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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 5.11 Exporting the Results of a Query as a String Problem You need to export the results of a query to a string in a manner similar to the GetString( ) method of the ADO Recordset. Solution Write a routine to mimic the functionality of the ADO Recordset's GetString( ) method.

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  • 7,706 persons are participating in a controlled trial of alternative health insurance policies.Interim results indicate that persons fully covered for medical services spend around 50 percent more than similar persons insured with an income-related catastrophic plan.Full coverage leads to more people using services and increased hospital admissions.Once patients are admitted to the hospital, howev......

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  • The purpose of the dissertation is to develop the scientific foundation for the results-based management of public policy implementation, then to propose solutions for application of the results-based management of public policy implementation in Vietnam.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 5.12 Exporting the Results of a Query to an Array Problem You need to export the results of a query to an array in a manner similar to the GetRows( ) method of the ADO Recordset. Solution Write a routine to mimic the functionality of the ADO Recordset's GetRows( ) method.

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  • After reporting the results on the old road foundations around Doan Mon vestige, apart  from investigating to discover old vestiges in the vicinity of Kinh Thien Temple, the authors try to  determine  whether  these  old  discovered  road  foundations  still  exist  and  direct  from  inside  Doan  Mon to Kinh Thien Temple or not?  The results show that it can be imagined that whole investigated area can locate on the flat hill,  with indications of the culture of the Le Dynasty and of the Tran Dynasty at ...

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  • Leading text extracts created to support some online Boolean retrieval goals are evaluated for their acceptability as news document summaries. Results are presented and discussed from the perspective of commercial summarization technology needs.

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  • Hungarian is a stereotype of morphologically rich and non-configurational languages. Here, we introduce results on dependency parsing of Hungarian that employ a 80K, multi-domain, fully manually annotated corpus, the Szeged Dependency Treebank. We show that the results achieved by state-of-the-art data-driven parsers on Hungarian and English (which is at the other end of the configurational-nonconfigurational spectrum) are quite similar to each other in terms of attachment scores.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'introduction to clinical biochemistry interpreting blood results', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, hoá học - dầu khí phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • At the request of the U.S. Department of Education, the National Research Council’ s (NRC) Board on Testing and Assessment (BOTA) con- vened a workshop on reporting test results for individuals who receive ac- commodations during large-scale assessments. The workshop brought to- gether representatives from state assessment offices, individuals familiar with testing students with disabilities and English-language learners, and mea- surement experts to discuss the policy, measurement, and score use consid- erations associated with testing students with special needs.

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  • Web search engines today typically show results as a list of titles and short snippets that summarize how the retrieved documents are related to the query. However, recent research suggests that longer summaries can be preferable for certain types of queries. This paper presents empirical evidence that judges can predict appropriate search result summary lengths, and that perceptions of search result quality can be affected by varying these result lengths. These findings have important implications for search results presentation, especially for natural language queries. ...

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  • We introduce an error mining technique for automatically detecting errors in resources that are used in parsing systems. We applied this technique on parsing results produced on several million words by two distinct parsing systems, which share the syntactic lexicon and the pre-parsing processing chain. We were thus able to identify missing and erroneous information in these resources.

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  • Most of the work on treebank-based statistical parsing exclusively uses the WallStreet-Journal part of the Penn treebank for evaluation purposes. Due to the presence of this quasi-standard, the question of to which degree parsing results depend on the properties of treebanks was often ignored. In this paper, we use two similar German treebanks, T¨ Ba-D/Z and NeGra, u and investigate the role that different annotation decisions play for parsing.

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  • I will argue in this paper that the standard notions of a f f e c t e d n e s s , change-of-state and result state are too coarse-grained, and will revise and enrich substantially their content, increasing their role in a compositional aspect construal procedure. I will claim in particular that a proper theory of event structure requires that enriched result states should be lexically represented, and will base on them a computational treatment of event structure within a feature-structure-based lexicon. ...

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  • This report describes the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Transformation Workshop (ATW) IV, conducted at the RAND Corporation Washington Office in February 2004, and it includes an analysis and discussion of the workshop results. This workshop continued the assessment, begun in ATWs I-III, of the medical risks

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  • The Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Transformation Workshop (ATW) V, which was conducted at the RAND Corporation Washington Office 25-28 May 2004, is described in this report. It includes an analysis and discussion of the workshop results. This workshop continued the assessment, begun in ATWs I-IV, of the

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  • Is it possible to use sense inventories to improve Web search results diversity for one word queries? To answer this question, we focus on two broad-coverage lexical resources of a different nature: WordNet, as a de-facto standard used in Word Sense Disambiguation experiments; and Wikipedia, as a large coverage, updated encyclopaedic resource which may have a better coverage of relevant senses in Web pages.

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  • Rapid and inexpensive techniques for automatic transcription of speech have the potential to dramatically expand the types of content to which information retrieval techniques can be productively applied, but limitations in accuracy and robustness must be overcome before that promise can be fully realized. Combining retrieval results from systems built on various errorful representations of the same collection offers some potential to address these challenges.

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  • We show that question-based sentence fusion is a better defined task than generic sentence fusion (Q-based fusions are shorter, display less variety in length, yield more identical results and have higher normalized Rouge scores). Moreover, we show that in a QA setting, participants strongly prefer Q-based fusions over generic ones, and have a preference for union over intersection fusions.

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  • To solve a problem of how to evaluate computer-produced summaries, a number of automatic and manual methods have been proposed. Manual methods evaluate summaries correctly, because humans evaluate them, but are costly. On the other hand, automatic methods, which use evaluation tools or programs, are low cost, although these methods cannot evaluate summaries as accurately as manual methods. In this paper, we investigate an automatic evaluation method that can reduce the errors of traditional automatic methods by using several evaluation results obtained manually. ...

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