Residual crude petroleum

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  • This paper reviews the mechanisms of oil release and the use of microbes and their metabolic products to enhance oil recovery. Alteration of oil/rock/water interfacial tensions properties and changes in flow behaviour assist the enhancement of oil recovery. Oil recovery can be improved by injecting gases and solvents or by stimulating their production by reservoir microflora in situ for reservoir repressurization and carbonate rock dissolution.

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  • The bio-recovery of three different oil-polluted tropical soils – RS (oil-polluted soil sample from River state), LS (soil sample from NNPC depot, Lagos) and POS (oil-polluted soil sample from Oriade L.G.A., Lagos) by manure amendment was studied for eight weeks. The rates of crude oil biodegradation after manure application as quantified by Gas chromatographic analysis of residual total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) showed the same trend of decrease in the total petroleum hydrocarbons in both the LS and RS series.

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  • Biofuels are renewable fuels are made from biomass materials, produced through biological processes such as anaerobic digestion or agriculture, rather than the fuels produced through geological processes such as coal and petroleum. Biofuels primarily include ethanol and biodiesel and have numerous advantages such as lower carbon emissions over fossil fuels. Ethanol and biodiesel are usually blended with petroleum fuels (gasoline and diesel fuel), but they can also be used on their own.

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  • 2 Chemistry and Transport of Petroleum Hydrocarbons 3800 B.C. First documented use of asphalt for caulking reed boats 2.1 INTRODUCTION An understanding of the chemistry and transport of petroleum hydrocarbons provides the foundation for forensically reviewing information dealing with petroleum hydrocarbon contamination. This chapter provides basic terminology and concepts associated with the transport and fate of crude oil and refined products in the subsurface. 2.

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