Responsive policing

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  • This Handbook of Police Administration, co-edited by Jim Ruiz and Don Hummer, provides a smorgasbord of topics that are at the coalface of policing: the difficulties police encounter dealing with drug problems, traffic issues, race and ethnicity challenges, and street gang problems. Cross-cutting themes such as leadership in policing, use of force, and understanding how the law shapes (or fails to shape) police practice are relevant to students of police studies, practitioners, and scholars alike.

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  • We have often come across students who have a sound grasp of legal principles and have put in quite a lot of work on constitutional law and yet do not feel confident when faced with the end of year examination. This book is written in response to the pleas of such students for more guidance as to the best means of presenting their knowledge in the exam, and it is hoped that it may alleviate at least some of the stress they experience.

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  • Today, in response to changes in the political, fiscal, and strategic environments, the United States is revising its global defense posture. The Department of Defense has announced a number of initiatives that are a part of its rebalancing toward Asia, while, at the same time, maintaining a significant presence in Southwest Asia, even a

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  • Although leaks occur infrequently and rarely result in a fire, readiness for any emergency is a crucial responsibility for pipeline companies. Federal and state laws supported by the natural gas industry require pipeline companies and local police and fire departments to maintain a coordinated plan of response and to practice for an emergency by staging drills. These drills and personnel training programs emphasize the need for immediate action and for cooperation between the various rescue agencies and the pipeline company....

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  • Crime and society’s responses to it, like virtually all social phenomena, are heavily influenced by issues of gender. Gender distinctions are made in deciding what activities are criminal. Gender significantly affects who commits crimes and what crimes they commit. Those involved in enforcing the criminal law—the police, other enforcement agencies, prosecutors, juries and judges—are influenced by gender in deciding who might have committed crimes, who ought to be prosecuted, whether they are, in fact, guilty and how they should be punished....

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  • There are approximately 11,000 local public bodies which, together, are responsible for some £200bn of public money. Of these, there are 353 local authorities; 268 NHS bodies (in addition to Special Health Authorities audited by the National Audit Office, and Foundation Trusts); 38 police authorities; and 215 other bodies, including fire and rescue authorities; national park authorities; conservation boards; larger internal drainage boards, joint committees; and probation trusts.

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  • Secondly, seeking out paid work should always be the choice of women themselves. Policies adopted by conservative government administrations such as workfare, which force social assistance recipients into the workforce, ìÖcreate a source of low-wage and free labour by providing subsidies to the private sector and forcing recipients to volunteer in exchange for assistanceî. 22 These polices are based on a distrust of those living in poverty, and do not empower, but malign people into working for pay.

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  • For the benefits of play to be used to their full advantage, support must come from everyone. The NICE report on promoting physical activity for children and young people, carried out on behalf of the Department of Health, states that responsibility for increasing physical activity levels in childhood should involve a range of professional bodies (NICE 2009). This includes community and voluntary groups, government departments, local authorities, early years, play and youth service providers, the police, health service providers, the private sector, schools and colleges.

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  • The investigation of felonious injuries and criminal homicides can be the most important, yet difficult responsibility assigned to the police investigator. After studying this chapter you will be able to: Describe the four motivational models for classification of homicide, identify the investigator's responsibilities when responding to the scene o suspected homicide or assault, comprehend the importance of personal identification of a victim in a homicide investigation,...

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