfolio is a banking book portfolio which is widely used for asset/liability steering purposes. The volume of this portfolio is not a good indicator for the volume of proprietary trading. In page 101 of the Report it is clearly set out that these assets shall not be included in the ring-fence. Also the held for trading portfolio as such is not a good indicator as this portfolio covers not only proprietary trading. The needed volume...

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  • We propose that authority for supervision and regulation of Tier 1 FHCs be vested in the Federal Reserve Board, which is by statute the consolidated supervisor and regulator of all bank holding companies today. As a result of changes in corporate structure during the current crisis, the Federal Reserve already supervises and regulates all major U.S. commercial and investment banks on a firm-wide basis. The Federal Reserve has by far the most experience and resources to handle consolidated supervision and regulation of Tier 1 FHCs.

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  • While the recommendations in this handbook reflect best practices, they are not meant to define mandatory standards. Rule 1B-26.003, Florida Administrative Code, provides standards for record (master) copies of public records which reside in electronic recordkeeping systems, establishes minimum requirements for the creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation, storage, and disposition of electronic record (master) copies, regardless of the media, and must be followed by all agencies as defined by Section 119.011(2), Florida Statutes....

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  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer was established by a resolution of the 18th World Health Assembly in 1965 with a defined mission to conduct and promote international collaboration in cancer research with the objective of improving health through a reduction in the incidence of and mortality from cancer throughout the world.

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  • Special Fund Accounting Practices. In response to this year’s Department of Parks and Recreation accounting issues, the Legislature passed Chapter 343, Statutes of 2012 (AB 1487, Committee on Budget), to ensure that special fund information was presented in the Governor’s budget on the same basis as that used in the Controller’s budgetary accounting reports. We expect that the 2013-14 Governor’s Budget will include updated information on special fund balances in response to these requirements.

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  • This report focuses on a set of tools to address youth exposure that has been largely ignored: State laws that restrict youth expo- sure to alcohol advertising in both measured and unmeasured media venues. States have systems already in place for administer- ing alcohol advertising regulations, usually (but not always) housed in an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) state agency. Alcohol producers, distributors, and retailers must obtain state licenses to do business in a state.

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  • A diverse set of regulatory approaches and enforcement tools is applied to a sizeable universe of regulated entities by these multiple regulating authorities to ensure compliance. A general discussion of enforcement monitoring and response tools is included in this report, followed by a summary of recent fiscal year federal funding levels for enforcement activities. Discussion of available enforcement data sources, as well as tables illustrating examples of trends in enforcement activities, is presented in the two appendixes.

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  • The ADL stands as the leading source of current information on hate incidents and on recommending effective counteractive responses. The League’s model hate crimes statute has been enacted in 44 States and the District of Columbia, and ADL conducts hate crime seminars at local law enforcement training academies in a number of States. On the national level, ADL provides hate crimes seminars to law enforcement authorities, educators, attorneys, and community groups on effective strategies to identify, report, and respond to hate violence....

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  • The Data Repository Committee review reports about physicians that are received from sources mandated by statute to file such reports. Sources of these reports include malpractice payments, hospital disciplinary reports, and reports filed by other health care providers. Although sometimes similar in content to allegations filed by patients, Data Repository reports are subject to different legal standards regarding confidentiality and disclosure than are patient complaints. The Data Repository Committee refers cases to the Enforcement Unit for further investigation as needed. ...

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  • While North Carolina still has a long way to go, it is heartening that all of the indicators in the Report Card are being addressed. Through new safety statutes, additional legislative appropriations, and innovative programs introduced by state and local agencies, North Carolina continues to invest in its children. Action for Children North Carolina and the North Carolina Institute of Medicine are pleased to support this effort through the production of study reports and participation in evidence-based decision-making.

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