Response curves

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  • Community Response to Road Traffic Noise in Hue City, Vietnam. The research has carried out dose response relationship for general traffic noise annoyance in Hue City by logistic regression method. The dose-response curve in Hue City was slightly lower than that in Da Nang City and much lower than EU’s curve. There was a range of 10.9 to 18.1 dB difference between the two curves at the same percent of high annoyance.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Wertheim cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Circadian phase response curves to light in older and young women and me...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về lâm nghiệp được đăng trên tạp chí lâm nghiệp Original article đề tài: 2 CO response curves can be a measured with field-portable closed-loop photosynthesis system...

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  • Understand the quantitative relationship between toxicant exposure and induced effects. • Describe frequently encountered toxic effects. • Interpret frequency (normal distribution) and dose response curves. • Understand threshold effects with dosage increase.

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  • Cadmium ions are a potent carcinogen in animals, and cadmium is a toxic metal of significant environmental importance for humans. Response curves were used to investigate the effects of cadmium chloride on the growth of Camplyobacter jejuni. In vitro, the bacterium showed reduced growth in the presence of 0.1 mmcadmium chloride, and the metal ions were lethal at 1 mmconcentration.

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  • The best-selling guide to the design of control systems for the fluid process industries is now updated and expanded. Emphasizing performance-based design and tuning, the new edition of the best-selling guide to process control provides engineers with reliable coverage of control technology principles for industrial fluid processes - from basic theory to advanced control applications.

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  • How and when such theoretical uncertainty will translate into actual market movements will depend on market dynamics. Because of extreme monetary ease, short-term interest rates have been close to zero for some time and markets expect policy rates to remain low. The yield curve is quite steep yet long-term interest rates are very low by historical standards. Graph 4 shows that the US dollar term spread has been around 250–350 basis points since mid-2009.

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  • The authorities have made continuous efforts to build benchmarks at different points along the yield curve. The aim of this strategy is to further develop the interest rate term structure in the local currency, which would allow better pricing and liquidity of bonds issued both by the government itself and by the private sector. To this end, the authorities have increased the average maturity of the outstanding debt and smoothed its maturity profile.

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  • The artist’s means of achieving much with little in his sculpture first involves the execution of a small-scale maquette usually made of polyurethane. When completed, this model appears to have been formed simply from an attenuated bar that has been twisted, bent, stretched, curved, coiled, or knotted according to the sculptor’s whim. From the miniature working model of Upstart 2, Meadmore executed a reduced version, measuring twenty-five and a half inches high, in an edition of four strikes. The monumental version at Princeton is made of Cor-Ten steel.

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  • PID controllers are probably the most commonly used controller structures in industry. They do, however, present some challenges to control and instrumentation engineers in the aspect of tuning of the gains required for stability and good transient performance. There are several prescriptive rules used in PID tuning. An example is that proposed by Ziegler and Nichols in the 1940's and described in this note.

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  • Inverse floating-rate securities are a special kind of floater. Their coupon rates increase when general market rates decrease. For example, the coupon may be 8 percent minus the three-month LIBOR. These securities often appeal to investors when the yield curve is very steep, as the coupon formula will give a coupon rate often well above short term financing costs. However, an increase in LIBOR can cause the interest rate on this type of security to drop very low and possibly to zero. If the security has a long maturity, it can lose significant...

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  • The Turasha River like the Malewa is a permanent stream. It drains the north Kinangop plateau and the mountain range to the east of it. It follows a u-shaped course, flowing northwards towards Kinangop plateau collecting tributaries from the forested massif of Kipipiri, before curving right round to join the southward flowing Malewa. Like the Malewa it has excavated a deep- walled cut several hundred feet deep in the flat-topped tuff plateau, and its tributaries are similarly incised.

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  • A multisignature scheme is a digital signature scheme that allows multiple signers to generate a single signature in a collaborative and simultaneous manner. In this paper we first review of the digital multisignature schemes using elliptic curvers and elliptic curve version of the multisignature scheme with distinguished signing responsibilities. Then, we propose a new multisignature scheme with distinguished signing responsibilities.

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  • Objectives of Chapter 14: To distinguish between message authentication and entity authentication; to define witnesses used for identification; to discuss some methods of entity authentication using a password; to introduce some challenge-response protocols for entity authentication; to introduce some zero-knowledge protocols for entity authentication; to define biometrics and distinguish between physiological and behavioral techniques.

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  • The paper by S. Boronatet al. [1] contains errors on page 3331. The corrected sentence and corrected Figure 6 appear below: By contrast, the rainbow trout liver (RTL) cell line showed an EC50 for BNF of 6.1 ± 3.7 nm. These values increased to 53.4 ± 31.2 nmwhen the dose–response curve was performed in the presence of 200lmcarbaryl, indicating an antagonistic effect in these cells similar to the one observed for the yeast YCM-RYA system (Fig. 6; compare with Fig. 3).

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  • Chapter 6 - Elasticity and demand. In this chapter, you will learn to: Explain how price elasticity of demand (E) is used to measure the responsiveness or sensitivity of consumers to a change in the price of a good, explain the role that price elasticity plays in determining how a change in the price of a commodity affects the total revenue (TR = P × Q) received, list and explain several factors that affect the elasticity of demand,...

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  • Transformation is necessary if an organization intends to survive in the new healthcare environment. Healthcare reform is a reality. Addiction services providers have an unprecedented opportunity to expand services and access for the 23 million people who had no access previously. While the most significant changes will not take place until 2014, many changes are occurring now. It is not too late (nor too early) to begin systems transformation efforts. However, organizational transformation will not occur overnight. It will take extensive thought, planning, and implementation.

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  • A double is haunting the world—the double of abstraction, the virtual reality of information, programming or poetry, math or music, curves or colorings upon which the fortunes of states and armies, companies and communities now depend. The bold aim of this book is to make manifest the origins, purpose, and interests of the emerging class responsible for making this new world—for producing the new concepts, new perceptions, and new sensations out of the stuff of raw data.

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  • Members of the genus Vibrio cause a number of important infectious syndromes. Classic among them is cholera, a devastating diarrheal disease caused by V. cholerae that has been responsible for seven global pandemics and much suffering over the past two centuries. Epidemic cholera remains a significant public health concern in the developing world today. Other vibrioses caused by other Vibrio species include syndromes of diarrhea, soft tissue infection, or primary sepsis. All Vibrio species are highly motile, facultatively anaerobic, curved gram-negative rods with one or more flagella.

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  • The response to target rate increases was positive and significant at all maturities, but smaller at the long end of the yield curve: a one percentage point increase in the Fed funds target led to an increase of 55 basis points in the three-month T-bill rate, but only a 10 basis point increase in the 30-year bond yield. Recognizing that some Fed actions may have been anticipated, Cook and Hahn also examined the relationship between changes in interest rates and future changes in the target.

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