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  • We completely classify diffeomorphism covariant local nets of von Neumann algebras on the circle with central charge c less than 1. The irreducible ones are in bijective correspondence with the pairs of A-D2n-E6,8 Dynkin diagrams such that the difference of their Coxeter numbers is equal to 1. We first identify the nets generated by irreducible representations of the Virasoro algebra for c

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  • In this paper we characterize irreducible generic representations of SO2n+1 (k) (where k is a p-adic field) by means of twisted local gamma factors (the Local Converse Theorem). As applications, we prove that two irreducible generic cuspidal automorphic representations of SO2n+1 (A) (where A is the ring of adeles of a number field) are equivalent if their local components are equivalent at almost all local places (the Rigidity Theorem); and prove the Local Langlands Reciprocity Conjecture for generic supercuspidal representations of SO2n+1 (k). ...

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  • This paper is the fourth in a series where we describe the space of all embedded minimal surfaces of fixed genus in a fixed (but arbitrary) closed 3manifold. The key is to understand the structure of an embedded minimal disk in a ball in R3 . This was undertaken in [CM3], [CM4] and the global version of it will be completed here; see the discussion around Figure 12 for the local case and [CM15] for some more details. Our main results are Theorem 0.1 (the lamination theorem) and Theorem 0.2 (the one-sided curvature estimate). ...

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  • Abstract This paper describes the challenges of decentralisation and privatisation of rural services from the perspective of communication strategy development. The wave of decentralisation and privatisation in rural services worldwide creates challenges for rural communities, service providers and local governments. Local organisations – both in government and civil society – are confronted with rules and procedures that are unprecedented. The new roles require significant changes in attitudes, skills, and especially a new level of accountability. ...

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  • Topological Hochschild homology and localization 2. The homotopy groups of T (A|K) 3. The de Rham-Witt complex and TR· (A|K; p) ∗ 4. Tate cohomology and the Tate spectrum 5. The Tate spectral sequence for T (A|K) 6. The pro-system TR· (A|K; p, Z/pv ) ∗ Appendix A. Truncated polynomial algebras References Introduction In this paper we establish a connection between the Quillen K-theory of certain local fields and the de Rham-Witt complex of their rings of integers with logarithmic poles at the maximal ideal.

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  • We produce a canonical filtration for locally free sheaves on an open p-adic annulus equipped with a Frobenius structure. Using this filtration, we deduce a conjecture of Crew on p-adic differential equations, analogous to Grothendieck’s local monodromy theorem (also a consequence of results of Andr´ and of Mebkhout). Namely, given a finite locally free sheaf on an open e p-adic annulus with a connection and a compatible Frobenius structure, the module admits a basis over a finite cover of the annulus on which the connection acts via a nilpotent matrix. ...

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  •  Ho Chi Minh City is a one of the biggest cities of Vietnam. Before 1945, there were about  400,000 inhabitants living in the city. During the last two decades, it became the biggest industrial  and commercial center of the country. According to the statistics in 2005, its population was about  6.2 million people. In the suburban areas of the city, particularly in the northern part, agricultural  activities  produce  the  main  income  of  these  local  residents.

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  • This article is concerned with local well-posedness of the Cauchy problem for second order quasilinear hyperbolic equations with rough initial data. The new results obtained here are sharp in low dimension. 1. Introduction 1.1. The results. We consider in this paper second order, nonlinear hyperbolic equations of the form (1.1) gij (u) ∂i ∂j u = q ij (u) ∂i u ∂j u on R × Rn , with Cauchy data prescribed at time 0, (1.2) u(0, x) = u0 (x) , ∂0 u(0, x) = u1 (x) .

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  • We develop a framework for displaying the stable homotopy theory of the sphere, at least after localization at the second Morava K-theory K(2). At the prime 3, we write the spectrum LK(2) S 0 as the inverse limit of a tower of hF fibrations with four layers. The successive fibers are of the form E2 where F is a finite subgroup of the Morava stabilizer group and E2 is the second Morava or Lubin-Tate homology theory. We give explicit calculation of the homotopy groups of these fibers.

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  • On average, a disaster occurs somewhere in the world each day. These events are almost always of high local interest. Occasionally they are also of national interest, and every now and then they capture the attention of the entire world. In this new century, we already have witnessed disasters so great that they were virtually incomprehensible.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Localized-Surface-Plasmon Enhanced the 357 nm Forward Emission from ZnMgO Films Capped by Pt Nanoparticles

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  • Adequate transport of large proteins that function in the nucleus is indis-pensable for cognate molecular events within this organelle. Selective pro-tein import into the nucleus requires nuclear localization signals (NLS) that are recognized by importin receptors in the cytoplasm.

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  • .The research described in this report was prepared for the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). The research was conducted in the RAND National Defense Research Institute, a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the OSD, the Joint Staff, the Unified Combatant Commands, the Department of the Navy, the Marine Corps, the defense agencies, and the defense Intelligence Community under Contract DASW01-01-C-0004. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Davis, Lois M. Combating terrorism : how prepared are state and local response organizations? / Lois M.

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  • Oocyte membrane localization of vitellogenin receptor coincides with queen flying age, and receptor silencing by RNAi disrupts egg formation in fire ant virgin queens Hsiao-Ling Lu, S. B. Vinson and Patricia V. Pietrantonio Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA Keywords insect ovary; insect reproduction; oocyte development; RNA interference; social insects Correspondence P. V. Pietrantonio, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-2475, USA Fax: +1 979 845 6305 Tel: +1 979 845 9728 E-mail: p-pietrantonio@tamu.

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  • HFE is a type 1 transmembrane protein that becomes N-glycosylated dur-ing transport to the cell membrane. It influences cellular iron concentra-tions through multiple mechanisms, including regulation of transferrin binding to transferrin receptors. The importance of glycosylation in HFE localization and function has not yet been studied.

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  • Localization of a specific subset of maternal mRNAs to the vegetal cortex of Xenopusoocytes is important for the regulation of germ layer formation and germ cell development. It is driven by vegetal localization complexes that are formed with the corresponding signal sequences in the untranslated regions of the mRNAs and with a number of different so-called localization proteins.

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  • The expression and localization of the proline-rich membrane anchor (PRiMA), an anchoring protein of tetrameric globular form acetylcholines-terase (G4 AChE), were studied at vertebrate neuromuscular junctions. Both muscle and motor neuron contributed to this synaptic expression pattern. During the development of rat muscles, the expression of PRiMA and AChET and the enzymatic activity increased dramatically; however, the proportion of G4AChE decreased.

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  • In eukaryotes, two heteroheptameric Sm-like (Lsm) complexes that differ by a single subunit localize to different cellular compartments and have dis-tinct functions in RNA metabolism. The cytoplasmic Lsm1–7p complex promotes mRNA decapping and localizes to processing bodies, whereas the Lsm2–8p complex takes part in a variety of nuclear RNA processing events.

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  • The class III sugar transport facilitator GLUT8 co-localizes with the lyso-somal protein LAMP1 in heterologous expression systems. GLUT8 carries a [D⁄E]XXXL[L⁄I]-type dileucine sorting signal that has been postulated to retain the protein in an endosomal⁄lysosomal compartment via interactions with clathrin adaptor protein (AP) complexes.

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  • Research in Cloud Computing provides about The Network Level, The Network Level - Mitigation, Local Host Security, Data Security and Storage, Auditing, monitoring and risk management, Privacy breaches, responsible for protecting privacy.

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