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  • The findings revealed that moves 1 (situating the research), 2 (presenting the research), and 3 (describing the methodology) are frequently included in the conference abstracts, whereas moves 4 (summarizing the results) and 5 (discussing the research) can be less frequent. It is concluded that this persuasive writing genre possesses 3 obligatory or strongly prototypical moves and 2 optional ones.

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  • In this study, the main purpose is to develop a multi-unit Level 2 PSA method and apply it to full-power operating six-unit OPR1000. Multi-unit Level 2 PSA method consists of three steps: (1) development of single-unit Level 2 PSA; (2) extracting the mapping data from plant damage state to source term category; and (3) combining multi-unit Level 1 PSA results and mapping fractions.

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  • In smaller regions such as the Carpathian Basin (located in Eastern/Central Europe), 50 km horizontal resolution may still not be appropriate to describe the meso-scale processes (e.g., cloud formation and convective precipitation). For this purpose on a national level several RCMs have been adapted with finer resolution (25 and 10 km). Here, results from two of the adapted RCMs for Hungary are analyzed, namely, models PRECIS and RegCM. In this paper, first, data and models from PRUDENCE, PRECIS and RegCM are presented.

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  • Recent DCF analysis highlighted the importance of improved national aid information management systems to better track effective development cooperation targets, including on gender equality and the empowerment of women, and to make a wide range of timely and forward-looking information (on disbursements, forecasts, progress on results, and gender issues) widely available to all stakeholders for accountability purposes.

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  • This research on lightning protection systems for trees was established for the purpose of developing a better understanding of lightning protection systems specifically designed to be fitted to trees. Coming from a background in sylviculture my initial concern was to enable important and intrinsically valuable trees to be protected from damage resulting from lightning strikes. However it quickly became apparent that the protection of nearby structures and buildings that might be liable to collateral damage in the event of strike was of equal significance.

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  • 5 Contaminant Transport Modeling A useful approximation of realty or an intellectual toy? 5.1 INTRODUCTION A contaminant transport model is a work-in-progress hypothesis. Contaminant transport models are useful because they simplify reality for the purpose of predicting outcomes. In environmental litigation, contaminant transport models are used to confirm or challenge the allegation that a contaminant release occurred at a discrete point in time based on the observed presence of a contaminant some distance from the source.

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  • This study examines the relations between earnings informativeness, measured by the earnings-return relation, and the ownership structure of 977 companies in seven East Asian economies. Our results are consistent with two complementary explanations. First, concentrated ownership and the associated pyramidal and cross-holding structures create agency conflicts between controlling owners and outside investors. Consequently, controlling owners are perceived to report accounting information for self-interested purposes, causing the reported earnings to lose credibility to outside investors.

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  • In too many companies, Sales and Marketing feud like Capulets and Montagues. Salespeople accuse marketers of being out of touch with what customers really want or setting prices too high. Marketers insist that salespeople focus too myopically on individual customers and short-term sales at the expense of longer-term profits. Result? Poor coordination between the two teams—which only raises market-entry costs, lengthens sales cycles, and increases cost of sales.

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  • Computing the usual productivity measures requires data on the value of transactions and either prices or quantities. In the final research study of this volume, Erwin Diewert notes that Canada lacks direct price and quantity measures for many important services industries. Other nations also have this problem. As a result, the usual productivity indexes cannot be evaluated properly for those services industries, nor can we get a complete picture of productivity performance for the economy as a whole.

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  • The methods for obtaining simultaneously essential oil and shikimic acid from star anise fruit (Illicium verum Hook) were investigated. From obtained results, we chose a simple and effective method for desired purpose. With this method, distillation of essential oil and extraction of shikimic acid were simultaneously carried out in the round bottom flask of the Clevenger apparatus. The yield of essential oil and shikimic acid were 9.5% and 5.6% (r.m), respectively as well as the quality of the products is very good. ...

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  • Chip Firing Games on (directed) graph are widely used in theoretical computer science and many other sciences. In this model, chips are fired from one vertex to all of its neighbors at the same time. The purpose of our paper is to study an extended version of this model, the Conflicting Chip Firing Game, by considering that chips can be fired from one vertex to one of its neighbors at each time. Our main results are obtained when the support graph of this game is a rooted tree. we show

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  • Some vehicles that are fraudulently reported as stolen instead may have been traded for drugs. Stolen cars also are sometimes used in drug trafficking, drive-by shootings and armed robberies. These cars, often abandoned after they serve their purpose, help the perpetrator elude authorities, since he has no legal tie to the car involved.

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  • Purpose of the study: On the basis of synthesis and clearer interpretation of the relationshipsbetween competition and monopoly, between competition policy and monopoly control one, in which competition and mono poly control law forms an important part of competition policy. In addition, based on the analysis results and situation assessment as well as reference to experience drawn from some countries in the world, and changes of the global environment;...

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  • In this chapter, you will: Become aware of the primary purposes of a research report, learn how to organize and prepare a research report, learn how to make a personal presentation, understand the effective use and communication of marketing research information, appreciate the role of trust in a researcher-client relationship.

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  • Whichever method you choose, the most important part is not to cut away the supporting panel or flanges that you will need to weld the new wing to. With the bulk of the old panel removed, any remaining bits of panel or spot weld studs can be easily ground away with an angle grinder to leave a smooth, clean surface. With all mounting edges clean, check for damaged\twisted areas caused during the removal operation. Once you are satisfied with the results, try the new panel in place for fit. Genuine manufacturers’ panels and most reputable aftermarket panels should be fairly...

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  • Purpose and task of the research: research purpose the study aims to clarify the theoretical and practical foundations of the development and adoption of legal normative documents by State administrative agencies in the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos, through which indicates results, limitations and causes of the development of legal normative documents by State administrative agencies in Laos in order to propose solutions to enhance the quality of the development and adoption of legal normative documents by these agencies.

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  • Term paper report: Trade barriers in Viet Nam includes the concept and classification trade barriers; the purpose of the trade barriers; results and solutions trade barriers (the result of the application of trade barriers for the economy, solutions the remaining matter in the application of the tariff barriers).

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  • Ensuring that children are healthy and able to learn is an essential part of an effective education system. As many studies show, education and health are inseparable. A child’s nutritional status affects cognitive performance and test scores; illness from parasitic infection results in absence from school, leading to school failure and dropping out (Vince Whitman et al., 2001). Structures and conditions of the learning environment are as important to address as individual factors. Water and sanitation conditions at school can affect girls’ attendance.

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  • Most of the work on treebank-based statistical parsing exclusively uses the WallStreet-Journal part of the Penn treebank for evaluation purposes. Due to the presence of this quasi-standard, the question of to which degree parsing results depend on the properties of treebanks was often ignored. In this paper, we use two similar German treebanks, T¨ Ba-D/Z and NeGra, u and investigate the role that different annotation decisions play for parsing.

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  • ST&E is another technique that can be used in identifying IT system vulnerabilities during the risk assessment process. It includes the development and execution of a test plan (e.g., test script, test procedures, and expected test results). The purpose of system security testing is to test the effectiveness of the security controls of an IT system as they have been applied in an operational environment.

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