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  • This is the third revised edition of the established and trusted RFID Handbook; the most comprehensive introduction to radio frequency identification (RFID) available. This essential new edition contains information on electronic product code (EPC) and the EPC global network, and explains near-field communication (NFC) in depth. It includes revisions on chapters devoted to the physical principles of RFID systems and microprocessors, and supplies up-to-date details on relevant standards and regulations....

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  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a method of remotely storing and receiving data using devices called RFID tags, brings many real business benefits to today worldʹs organizations. It exerts a major influence in different life areas like inventory tracking, modern supply chain management, automated manufacturing, healthcare, etc. The benefits are multiple and include expedited data capture/lead retrieval, accurate and trusted data, reduced cost, time and work processes, increased speed, productivity and business efficiency, improved security, etc....

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  • . Vì lý do này, trong cuốn sách này xung hệ thống - cho sự khác biệt từ các thủ tục khác, và không giống như văn học RFID nhất (!) - Được gọi là hệ thống thứ tự (SEQ).cho việc chuyển giao dữ liệu từ bộ thu để lựa chọn Một độc giả cho tải hệ thống điều chế RFID hoặc

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  • chứa số ISBN Hình cuốn sách 1.5: Đặc trưng kiến trúc của một thẻ nhớ với an ninh logic Hình 1.6: kiến trúc tiêu biểu của một hình thẻ bộ vi xử lý 1,7: Người đọc và transponder các thành phần chính của tất cả các hệ thống RFID Hình 1.8: RFID reader và thẻ thông minh không tiếp xúc trong sử dụng thực tế

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  • Radio‐frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses communication through radio waves to transfer data between a reader and an electronic tag attached to an entity for the purpose of identification, tracking and surveillance. Unlike other identification technologies such as barcodes, RFID technology offers several key benefits such as no line‐of‐sight necessity, robustness, speed, bidirectional communication, reliability in tough environments, bulk detection, superior data capabilities, etc....

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  • Radio Frequency Identifi cation (RFID) is a modern wireless data transmission and reception technique for applications including automatic identifi cation, asset tracking and security surveillance. As barcodes and other means of identifi cation and asset tracking are inadequate for recent demands, RFID technology has att racted interest for applications such as logistics, supply chain management, asset tracking, and security access control.

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