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  • The purpose of this book is fairly simple, to introduce and reflect on some of the key writers, ideas, models and approaches in strategic management. Chapter one is brief overview of how strategy got here. Whittington’s work is used to give an overview of different views (or even philosophies) of strategy positioned for us in a framework. We use Whittington’s (2001) model of strategy as our base model. Whittington’s classical, evolutionary, processual and systemic strategy offers us a reference point as well as the underpinning for different ways of dealing with strategy....

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  • The resource-based view of the firm (RBV) is one of the latest strategic management concepts to be enthusiastically em-braced by marketing scholars. This paper argues that the RBV holds much promise as a framework for understanding stra-tegic marketing issues but cautions that, before it is adopted, it needs to be fully understood. Consequently, the paper charts the development of the RBV from its origins in early economic models of imperfect competition, through the work of evolutionary economists to the contributions of strategy and marketing scholars over the past two decades.

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  • Sujet : La Perspective Resource-Based : Une évaluation et le diagnostic des problèmes. • Introduction Depuis plus de dix ans, la Perspective Resource-Based (PRB) est progressivement devenue une approche contemporaine dominante de la recherche sur le contenu de la stratégie. À présent, la PRB est peut-être encore la structure la plus influente pour la compréhension de la gestion stratégique. Elle soutient que l'avantage concurrentiel soutenable provient des ressources et les capacités qu’une entreprise contrôle, qui sont de valeur, rares, imparfaitement imitables et pas substituable.

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  • Chapter 1 - Strategic management and strategic competitiveness. The contents of this chapter include all of the following: Nature of competition, I/O model of above-average returns (AAR), resource-based model of AAR strategic vision and mission, stakeholders, strategic leaders, the strategic management process, what is performance?

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  • Human capital is a key source of innovation and competitive improvement. Exploiting its potential and boosting its value to the organization involves a systematic process to determine the competencies that are fundamental to achieve enhanced job performance.

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  • Rice is commonly grown by transplanting of seedlings into puddled soil, which is not only intensive water user but also cumbersome and laborious. Looming, fresh water scarcity, water pollution, competition for water use, growing population, rising demand for food, climate change and global warming, water-intensive nature of rice cultivation and escalating labour costs have threatened the puddled transplanted rice system. The excessive utilization of natural resource bases and changing climate are leading to the negative yield trend and plateauing of rice productivity.

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  • Lesson 4 – Executing a strategy has outline 4.1 Superior strategy execution – another path to competitive advantage. Gain command of what managers must do to build an organization capable of good strategy execution; Learn why resource allocation should always be based on strategic priorities; Understand why policies and procedures should be designed to facilitate good strategy execution.

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  • Skylines, and other directly related problems such as multiobjective opti- mization [Steuer 1986], maximum vectors [Kung et al. 1975; Matousek 1991], and the contour problem [McLain 1974], have been extensively studied and nu- merous algorithms have been proposed formain-memory processing. To the best of our knowledge, however, the first work addressing skylines in the context of databaseswasBorzsonyi et al. [2001],which develops algorithms based on block nested loops, divide-and-conquer, and index scanning. An improved version of block nested loops is presented in Chomicki et al.

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  • Abstract—Efficient event delivery in a content-based publish/subscribe system has been a challenging problem. Existing group communication solutions, such as IP multicast or application-level multicast techniques, are not readily applicable due to the highly heterogeneous communication pattern in such systems. We first explore the design space of event routing strategies for content-based publish/subscribe systems.

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  • Interested parties are invited to submit written comments electronically or in paper form, by following the instructions in Section V below. The Working Group will share responsibility for review of comments among the member agencies, based on each agency’s expertise. All comments should be submitted to the FTC, which will coordinate the review by the Working Group agencies. Comments on issues relating to the proposed nutrition principles, including comments on the food categories identified in the principles, will be reviewed primarily by the CDC, FDA, and USDA.

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  • This paper discusses the application of a previously reported theory of explanation rhetoric (Maybury, 1988b) to the task of explaining constraint violations in a hybrid rule/frame based system for resource allocation (Dawson et al, 1987). This research illustrates how discourse strategies of explanation, textual connectives, and additional justification knowledge can be applied to enhance the cohesiveness, structure, and clarity of knowledge based system explanations.

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  • Chapter 11 - Managing internal operations: Actions that promote good strategy execution. After studying this chapter you will be able to: Learn why resource allocation should always be based on strategic priorities; understand why policies and procedures should be designed to facilitate good strategy execution; understand why and how benchmarking, best-practices adoption, and tools for continuously improving the performance of value chain activities help an organization achieve operating excellence and superior strategy execution;..

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  • Chapter 11 - Managing internal operations: Actions that promote good strategy execution. The objectives of this chapter are: Learn why resource allocation should always be based on strategic priorities, understand how well-designed policies and procedures can facilitate good strategy execution, learn how best practices and process management tools drive continuous improvement in the performance of value chain activities and promote superior strategy execution,...

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  • For each of these topic areas, Child Health program Requirements emphasize population-based strategies that build the capacities of and reduce the risks facing parents and families (e.g., parenting practices, decisions and skill around breastfeeding, parental awareness of growth and development milestones and activities to support their achievement, nutrition and physical activity, maternal depression, family functioning).

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  • Uganda has a comprehensive paper-based Health Management Information System (HMIS), and a computerized web-based system is currently being developed (District Health Information System [DHIS2]). Although the focus of the new system is on the public sector, there is an opportunity to extend to the private sector. Uganda went through a significant process recently of harmonizing and streamlining its HMIS forms, with the MoH leading the effort and working with multiple partners. This provides an opportunity to engage with partners who continue to use forms outside this system.

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  • Purpose of study: To provide scientific foundation for planning and adjusting strategies, plans and policies of Lai Chau Province’s socio-economic development; To contribute to defining new and modern development methods for Lai Chau Province, which is basing on HRQ and technology with the orientation of sustainable development.

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  • Setting up key performance indicator (KPI) applying Balanced scorecard method (BSC) to measure an enterprise‟ business strategic objectives is one of an important management tools helping enterprise to analyze, monitor and measure strategy targets so that its resources are allocated efficiently. The first part of the paper presents a brief summary of the methodology for establishing a key performance indicators for measuring strategic objectives using balanced scorecard method.

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  • The paper studies the use of Contraction resources in the English and Vietnamese editorials based on Appraisal Theory. Firstly, the paper presents Appraisal Theory, especially Contraction. Then, it is about the data and methods. The findings denote that both English and Vietnamese editors make use of a variety of strategies in Contraction. However, in the English editorials, there is a much lower frequency of Contraction which makes the English texts sound less affirmative and authoritative but more dialogically expansive than the Vietnamese ones.

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  • Profits and productivity both accelerate by reducing costs through better use of resources. In the current context of globalization, Nepalese Dairies should find out the ways to improve the quality of products along with the strategies of reducing existing costs. This study reveals that Dairy plants are using traditional costing system to recover their overhead cost. However, 37 percent were in favor of ABC in their future plan, 63 percent were satisfied with their existing system of cost accounting. They did not support implementation of ABC in future.

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  • Water is a critical input for productivity enhancement especially of field crops. Its judicious and optimum use is needed utmost for realizing higher resource use efficiency and plugging gaps in production. Key technological interventions, which could alter or rectify the usage pattern or strategies in freshwater utilization in agriculture, are the need of the hour. Precision water management approach could help in conserving and making more-efficient use of scarce water resources through integrated management combined with selected external inputs/technologies.

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